Glamping: The Sequel

You know that big wedding last weekend on Beachside Avenue?

The one that featured white tents on Harvey Weinstein’s property, for glampers — “glamour campers” — to shelter on Friday and Saturday night, roughing it with only wooden floors and queen beds?

The one where fireworks lit up the sky after the ceremony, and a ton of security (uniformed cops, plainclothes and more) patrolled the area?

Turns out it was pretty, um, glamorous.

Zach Lasry — son of billionaire hedge fund owner/Milwaukee Bucks co-owner/Beachside Avenue resident Marc Lasry — married Arianna Lyons. They work together in film production.

Among the guests: former President Bill Clinton, and former Senator/Secretary of State/presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

President Bill Clinton at the Beachside Avenue wedding…

… and Hillary Clinton. (Photos courtesy of Instagram)

No word on whether they glamped, or decamped after the festivities to Chappaqua.

(Hat tip: WestportNow)

18 responses to “Glamping: The Sequel

  1. Was Harvey invited?

  2. Tell me something, who really cares about this, and if you do, can you really tell me why?

    • Well, it’s not every day a former president and presidential candidate come to a wedding in your town.

      • Eric Buchroeder

        That may be the case Dan but I wish those two would give it a rest. Maybe volunteering at a soup kitchen in Bridgeport would be more authentic. After all, there are many more homeless people than nouveau riche and their nickels and dimes would add up fast. The best thing for them would be that nickels and dimes (unlike used underwear) are difficult for the IRS to trace.

        • Elizabeth Thibault

          Jeeze! Are they not allowed to go to weddings (of their friends kids) that they’re invited to? Last time I checked, there wasn’t a major news announcement about this, or frankly, any of the activities of their daily lives. Dan chose to write about this because it’s something that was happening in town that we all noticed; they didn’t put it out there. For all you know, they are volunteering in a soup kitchen somewhere, and that isn’t getting press either.

          • Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

            If they were volunteering in soup kitchens, rest assured it would have been covered as the 2nd coming of Christ. Except that Christ is out of favor these days. Dan (my friend) chose to write about it, I chose to comment on it and because I disagree with you, you chose to make an issue out of it. Dan, on the other hand, doesn’t get a wedgie over diverse opinions.

    • Bill Boyd... Staples 66

      Good old Al…..

  3. Mary Maynard

    You have to tell us, but we don’t have to care. mmm

  4. Peter Barlow

    Not being a fan of any of those people, I was surprised how attractive they looked.

    • Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

      The longer they are out of office, the more attractive they will look.

  5. Sharon Paulsen

    Fun to now know the “backstory” of the glamping situation!

    Now, where can I snag me some Bagillionaire too?!? Cuz, I want Bill Clinton at my wedding. Every little girl’s dream!

    (major snark on that last part, because … ewwww) 😉

  6. The Public Likes to know . If You are not curious don’t read the it.
    .Dan pleases the rest of us. It is fun to see what goes on . I now know what
    ‘Glamping’ is . Would never have know if Dan didn’t put in this neighborly tid bit..
    Thank You Dan !

    • Mary Cookman Schmerker SHS '58

      I agree with you. Another chapter in Westport History which is always fascinating.

    • Elizabeth Thibault

      Exactly! It’s not every day you see a fancy tent encampment pop up next to the town beach! It was even more impressive as you drove further down Beachside Ave and got a view from another angle! It’s fun to see how the other half live.

  7. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    Glamping with with Hillary. Sanctimony under the stars.

  8. “Their friends kids wedding”? Or their donors kids wedding?…My friends don’t pay me to be their friend.

    • Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

      It’s a dilemma indeed Rich. Are there donors because they’re friends or are they their friends because they’re donors? I prefer the chicken versus the egg because its apolitical and not self-serving.

  9. Bill and Hillary??

    Where were the #metoo protesters??