A Fiery End To Daylight Savings Time

Tomorrow, this scene — well, sunset, anyway — will appear an hour earlier.

(Photo/Jack Feuer)

Click on or hover over to enlarge. (Photo/Jack Feuer)

And for the next 6 weeks, each day ends a little sooner.

PS: Only 50 days until Christmas!

7 responses to “A Fiery End To Daylight Savings Time

  1. Sharon Paulsen

    And only 19 days until Thanksgiving!

    Today was a great day for leaf mulching and fall pruning, yard cleanup, etc. (which I did all day) – beautiful weather.

    But, what I’d really like to think about is an early Spring/Summer (which, we may get, in spite of ourselves, due to our planet heating up … alarmingly fast).

    Ah, but thanks for sharing the pretty downtown sun-set-scape. (Sconset Square vantage point?).

    • Almost northern lights-like… No worries, Sharon, spring and summer will always show colours, too, especially if you’ve planted new bulbs!
      Cheers, and enjoy each season!


  3. Wow, makes me remember childhood in Westport sitting out on the Y pillars waiting for our rides. We stared at the skies a lot in those days in the early fall eves. Thanks for the beautiful photo.

  4. Well, actually no. It will not appear an hour earlier, it will appear a few minutes earlier, and we will call it an hour earlier. All we’re doing is changing the name of the hour, not the actual time it occurs. The heavens do not rearrange themselves: we rearrange ourselves.