The 69 Percent Of Westporters Who Voted For Hillary Clinton React To Last Night’s Vote


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  1. I feel as hollow today as I did on 9/11.

    • That’s pretty disgusting to compare 911 to the election. You should be ashamed of yourself. Stop being a liberal loser and move on. The country has spoken and doesn’t revolve around liberal Westport. Wake up

      • No need to be so vitriolic in your response.

      • Lisa Marie Alter

        1. “That’s pretty disgusting to compare 911 to the election.”
        Trivializing: an abusive behavior that makes light of your efforts, your
        interests, or your concerns.

        2. “You should be ashamed of yourself.”
        Judging: many judging statements start with “you”.

        3. “Stop being a liberal loser and move on.”
        Name Calling: when abusers engage in name-calling, they’re saying, “You do not exist. I annihilated you…Now that you are wiped out, I’m in control, just like in a war.”

        4. “The country has spoken and doesn’t revolve around liberal Westport. Wake up”
        Criticizing: abusers will also pretend to be giving you constructive criticism (as if they care about you anyway), but it comes off sounding like an insult.

        Hmmm, Jeff… that’s at least 4 in one post (maybe even more !)…

        Looks like the behavior is starting already…
        Follow-the-Leader !!!

      • Patrick Eastin

        So vitriolic. Be cool, it’s what she feels.

        • Patrick: You do realize my comment was quoting and a rebuke of Jeff A. ?

          • Patrick Eastin

            Well yes, my reply was intended for Mr. Arciola. My mistake.

            • No worries – I just wanted to be sure it was clear my “Comment” was intended for Jeff – not Holly, as these threads can get confusing !

      • “Here’s Why We Grieve” John Pavlovitz

      • @ Jeff Arciola:

        Aren’t you afraid these kind of abusive comments are very bad for your business? (You own/run Junior’s on Riverside Ave. no? Near Gilberties). What is a “loser” anyway? That is not in everyone’s vocabulary as not everyone views life through a lens of gamesmanship & power & control.

    • Loretta Santella Hallock

      Only it’s 11/9

    • Patrick Eastin

      Just wanted you to know I read an article today where Robert De Niro made this comment on the Trump election: “I feel like I did after 9/11”.

      • x Patrick Eastin & Holly Wheeler

        The most moving comment I heard about 9/11 was from Robert De Niro — when he said that his son had said “It was like watching the moon fall.” (Which I really felt because I lived in downtown NYC also — on E. 1rst st. — & saw the Towers every time I left my building for years).

        I understand anyone saying they feel as bad about this recent EVENT as about 9/11. Two things don’t have to be materially comparable to elicit the same feelings of realisation & horror & dread.

  2. I see this as a victory for the NRA and all the rednecks in the country. The way this campaign was handled sets an extremely bad precident for future campaigns. I am devastated.

    • Headline – “The 69 Percent Of Westporters Who Voted For Hillary Clinton”
      Anne Hunt – “a victory for the NRA and all the rednecks in the country”

      I’m trying to imagine 31 percent of Westporters as rednecks….interesting visual.

      • A Westport redneck is someone who drinks Gin and Dubbonet from a beer glass, wears Dolce & Gabbana jeans, own a ranchette or two in Montana and owns a Mercedes G-Class SUV so their chauffer can get them safely to Trader Joes on a cloudy day.

        • Very funny Dino’s childhood friend Dave Stalling! Also: I liked the Gibran on the post for our boy.

          Sincerely ~ Dino’s childhood girlfriend

          • Thanks. Dino was a wonderful person.

            • I was friends w/ Dino when we were eleven going on twelve (Summer/Autumn 1972). I went to a different school — but we lived near each other. Is that when you were friends w/ him? Did you know Todd Serman?

              • Zoe, I was friends with Dino through my high school years at Staples, 1977-1979, and saw him occasionally after that when I would be home on leave for the Marine Corps. I also grew up with and am friends with his wonderful wife, Sarah Drought Nebel. I did not know Todd Serman.

                • Thanks for answering Dave. I don’t remember ever seeing Dino in high school/Staples. It was weird w/ that campus & the electives — how we might never run into certain people. I was in Class of 78. I don’t remember you either! (There were a lot of us). So his wife Sarah went to Staples as well? (Or no?). I don’t remember anyone w/ that name either. I lived in the art building basically & most of my friends were in Class of 77. We probably travelled in different *worlds*.

