Donald Or Hillary? Vote Here!

Our long national nightmare will soon be over. On Tuesday, we select the next president of the United States. So help me God.

Before we do, it’s time for “06880”‘s 1st-ever presidential poll. It’s completely unscientific — but then again, it’s also not rigged. (I hope.)

Vote below, in the appropriate poll (Westport residents only, or non-Westporters). Let’s see how closely our readers mirror the real America.

Whatever that is.


65 responses to “Donald Or Hillary? Vote Here!

  1. donald

  2. Bobbie Herman

    It breaks my heart that 50% of our country is so full of hatred and bigotry.

    • Mine too. Which 60%?

    • Jerry MacDaid

      Seriously? You are attacking the self-hating Americans that support Hillary? That’s not nice.

      And it’s part of what is wrong with the country these days – stereotyping, demonizing and attributing bad motives to anyone that may have honest disagreements with ones personal views.

      • Bobbie Herman

        It’s not honest disagreements when people are attacked who are Muslims, Mexicans, women, etc., etc. Or spread lies about their opposition to the point of calling her a Gangster.

        Love Trumps Hate!

        • Jerry MacDaid

          Bobbie – Do you actually think 50% of the country does (or believes) exactly what the Donald has said (including contradictions)? You think what a candidate has done is exactly what their supporters do or condone? Then the other 50% must be pathological liars, on the take from the Qatari govermnent and/or Wall Street, recklessly (if not criminally) mishandle classified information, and enable and defend sexual predators, among other things? Seriously?

          Why is it so hard for people to simply admit that both of the major party candidates are bad people (or admit they have done bad things) but that you support one side or the other because you support the true goals of the underlying political parties? Instead, folks defend the candidate of their party as pure as the driven snow while demonizing the other. Just seems sadly misguided to me.

        • And, by the way, if you can look past your candidates obvious flaws in the interest of the greater good without being a bad person yourself, why can’t someone else look past the obvious flaws of their candidate without being evil themselves? Personally, I have a very hard time looking past the obvious flaw of both and cannot bring myself to vote for either even though I might agree with some of the fundamental tenets of the underlying political parties.

    • Oh thank you so much for writing this Ms.Herman.

  3. Michael Calise

    It may be that to see hate you must have hate

  4. Justin Trudeau!!!

    • Do you mean this Trudeau who assaulted two fellow politicians?

      • What are you talking about? I watched the video and despite the title I saw no assault of anyone.

        • An assault is carried out by a threat of bodily harm coupled with an apparent, present ability to cause the harm. It is both a crime and a tort and, therefore, may result in either criminal and/or civil liability. Generally, the common law definition is the same in criminal and tort law.

      • Professor Kingsfield, quit with the flaming — At least he’s neither a racist nor corrupt; he exudes intelligence, youth and vitality, and he’s so darn dishy!
        p.s. He also apologizes for his mistakes. Do you, professor?

  5. Barbara Sherburne '67

    There are approximately 5,800 followers of this blog, and so far only 725 people have voted in the poll.

  6. Bart Shuldman

    Dan-I thought a lot about my vote. I find both candidates not fit to lead our country the next 4 years as there are so many big issues (Isis, global
    economic challenges, changes to Obamacare, trillions in debt and lack of good high paying job growth as an example).

    While I cannot trust Trump for many reasons I cannot vote for Hillary, as I do not want her to think she has a mandate regarding her policies.

    My conclusion started to become easy since we live in a state where 100% of the electoral college votes will go to the popular vote winner. I seriously believe our country needs more than 2 political parties to begin to get Washington to work towards consensus. The democratic and republican parties are too set on their ideology stances and therefore too far away to be able to work together to make the meaningful change we so desperately need.

    In doing some research I discovered that if the Libetarian party gets 5% of the popular vote they would recieve federal funding for the 2020 Presidential election. That would be a start for our country to get away from 2 party control. I therefore decided to vote for the Libertarian candidate.

    The CT popular vote will go to Hillary and she will get all of the electoral college votes. But I feel my vote could help a new party gain the needed and necessary funding to begin ‘the end’ of 2 party control over electing our political leaders.

    • The direct (and correct) outcome of this “exercise” will be a three party system. Something positive to look forward to.

    • Werner Liepolt

      I wonder what “jerry Mcdaid” thinks about his vote since he has never been a registered voter.

      • I have missed your comments Mr.Liepolt! 🙂

      • What? Jerry, you live in Westport, right?

