Photo Challenge #440

The official-looking sign says “No Unnecessary Shifting or Braking.”


We’re used to ignoring signs like “30 Minute Parking. Violators Will Be Towed at Their Own Expense.”

And “Speed Limit 25.”

But this must be the most random, least enforceable sign among the 72 squintillion all around town.

Was there once an epidemic of shifting and/or braking? What is “unnecessary”? And who even “shifts” these days?

The sign — last week’s Photo Challenge — can be seen in the Bedford Middle School parking lot. (Click here to see.)

John D. McCarthy, Andrew Colabella, Seth Schachter, Mousumi Ghosh, Jonathan Alloy, Brendan Malin and Carl Addison Swanson all knew the spot.

Presumably not because they were arrested for a violation.

Perennial Photo Challenge winner Andrew Colabella won’t be listed next week. That’s because he’s turning the tables, and submitting instead of answering this week’s puzzler.

(Photo/Andrew Colabella)

Sure, it’s a survey marker. It says so right on it. But where in Westport would you see this?

If you know, click “Comments” below.

Meanwhile, drive safely. No unnecessary shifting or braking!

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13 responses to “Photo Challenge #440

  1. Michael Calise

    Compo Beach

  2. Jack Backiel

    On that patch of grass near the corner of Greens Farms Road and South Morningside Drive?

  3. Susan Iseman

    Sherwood Island?

  4. Craig Clark

    Sherwood Island

  5. Jack Backiel

    I’ve never gotten a photo challenge correct. Would anyone mind if I change my answer to Sherwood Island

  6. Karen Como

    I’ve only gotten one since it started. LOL

  7. Scott Brodie

    The “no unnecessary shifting or braking” sign brings to mind one of my “behind the wheel” practice sessions taking driver’s-ed at Staples in the Spring of 1968. I opted for a session to learn “stick-shift”. The car was a clunky station wagon with a “three on the tree” shifter (i.e. on the steering column), and “dual-control” clutch and brake pedals. We started in the (deserted) Staples parking lot on a Saturday morning. The challenge was to accelerate fast enough to have a chance to shift into 2nd and then 3rd gear before running out of room! Once that was mastered, we headed out onto the town streets. But why would anyone need a sign like that on the Bedford JHS lot — their students don’t take driver’s-ed!

  8. Michael Calise is correct. But where at Compo exactly, Michael?

  9. Michael Calise

    There are two at compo one is at the edge of the marina near Owenoke and the other is at the entrance next to the old entrance booth. This looks like the one next to the entrance booth

  10. Beth Berkowitz

    Compo Beach near old entrance guard house

  11. Jonathan McClure

    Old entrance Compo Beach

  12. Rich Vogel

    It’s near the boat launch at Compo on a rock on the retaining wall (South Beach).

  13. Anna Rycenga

    Compo Beach (South) on the boulders near the boat launch ramp! That is our fishing spot!