                • Todd was best friends w/ Dino in 1972. But the Sermans moved to Florida before 1975. You must have been in the Class of 79 by the years you’ve given. I’m assuming Sarah was in your grade or even younger? I didn’t know many people in your grade. My sister fixed me up on a *blind date* w/ Todd — but Dino fancied me instead of my friend I’d brought along & we wound up together. As I said we were eleven/twelve…

            • Another of Dino’s childhood friends who later was a friend of mine (from 9th grade on) emailed me & told me Dino had passed — then I wrote Dan. Dino had a poetic soul one on one — at least w/ me as a girl — very unlike that video at the Arrow!

    • I’m an NRA member and I voted for Hillary. Does that make me a redneck?

      • It’s difficult to achieve the burned red shade in New England even if you are very pale. Perhaps in the middle of summer — if a fisherman/lobsterman. 🙂

  3. Robert Mills IV

    The people have spoken. Change may be a good thing.

    • Werner Liepolt

      But misogyny, racism, bigotry, torture and treason are bad things.

      • Yes — but Hitler built a beautiful modernist airport & superhighways & gave us the VW Käfer. What could possibly go wrong electing a racist anti-homosexual xenophobe who is anti-science? “He is just *talking* about hating certain people… nothing will come of it. He will be *good* for the country.”

  4. 1. I hope Ruth Bader Ginsburg remains very, very healthy and lives at least another five years. 2. The electoral college has to be abolished. It is anachronistic and does not even work the way our Founders originally set it up to work. This is the second time in 16 years that a candidate who won the popular vote has not been chosen president. CT is overlooked during these campaigns because of the way the electoral college works. At a minimum, we should set up our system in CT the way Maine awards electoral votes (proportionally) so that we as a state can matter more in a presidential election and get more attention paid to our needs and concerns.

  5. I assume she’s holding her hands up in disbelief that so many people would vote for a proven criminal and pathological liar.

  6. I do not consider myself a redneck. Period.

  7. Robert Mills IV


  8. Went from great excitement, hope and the chance to witness history with my daughter at my side to a completely unexpected and devastating defeat and sense of loss. It is so hard to accept that this man who spewed hate and insults at so, so many groups throughout this country actually won. But I watched Hillary Clinton’s gracious, heart-felt and emotional concession speech this morning. She urged us all to keep an open mind and give Trump a chance to lead. I think we all need to rise above this bitter pill and follow her words and example. At least I will try my hardest. As she said, “If we stand together and work together with respect for our differences…our best days are still ahead of us.” Hats off to a tremendous woman and public servant.

  9. Lisa Marie Alter

    I feel so dirty and violated as a woman… (tho I’m sure he’d deem me unworthy of his lechery — “Her !? Look at her ! You tell me… I dooonnn’t think so..!!!!”)

    I can’t go over the fact that everyone who supported him was able to wave away those victims who came forward substantiating the claims that him himself had made on film… among all the many, many other issues around him.

    This comment from a writer pretty much sums it up for me:

     “Trump has decimated the codes of basic decency without paying a price. With his constant, flagrant and unapologetic lying, he has shredded the standards of intellectual virtue — the normal respect for facts and truth that makes conversation possible. With his penchant for cruelty, bigotry, narcissism, selfishness and even his primitive primate dominance displays, he has shredded the accepted understandings of personal morality that prevent the strong from preying on the weak.

    Most disturbing, all of this has been greeted with moral numbness. The truest thing Trump said all year is that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose any votes. We learned this year that millions of Americans are incapable of being morally offended, or of putting virtue above partisanship.”

    For the very first time in my nearly 20,000 days on this earth, I am not proud to be an American. My cousins in Europe, family and friends around the world are horrified — and terrified.

    America voted for a crude reality TV star (and worse). Stay tuned.

    • We all now live in hope that the Presidency will elevate the man. It would be sad if this man when given this prestigious responsibility to lead the free world just debases the Presidency of the USA.

      • Hard to imagine The Presidency being ‘debased’ any more than it has been over the past 8 years. Al Sharpton, the Ferguson street trash that got capped after being an “honored Guest” at WH ring a bell w you? You want me to continue? The list of garbage is long

        • Hi Bruce- If you read my entry it says it would be sad if. This is all about Donald Trump now. If you feel Obama let you down by his associates – do you think its okay for Trump to let me down by what he says. I feel Trump has said some terrible things that I hope no President says. I will point out included in that are- “grabbing” and calling someone a “fat pig.” Not acceptable for my kids or my President!