        • I wonder how many of the people commenting on this blog still live in Westport. That would be an interesting poll. I don’t…

          • Werner Liepolt

            “Jerry” neither votes nor owns property here or anywhere. “Jerry” is a fiction.

            • Hey, “Jerry”, you usually spell your alias “Jerry MacDaid”. But then sometimes you use “Jerry McDaid”. Which one would you prefer we use when addressing you?

              • Werner Liepolt

                It was “McDaid” in 2014. Now mostly “MacDaid.”
                The bully who uses false identities is who we caution our children about.

                • Bart Shuldman

                  Warren it appears everyone is a bully to you when they don’t agree with you. I believe you called me one too.

                  This is a sad time for 06880. And you are one sad individual with your latest post.

                  • Excuse me Mr.B.S. — please calm down & have a cup of tea or a walk or something. Wow. Mr.Liepolt’s first name is NOT “Warren” it is Werner. It’s a very brave noble name meaning ‘defender’.

                  • Werner Liepolt

                    What’s sad is when someone has to hide behind a false identity. Cowardly, too, no?

            • This is becoming very Agatha Christie like — Mr.Liepolt. I was wondering how can people be prevented from just making up a name here or using another’s name? Because I noticed that several people alternate between different full names (usually women alternating between maiden or married or hyphenated names). I know I said this — but I’ve missed your posts this last month!

              • I try to police the use of full, real names as much as possible. I rely on people’s honesty. I am not a private investigator.

                Some people fill out the “name” line with their maiden or married names whenever they log in. That’s their prerogative.

                If “Jerry MacDaid” is an alias, that’s very disappointing. Jerry, I invite you to send me proof of who you are.

                • I was sure that was the case Dan (relying on people’s honesty/not a private investigator). I only meant to say that the ONLY difference in names I ever noticed was from women switching back & forth between maiden / married / hyphenated names. 🙂

                • Jerry MacDaid


                  For a variety of reasons, not the least of which is lack of interest in feeding trolls, I respectfully decline. If that results in my banishment from your blog, so be it. I respect your right to allow or disallow participation for whatever reason you choose, including demands for proof of existence by whatever means you deem appropriate.

                  Presumably this is my last comment. Let me first thank you for creating this forum for exchange of ideas and say that I’ve generally enjoyed the back and forth. People have many different views but hopefully everyone’s comments have provided cause for reflection recognizing that none of us have a monopoly on “the TRUTH”, that there can be different and valid perspectives than our own, and that others might hold different views than ours without necessarily being the devil incarnate.

                  So long, and good health everyone.

                  • Thanks, Jerry. I appreciate your comments over the years, and understand that you don’t wish to follow up on “proof of existence.” Good luck to you too.

                  • Bart Shuldman

                    Dan. This is ridiculous. Your blog is becoming the Zoe and Nancy show and now we could lose a contributor that gives his own perspective-Jerry.

                    Sorry to see this all happening to your wonderful blog that keeps Westporters in the know. Jerry has not created any issue other being someone with an opinion different than Morley or Warren. Has he hurt anyone? Do we know for sure who everyone is?

                    Oh well. We live in interesting times. I will hope Jerry comes back.

                    • Jerry needs to confirm that that’s his real name. Otherwise, the blog could go back to the wild west days of before, with people who are less thoughtful than Jerry also using aliases.

                      I agree Jerry has great perspectives. But the rules are the rules, and I enforce them as best I can.

      • Jerry MacDaid

        Like a number of people that spend time in Westport, Westport is not my legal/tax domicile and, for obvious reasons, I’m not registered to vote in Westport.

        • Are you registered to vote?

          • I am not casting aspersions — as the horses have clearly left the stable — but is anyone else reflecting back to a time when we were told to never ask about people’s party affiliations or voting choices or discuss politics or religion?

  7. I just answered the poll above (as an expat who lives in Fairfield at present — fairer afield near Bridgeport vs. Greenfield / Westport border).

    I am voting for Hilary but ONLY as *the lesser evil* (because of — but not limited to — her statements/views AGAINST Palestine & Palestinians & FOR the bombing of Lebanon & Lebanese > Marjeyoun > Marwahin Massacre etc.).

    I am an unafilliated voter (for further explanation see that ‘Lord of the Flies’ 06880 thread in Oct. in which astonishingly I became the ‘Piggy’ character simply for attempting to defend Muslims & was then asked to defend if as a Syrian Lebanese American I am American after 120+ years of my Xtian family here & if I was a safety threat — followed by a very frequent commenter’s attempt to have Dan kick me off the blog for zero legitimate reason).

