Flight Drama Unfolds Over Westport

A private plane carrying 16 people — including the rap star Post Malone — blew 2 tires during takeoff this morning from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, en route to London.

The pilot has been burning fuel for hours before attempting an emergency landing. The original plan was for Massachusetts; now it’s being diverted to Stewart International Airport in New York.

According to a screenshot sent by Bart Shuldman, the plane has been making loops around the tristate area — including many passes over Westport.

The flight is still in the air. Click here for the radar link.


6 responses to “Flight Drama Unfolds Over Westport

  1. This is newsworthy? Com’n Dan!

  2. I think it’s interesting!

  3. Arthur Klausner

    OK — I have to ask a question. The problem is clearly going to be landing the plane, given the blown-out tires. And they need to burn off fuel before that point, for obvious reasons. But given this, why didn’t they fly to London so that those poor passengers will at least be at their originally targeted destination (assuming a successful emergency landing)? I’m sure there’s a good answer…

  4. William Strittmatter

    Flight landed safely. It is speculated that it couldn’t continue to London since couldn’t retract landing gear so not enough fuel with increased drag. I’m sure interviews with pilots will clear it all up for you.


  5. Alan T. Hamilton

    I heard they wanted to land at Compo but Post Malone couldn’t afford the beach pass.