        • Peter Gambaccini

          It’s not lomg at all

  10. Dick Lowenstein

    Interesting picture, Dan. Here’s a link to what I sent to my family:

    Any chance that Trump will be indicted for tax cheating this year?

  11. Mary Ruggiero

    From other folks… They didn’t vote for a woman who was”very reckless” with state secrets, who ran a foundation steeped in corruption and pay for play. Who tried to hide that fact by skirting the government security system and in the course of doing that exposed state secrets to a variety of international hackers.

    Perhaps we saw her public service flaws as more important than his personal flaws.

  12. Let me just repeat myself:

    With his constant, flagrant and unapologetic lying, he has shredded the standards of intellectual virtue — the normal respect for facts and truth that makes conversation possible. With his penchant for cruelty, bigotry, narcissism, selfishness and even his primitive primate dominance displays, he has shredded the accepted understandings of personal morality that prevent the strong from preying on the weak.

    Most disturbing, all of this has been greeted with moral numbness. The truest thing Trump said all year is that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose any votes. We learned this year that millions of Americans are incapable of being morally offended, or of putting virtue above partisanship.”

    We’re not just talking “personal flaws” here… goes well beyond that.

    Then one can add: Trump University ruining working people, 6 bankruptcies, no pay taxes, no tax return STILL submitted (what’s that about ? every other candidate does), Trump Foundation investigations, using others money to donate and buy portraits, housing discrimination, screwing people/contractors etc out of their wages and earnings, lying to towns to get zone amendments to benefit his projects, lying to Accessors offices to get property tax reductions, screwing Ivana of his marriage out with Marla, screwing Marla out with more women, screwing other women while Melania’s having his baby… we can keep going on and on (fortunately Dan doesn’t put word limits on us…)

  13. Jay Dirnberger

    Will Donald claim the “home office deduction” when he moves into the White House?

  14. Isn’t that same poster as when obama got elected? Lotta whining here; upset she wasn’t given a “Participation Trophy?”

  15. The only thing more upsetting than
    having this shallow, hollow empty man elected is the fact that people in our own town feel it’s necessary to be
    snarky and dismissive of our feelings and concerns. Don’t you all know how to be gracious? Disgraceful.

  16. Good start to making America great again.. Don’t you hate it when people make promises like this and then never follow up on them?

  17. Don L Bergmann

    I will guess that many voting for Donald Trump would use the word “change” to characterize their vote. For those people, I would ask that they list three to five specific changes that they expect or at least hope will occur during the next four years because of the election of Donald Trump.
    Don Bergmann

    • Francis Costello

      Don, I ask the same question of you regarding President Obama when he was elected eight years ago on the platform of “Change”. Please list three to five specific changes that we have experienced over the last eight years that will be sustained going forward. Granted we have seen much change in our country and the world – what difference have the last eight years really meant to Americans and our relationship to the rest of the world?

  18. Bobbie Herman

    I’m sure I’ve been more depressed in my life, but I can’t remember when.

  19. Forget his insults. I’m afraid that those ignorant people who voted for him will be very disappointed when this man with no experience will attempt to govern this huge country. Didn’t they want help with school, child care, infra structure? Didn’t they realize, poor and on the outside, they will be left there?

    • Luciano Morelli

      So the people that voted for him are ignorant? Now you sound like Hillary when she made her deplorable comment. Who really is tolerant of views that don’t match their own? We should all be but it doesn’t sound like that here.

  20. Anthony Palmer

    If Trump lost would you have posted the same picture? Let us all be fair. I didn’t send a picture of thousands smiling!!

  21. Classy speeches by both HRC and Obama. Keep open minds!

  22. Why has nobody defended me here when I have been repeatedly trolled & attacked for defending Syrians & Muslims? I wrote that if the word ‘Jew’ was inserted for ‘Muslim’ it would be understood as racism. I have also explained I had relatives murdered by the Nazis in Berlin. Yet this has now been twisted around to be anti-semitic by this troll who will not leave me alone & has repeatedly tried to silence me & have Dan silence me. Not responding to their posts — or even addressing their content w/ others on the blog — has not helped.