    I wanted to vote for Bernie… Alas that is not to be. I feel if I don’t vote for Hilary the racist Muslim & Latino hating mysogynist person — who is surprisingly not out on a ledge somewhere but instead running for high office in a democratic nation — will win. That is why I am voting for Hilary — not because I am a Hilary supporter & not because I don’t see serious flaws w/ some of the behaviour/misconduct that has occurred within her party re. the current election. (Obviously as a Bernie supporter…). There are a LOT of people in my position now…

  8. Face it….we are screwed with either choice! Pathetic that these are the choices we have for the highest office in the land.

  9. My first hope is that der klein Führer doesn’t get elected and that the Democrat machine has a place for Bernie disguised as a cog that can move some gears forward. (Let the taunts against ‘Democratic Socialism’ begin. It works for some of the most successful nations on the planet — one would then think we might attempt an adoption of a tiny sliver of that).

    My second hope is that — God willing — everyone involved stays perfectly safe. (Given the sheer lunacy that we have been witness to so far).

    My third hope is that we as Americans will not be viewed through the lens of this mad as a hatter election & choice of candidates –by the rest of the world — for very much longer. As it really has been a terrible reflection of our nation.

  10. Bobbie Herman

    Just thought I’d mention that Hillary was voted the Most Admired Woman in the World for the 20th consecutive year —

    She must be doing something right!

    • x Bobbie Herman

      Unless you were an innocent Lebanese civilian being bombed into the afterlife in 2006 — then not so very “something right”.

      Apparently Hilary did not think the daily carnage was enough & so stood next to the Israeli ambassador in front of the UN saying the bombing should be stronger. This was whilst the rest of the world inc. the British & Europeans & Africans & Asians were pleading for it to stop…

      Please search photos of the Marwahin massacre. (For just ONE example of that horrific bombing campaign against a country that along w/ Palestine gave the World the Gospels of nonviolence).

  11. Bart Shuldman

    Some (most) have been disgusted by the Presidential elections. I urge you however, to focus intently on the state elections as this one could be one of the most important in years. CT has entered a financial death spiral and your vote can begin help begin what is necessary to fix CT.

    Please start to take notice of the financial death spiral CT has entered. After 2 massive tax increases, state income tax receipts are dropping as companies move out and the retired and wealthy exit to avoid the huge estate taxes. We all know people who have left CT and we sure know that GE is now gone

    2017-2018 budget is already projected to run a whopping $1.2 BILLION DEFICIT. However, it will probably be bigger with the bad news regarding the unfunded Teachers Pension Plan. In 2008 the state sold bonds to help pay for the Teachers pension plan which has caused huge financial issues.

    At the end of November, the state employee pension plans will also be re-based and that news will be horrible as the state used a 8% discount rate but earned much less.

    CT debt has increased by billions. Pension plan obligations have increased by billions. State income tax receipts have decreased by over a billion dollars. Rising costs and decreasing revenues. The death spiral has begun.

    Your vote can help. We can no longer ‘afford’ to have one party in control in CT. This is very serious and the reality of this spiral will be felt by everyone next year.

    Please go out and vote to change Hartford. Vote for a new State Rep-Cathy Walsh. Vote against Steinberg who voted for 2 massive tax increases that drove GE out of the state.

    Your vote counts.

  12. Wednesday can’t come soon enough! This is getting to be like ‘Ten Little Indians’ now w/ people accusing each other of not being who they say they are. I wish everyone here love & peace of mind.

    • I refer to the Agatha Christie novel (which had an older even unbelievably more racist title — later changed & which became a film w/ the second title). Remember? People are invited to a large country house & people start to be killed & they all blame each other & they all have a *history* themselves…

  13. I am sending everyone a virtual cup of tea now…

  14. I find it astounding that Mr.B.S. is blaming me AGAIN w/ false accusations as before — rather than the two gentleman who questioned wether a third commenter was a “fiction” or not. I said that the only contradiction in names I ever noticed was maiden vs. married names used at different times. I wished everyone “love & peace of mind” & cautioned against it becoming like ‘Ten Little Indians’ (novel/film) w/ everyone blaming each other. I then sent everyone “a virtual cup of tea”.

    Furthermore nobody posts more comments on more articles than Mr.B.S. I will say it again B.S. Rather than focusing on your obvious obsession w/ me — please focus on your own SOUL.

    • Bart Shuldman

      Zoe-that was your 16th post–need I say more.

      I just wish there was an ignore button on 06880-we would both find it useful.

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