Photo Challenge #441

Stop the presses! Andrew Colabella did not click “Comments” with the correct answer for last week’s Photo Challenge.

But there was a good reason: He took the photo.

It showed a survey marker — that much was obvious. But where exactly was the US Army Corps of Engineers disk? (Click here to see.)

Compo Beach, near the Ned Dimes Marina. Michael Calise, Rich Vogel and Anna Rycenga knew that.

But where exactly by the basin?

Town engineer Keith Wilberg notes: “the west ramp near the boat launch.”

He adds: “I could give you coordinates down to the centimeter. But that would just put everyone asleep.”

We’ll stick with last week’s idea: We tell you exactly what the Photo Challenge is. But you have to tell us where.

(Photo/Dick Lowenstein)

Yes, Westport once had its own Town Court. Where would you go to argue a traffic ticket, contest a divorce or sue your neighbor?

Click “Comments” below. And if you’ve got a story about being there, let us know!

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23 responses to “Photo Challenge #441

  1. Police headquarters. This faces Jessup Road

  2. Vanessa Bradford

    Old Westport Public Library

  3. at the Police Station

  4. Gloria Gouveia

    Police HQ Building. My first office as ZEO was in former judges office on 2nd floor.

  5. Above the entrance to the Police Dept. (facing Jesup Rd.) it was still an operating Circuit Court when I had to appear for my first and only traffic ticket in 1970ish. I saw the light and joined the PD about five years later lol. Fun fact, I was represented by a very young Vince Tirola Esq….

  6. Atop the police station.

  7. John McCarthy

    Police station.

  8. Jessie Road, at the police station!

  9. Andrew Colabella

    Westport Police Station!

  10. Jan Carpenter

    It looks like the Police Station to me.

  11. Beth Berkowitz

    Police station I have seen it many times especially when I was a volunteer EMT for Westport.

  12. Correct — on police station headquarters, facing Jesup Road.

    Dave Eason, you never told us if Vince Tirola won your case!

    • Dan, of course he did! Ed Capasse was the prosecutor.. In those days you had to appear for every violation. And if under 18, a parent had to accompany you. I was 16 or 17 and I did not want my folks to know about my indiscretion. So Vince gave me specific instructions and it all worked out. Next time I see you I will fill you in on the instructions…LOL….

  13. Diane Silfen

    We were taken there with our class from school. I believe grammar school. At the police station

  14. Rich Diviney

    Bob Grant is and others are right! I tried several cases there, but Bob may have been too young before the Circuit Court in Norwalk assumed jurisdiction and the Town Court closed.

    • Correct Dick. By the time I came along the Town Court was no longer. But, I used to walk to HQ after school when my Dad was working day shift and wait around for a ride home. I distinctly remember him introducing me to Officer Alley who was new on the job.

  15. I spent more than a few hours testifying on a variety of cases in that court, but most of all the sign reminded me of Lt. Jimmy Driscoll, one of the finest to ever wear the WPD Uniform. He was the court officer and knew more law than some of the judges presiding there. He was in charge of the Records bureau too, but his favorite job of every year was doing bike inspections for the PAL Bike Safety Program. A true outstanding human being, I think of him often after all these years – Dick Alley

    • Hello Dick, I can remember Lt. Driscoll coming to Saugatuck School every year and giving his talk about bike safety. I can still see him and hear his voice.

  16. Pete Powell

    It’s over a door on the North Side of the Police Station.

  17. Mary Ann Batsell

    The police station

  18. Lawrence Zlatkin

    Even I know this one— Police HQ. Jesup Road. Hard to miss if you drive by.

  19. Police Station on Jesup. Don’t ask why I remember this so well.

  20. Cheryl Petrone

    Police Station.