    • Mary Ruggiero

      This is a usually civil public forum. If you want defense, defend yourself. If others don’t perhaps they disagree eith you or dont wish to be embroiled in a world encompasssing argument.

      It should be enough to express your opinion. The world does not have to defend you.

      • @ M.Ruggiero. Again it is about defending people who are the target of racism. I stand up for Jews when people make antisemitic comments. I stand up for Blacks when people make racist comments. Etc. I stand up for others. How do you find racism to be “civil” discourse?

        • Your message is heard, Zoe.

          • Thank You Nancy Hunter. Your words w/ that statement are precious to me. I have written the Syrian Orthodox Archdiocese in Quebec where there is a large welcoming community — in the last hour. I am applying for asylum in Canada. I can no longer stand the DAILY CEASELESS & UNRELENTING RACISM experienced here by others & MYSELF. OVER fifty years of it & I have had ENOUGH. 120+ YEARS HERE & still treated like DROSS. I defend EVERYONE ELSE DAY & NIGHT. Yet I belong to the only people here is seemingly ALL RIGHT to HATE. Including but not limited to my OWN HOME TOWN. With this election people now feel emboldened to attack even MORE than before: something I scarcely believed was possible. What a waking nightmare.

          • *I meant to write my OWN family has been here for 120+ years. Syrians both Xtian & Muslim have been here since the 16th c. w/ the Spaniards (although that is no feather in the cap due to treatment of indigenous peoples here).

            • Mary (Cookman) Schmerker Staples 1958

              Hang in there Zoë. Because I no longer live in Westport I do not comment as often as I would like to. Hang in there. I am deliberately repeating myself. Like you my family has been here for centuries. Cooler, calmer and more intelligent people will prevail. The first amendment is first for a very important reason. Let the criticism roll off your back. You are not alone. Many people are upset and afraid. At the moment we are on vacation just across the Hudson from NYC. Many are unhappy. President elect Trump did not get the popular vote so there will be those who keep him in check.

              • Bobbie Herman

                George W. Bush didn’t win the popular vote, ether, and no one kept him in check.

              • Thank You but I have ZERO desire to remain here any longer. ZERO. As evidenced so charmingly by the Kompi on this blog: the trouble w/ the US surpasses Trump.

              • PS: I do not live in Westport. Nor would I EVER again. At issue now is the bullying & trolling on THIS 06880 blog. OTHERS here who are not Syrian have mentioned Trump’s racism toward muslims without being trolled & attacked HERE. Inc. when I ignored the trolls — talking behind my back using my name. There is ZERO to “hang in” for here. I have NEVER encountered such ill mannered meanspirited racist rudeness in my life.

      • Your extreme empathy for mankind is unbelievably sexy. You madame are a real charmer. I’m sure you had enchanting things to say in your last occupation readying a gallows for the condemned in Nazi Germany.

  23. Bruce J. Kent

    I don’t think you can use the word ‘classy’ with those two names………not without breaking out into hysterical laughter that is.

    • Classy = Gracious,

      • Agree, Nancy. Yes, CLASSY. And GRACIOUS.

        I just watched both speeches (HRC and Obama) on DVR – Amazing ! I did not hear either one use the words “pussy” or “piece of ass” once !!! AND they both actually use proper sentence structure, complete with subject and predicate. They are positive, kind, professional and about Hope, not Hate.

        I uphold that America will rue this day. Check back next time this year — and keep in mind, for once the new Guard will have the benefit of a GOP Congress — let’s see what they can do for our country.

        I, for one, had put my money on HRC.

        Trumpeters: the ball’s are in your court: Go ahead, “Make America Great Again”… we know it never stopped being great.

    • Hi Bruce- you are being a sore winner. When “those two” are truly gracious in defeat and wish President DJT well in his presidency without a mean spirited word- I think most of us would accept that as classy. I think it would be classy of you to accept their good wishes in good faith. After all you have nothing to prove- your candidate is now President Elect Trump.

  24. Bruce J. Kent

    Classy picture Dan Miller……exactly what the rest of the country expects from “you people.” And a big contributing factor to your loss.

    • Hi Bruce- It is only a cartoon of what he said his modus operandi was in a candid moment on a bus with Billy Bush. President Trump often joked about what he said and said he didn’t mean what he said. He called it irony.

