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Marc Lasry Is With Her

Marc Lasry — the billionaire hedge fund manager/Milwaukee Bucks co-owner — is a noted Hillary Clinton fan. Just 3 months ago, the prodigious fundraiser opened his Beachside Avenue home for an event featuring the Democratic presidential candidate’s husband, a guy named Bill.

Last night, Lasry talked up Clinton’s candidacy with PBS interviewer Charlie Rose.

Alert “06880” reader JP Vellotti watched his fellow Westporter with interest.

But one subject did not come up.

“I wonder what Lasry thinks of her line promising to make the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes,” Vellotti says.

Mark Lasry and Charlie Rose talk about Hillary Clinton. (Screenshot/JP Vellotti)

Mark Lasry and Charlie Rose talk about Hillary Clinton. (Screenshot/JP Vellotti)


Rock The Vote. Or Not.

Presidential elections are filled with passion and politics.

Presidential primaries, apparently, are not.

This was the scene a couple of hours ago outside the Westport Library, one of our town’s polling places:

Election Day 2016

Several things were noticeably lacking:

  • Candidate signs
  • Candidates (or at least their surrogates)
  • Bake sales
  • Uncertainty.

If pre-primary polling (and our very unscientific “06880” poll) hold up, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump should pad their delegate leads nicely, thanks to voters throughout the state — and in Westport.

Wherever they are.

Vote Now: 06880’s Wholly Unscientific But Very Interesting Poll

Tuesday is Connecticut presidential primary day. Our votes will not be as closely watched nationally as last week’s contest in New York (or even next Tuesday’s in Pennsylvania).

But they’re ours. And (unlike Florida) they do count.

ivotedstickerSince politics is such a fun game*, let’s really enjoy ourselves. Make your choice in the poll below. Let’s see how close — or far apart — “06880” readers are (p0litically speaking) from the rest of the state.

To make this as accurate as possible, please vote in our poll only if you are a registered Democrat or Republican in Connecticut — in other words, only those eligible to vote here on Tuesday. (Anyone can view the results, as often as you’d like.)

And of course, everyone is welcome to click on the “Comments” section below. It’s a free country — still.:)


Bill Clinton Comes To Town

As president, Bill Clinton visited Westport 3 times — all for fundraisers.

He was back again last night. This time he raised cash on behalf of someone he hopes will be another President Clinton: his wife Hillary.

Attendees paid up to $2,700 for the event, at the Beachside Avenue home of hedge fund manager/Milwaukee Bucks co-owner Marc Lasry.

Press coverage was not allowed. Attendees said Clinton spent half an hour making a spirited case for his wife’s election, then chatted with guests for another half hour.

President Clinton with longtime Democratic activists Lee Greenberg and Martha Aasen.

President Clinton with longtime Democratic activists Lee Greenberg and Martha Aasen.

President Clinton and Senator Richard Blumenthal have been friends for many years.

President Clinton and Senator Richard Blumenthal have been friends for many years.

President Clinton with RTM member Kristan Peters-Hamlin. She is a descendant of Abraham Lincoln's first vice president, Hannibal Hamlin.

President Clinton with RTM member Kristan Peters-Hamlin. Her husband is related to Abraham Lincoln’s first vice president, Hannibal Hamlin.


Jack Goldenberg “Pins” His Hopes On Hillary

Jack Goldenberg says he’s been marketing Democratic memorabilia “since Al Gore was elected president.”

That tells you all you need to know about his political leanings — and what he does to support them.

He’s sold over 30 styles of Obama Watches (“guaranteed to be more accurate than George Bush”) for the past 8 years.

Now, as a new campaign season heats up, he’s turned his attention to Hillary Clinton.

Goldenberg — a former Westporter who as a copywriter and creative director marketed national crazes like Happy Meals, Cabbage Patch Kids and Pop Rocks — is promoting the Democratic candidate with a series of 20 pins.

A Hillary supporter with her pin.

A Hillary supporter with her pin.

The biggest seller is “Hillary Trumps Them All.” Sales jump every time the Republican front-runner makes a controversial comment. “No wonder sales are so good,” the pin-maker says.

Marketing comes naturally to Goldenberg. In 1972 — 2 years after the first Earth Day — he appointed himself Head of the Earth. He then launched International Earth Day (and earned the backing of the UN).

Besides those Happy Meals, Cabbage Patch and Hot Rocks campaigns, he was among the first to suggest instant scratch-off state lottery tickets. On the plus side, he helped 300 people get new homes and jobs after Hurricane Katrina.

But back to his political work.

Goldenberg’s Obama watches (one said “Love your mama, vote Obama”; another read”Barack around the clock”) were endorsed by George Bush, who lived in a white house. Well, not, the actual president, and not 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But he had the same name. And his house was white.

This is the George Bush who supported Barack Obama -- and who likes Jack Goldenberg's watches.

This is the George Bush who supported Barack Obama — and who likes Jack Goldenberg’s watches.

Connecticut votes soon. It’s unknown whether Hillary will trump all (or even Bernie Sanders).

But if she does, you can pin a small part of it on Jack Goldenberg.


Very Cool House Hunters

Bill and Hillary Clinton are selling their house in Chappaqua.

And it’s 80 to 90% certain they’re moving to Westport.

A realtor — who for obvious reasons will remain nameless — said the former president told her they moved to New York state primarily so his wife could run for the Senate.

But several factors are behind the upcoming move.

For one, Fairfield County’s tax burden is significantly lower than Westchester’s. (“I’m amazed he told me that,” the realtor said.)

Future Westporters?

In addition, last summer Bill fell in love with sailing. He and Hillary lived in Milford while both attended Yale Law School, and he has called their rental cottage at the beach “one of the best places we ever lived.”

But why Westport and not, say, Rowayton or Greenwich?

“The Clintons have several friends in Westport, and always loved coming here,” the realtor said.

The Clintons' former home.

“And when we drove through town and I told him all about the development in Saugatuck, his eyes lit up. He said, ‘This might sound silly, but it’s kind of like when I put my office in Harlem. It was the right feeling at the right time.'”

The realtor said the Clintons have looked at property in Green’s Farms and Saugatuck Shores. Bill liked a house very close to Compo, but Hillary thought the area was too “public.”

The realtor said Bill is doing most of the research into Westport. (“I understand that,” she said. “Hillary’s got a full-time job.”)

The Clintons' current home in Chappaqua, N.Y.

The realtor was struck by the former president’s interest in local issues. “He’s got a very clever sense of humor,” she noted. “He said, ‘Maybe if I get back into politics, I’ll run for the planning board (P&Z). It looks like that’s where the action is.”

I had to ask: Did she tell Bill about “06880”?

Yes! she said. He loves it — including the comments.

In fact, he told her, “If we move here, I have to meet the Dude!”

(To see photos of 3 of the homes the Clintons are considering, click here.)