  25. If there was any evidence from the president-elect’s track record to suggest there’s a snowball’s chance in hell of him making anything “great” – now or again – I’d be up for “change” and “all in”.

    Sadly, and to the contrary, other than being one of the word’s greatest self-promoters – something for which he has a true gift – the evidence against the probability of America’s greatness being preserved, never mind built upon or enhanced, is monumentally overwhelming under his leadership.

    A quick review of his team is all it takes to see where we’re going, and it’s not likely to be to a better place. If there’s one time I hope I’m dead wrong, it’s now.

  26. Perhaps I am mistaken, but it was my understanding that Dan asked the 69% of Westport who voted for HRC to comment here. He did not ask Trump supporters to belittle or denigrate people for their genuine sense of loss and legitimate fear of how a Donald Trump presidency might negatively impact our nation. There is no need to bully. Despite my doubts, I sincerely hope DJT can rise to the occasion. Unfortunately, the comments that his supporters posted here echo his bullying campaign rhetoric. Most disheartening.

  27. Werner Liepolt

    I voted in every election since I was eligible. I have many friends who vote like me and quite a few friends who vote contrary to me. I have enjoyed seeing those candidates I’ve supported win and taken some losses.hard. What seems to be unique this time is the number of people I know and have come into contact with since yesterday who are afraid. I know fear and anger have been a part of this campaign. Now it appears as if many of us fear the coming presidency. That’s brand new.

  28. Bonnie Bradley

    Sitting here watching TV, the anti-Trump demonstrations in NYC and six other cities. I can never remember seeing this kind of thing before, following an election. Change already, I guess.

    On another note, I can’t help but remember the Democratic Convention and my astonishment that Bernie Sanders was not nominated as HRC’s Vice President. That was a fatal mistake, as things turned out. Think of JFK’s selection of LBJ, the opponent he and brother Bobby hated with a passion, the man he had fought tooth & nail to win the nomination. It was a brilliant political move which is generally credited as vital to the election of JFK. Think of the voters Bernie would have brought to Hillary… and weep.

    • That is such a good point Bonnie! (Re. Bernie x VP). It is very sad. I was a Bernie supporter who voted for HRC (when not a fan of HRC at all): I wonder how many Bernie supporters did not vote for her.

  29. Dick Lowenstein

    Think of those who preferred neither….they’ve gotten what they deserve.

    • That’s why a third party helps!

      • Nancy Hunter – those who voted for a third party are why we have Trump. Enjoy.

        • Write-in votes, yes, are foolish. In future though, maybe a third major party will form to quell the divisiveness?

          • Sorry, but write-in votes are not foolish. They are an embodiment of free speech and a valid form of expressing one’s view. Somebody like me, who feels that both Clinton and Trump were unqualified due to character defects, has the right to support neither. Being fully aware that one of them will be President does not and should not compel me to cast a vote for either (or for anybody). I could not retain my integrity by voting for either: in my view there was no “lesser of two evils.” I saw it more as the evil of two lessers.

            As for third parties, if one can make a go of it, good for them. But third parties create challenges of their own. Canada, as Ms. Hunter should well know, is a fine case, where the NDP and the Bloc, for example, have created stalemate and turmoil, and have been able to hijack votes and debate over narrow and/or localised issues and peeves. Multiple parties have the effect of splintering the electorate into ever-thinner slices that need be responsive only to their peculiar tiny constituency, and with enough parties, the system becomes chronically unstable. Having fewer parties, at least in theory, should compel those parties to broaden their positions to capture enough votes. That has worked reasonably well here for most of our history, and I would argue works tolerably well today. Both major parties have their fringes, but both tend to be more or less centrist, albeit with periodic deviations from their respective means.

            That said, a two–party system can fail too, as it has in Scotland and Quebec, where the national parties don’t function at the provincial/territorial level, and the local two-party system consists of one party with wide-ish views and one party devoted to a single cause. When the electorate tires of the wide-ish view party, as it inevitably does from time to time, it has no choice available but the Johnny-one-notes, who then divert all attention to their pet cause and wind up getting very little done.

            A long digression, but to sum up, there is nothing wrong with voting for a third party or a write-in if that embodies the voter’s wishes, hopes, or desires.

  30. “Don’t let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment, that was known as Camelot.”

    • Hanne Jeppesen

      I trust in the American people and their resilience. I have been here since late 1966, and lived in Westport back then for a few years. However, I do feel the election of Trump is a huge disappointment, and also a set back for the US. Certainly he and Melania (although she is classier than her husband) are a far cry from Jack and Jackie. I was a teen ager back in my native Denmark when JFK was elected, and I have followed politics ever since. I was 18 years old when JFK was assassinated, still in my native Denmark, but we did what people in the US did, we were glued to the TV, and if not, it was all we talked about. When RFK met the same fate 5 years later, I was living in Westport, it was a sad, and scary year full of upheaval.
      I hope Trump will be a better President than I expect, which isn’t saying much, but I’m pretty sure his inauguration speech, will not inspire like JFK’s did. God forbid we have anything close to the Cuban missile crisis. Kennedy’s knowledge of history and his cool and calm, but firm response help avert a disaster. I doubt Trump could handle it the same way.

      However, like it or not, he is going to be the President of the US, so let’s hope for the best and wait and see what his actions will be before we judge him.

      • The DAMAGE is DONE. Imagine being a Muslim child or Latin child in America now. The horses have been out of the stables since the nomination. The election win was simply the Coupe de Grace. People are RIOTING IN THE STREETS. Almost 50% of Americans have proven themselves to BE RACIST ABUSIVE PEOPLE. What is he going to do take back almost every word he has ever said?

  31. Don L Bergmann

    I can’t recall all that I hoped for or expected, but as I think of your inquiry here are seven items I believe were my then thoughts:
    When President Obama was elected eight years ago I hoped/expected that (i) the U.S. would no longer permit people to be tortured by Americans or our surrogates, (ii) our nation would adopt or consider a single payer medical plan, (iii) the use of Guantanamo Bay for prisoners in the war on terror would cease, (iv) the protection of our environment would be enhanced, (v) that campaign finance reform would be expanded and not held to be in many respects unconstitutional, (vi) that sensible gun control and registration laws would be passed and that (vii) the nominees to the Supreme Court would not look for answers only in the precise words of our constitution, but would look to the purposes of our constitution as pertinent to the 21st century.
    Don Bergmann

  32. I drove over MacDonald Pass today on my way from my home in Missoula, Montana to Helena, our state Capital. Elevation: 6,312 feet. This is a mountain pass in Montana in November. No snow. Temperature: 60 degrees (Fahrenheit). I was wearing a T-shirt and had my windows down. (Again, this is a mountain pass in Montana in November.) Yes, this is directly related to our now unfortunately “normal” low snowpacks; earlier snow melt; more drought; increased size, frequency and intensity of wildfires; low river flows; fish kills; early summer fishing closures; less irrigation for crops, and severe impacts to wildlife.

    We just elected a president who says climate change is a “hoax” perpetuated by China.

    Facts don’t matter; science is irrelevant; truth is inconvenient. Telling people what they want to hear is considered “leadership.” Denial and ignorance are virtues.

    Welcome to the future.

    • It’s pronounced “Gy-naah” !

      • Helena? It’s pronounced “Hell-in-nuh.” As I’ve joked with friends, I’ve long wanted to start a basket-weaving business there called “Helena Handbaskets.”

      • Lisa Marie Alter

        My Staples senior suggests that before candidates even get to run for the office of President, they have to pass geography and especially Constitution tests. I added that they also must to be able to use the English language properly, and have a working knowledge of world history and current events. That certainly would have changed the face of this election.

        • Perhaps we should impose those same requirements on voters.

          • Interesting. Maybe new parents, too, then?

            • Lisa Marie Alter

              And just think ! The school kiddies can take a field trip to the Trump Presidential Library one day.

              “Hey kids, have a seat in the Access Hollywood Family Theater. There can be a wardrobe retrospective for each of the 3 Mrs. Trumps. Don’t miss the Howard Stern tape collection, and be sure to pick up some nude photos of the First Lady in the gift shop on your way out !”

              • Lisa Marie Alter

                Oh and the “Wall of Shame” for the discredited women who accused him of sexual assault — oh wait — that’s right !… They never WERE discredited ! That proof was forthcoming — any day — “BELIEVE ME !” And the historic Tax Returns that would be released ? Oh, those are buried in a time capsule in the foundation ! They’ll be “released” in the year 2116…

                And just THINK of the fabulous Official Portraiture…

    • Mary (Cookman) Schmerker Staples 1958

      Right on. We know Missoula ……… Climate change is very real there and everywhere.

  33. Lisa Marie and Michael – great suggestions. Judging from what I see on the news with on-the-street interviews, many folks would have to go back to school – except that civics courses are no longer in the curriculum.

    • Lisa Marie Alter

      It’s certainly not a bad idea — voters should certainly be better educated “consumers.”

      However: I’m going co-opt the defense that Republican strategist Ana Navarro used on CNN, when Trump supporter, Scottie Nell Hughes, objected to Navarro’s quoting Trump verbatim: “grabbing a woman’s pussy”

      Nell Hughes: “Will you please stop saying that word? My daughter is listening,” she interjected.

      “Don’t tell me you’re offended when I say ‘pussy,’ but you’re not offended when Donald Trump says it,” Navarro responded.

      In other words: we’re not running for President.

  34. Lisa Marie Alter

    Two, 3, 4 years from now, it WILL be very interesting to see is how things played out in our country and world — esp since people were both very polarized and very vocal on their views in this election. Furthermore, many discussions took places in virtual forums, such as this and Facebook, which means they are essentially out there “forever.”

    We can all look back and see: even with the unique benefit of working with a Majority Congress, (and without violating the Constitution or human rights), will Trump really have been able to effect the “change” and “Make America Great Again,” as his supporters so vehemently declared he would ??

  35. Lisa Marie Alter aka Yet Another Nasty Woman :-)

    Dear BruceNot-a-Full-Name,
    “…sit down, shut up, and try to do and be the best we can at whatever it is we are doing.”

    Criticizing: abusers will also pretend to be giving you constructive criticism (as if they care about you anyway), but it comes off sounding like an insult.
    (From a textbook citing hallmarks of abusive behavior).

    Mine was an attempt to say “Let’s wait and see”… after all, the deck is “stacked” in his favor — which means Trump should be able to produce not just Terrific and Tremendous results, but Yuge and Amazing changes…

    • Such an archaic system. Time to consider a parliamentary system — one voice, one vote.

    • Thank you Mr.Liepolt

    • Werner Liepolt

      This is for real. 13000000 signatures in 24 hours.

      • Thank you so much! Fingers crossed! I am hoping & praying for this to really take off. I signed this straight away as soon as I found that you’d posted it. (Usually their petitions are sent to my email — but I hadn’t received this one). I also made a small donation so it would go out to a thousand more people & I sent it to a friend who has a human rights website in New Haven & some other friends also. I don’t have Twitter or Facebook (long story why not) but I hope others who do will post this after signing.

  36. May be an archaic system, but based on the harsh reality that many folks don’t pay attention, can’t understand what they read, and don’t care about the consequences if those two facts.

    Making states proportional as opposed to winner take all might be a better system, but I am still wary of placing my fate in the hands of folks who don’t know what the president’s job is.

    • Ironic that Trump, in 2012, wrote “The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy”.

  37. Trump suggested bombing Iraqi & Afghani FAMILIES.

    • Obama DID it.

      • Russell Gontar

        He didn’t PLAN to do it, DJT INTENDS to do it.

        • Yes he did. When it happens over and over again it is intentional.

          • Russell Gontar

            Well, that’s your opinion, but it is not a fact. You remember facts, right? And the fact is, this is DJT ‘s (excuse me, I just vomited in my mouth) planned policy. That’s why the law, for example, differentiates between first degree murder and manslaughter. But I guess to you, someone who causes a fatality in an auto accident should be charged with murder one.

            • x Russell Gontar: Thank You for supporting & defending my initial comment here. Trump also said he wants FAMILY MEMBERS of alleged terrorists TORTURED. I am no longer posting on this blog — it is exhausting to me as I have been a fish out of water here as a Syrian Arab American human rights activist (inc. being singled out & trolled for defending Muslims & US military drones used against civilians etc.). I am only posting again here to say Thank You.

              • Russell Gontar

                Ms. Kassis. It is my pleasure. And I am sorry to hear about your experiences on this site. Brace yourself, it is going to be a long, long, four years.

              • That’s the best news I’ve heard all da
                ‘Elections have consequences. At the end of the day I won and you lost.’ — Barack Obama to the House Republican leadership in 2009

                • @ Bruce Kent: Enjoy your place in history as a racist — as I am sending this & other racist abusive trolling 06880 comments directed at me in these threads to: The Southern Poverty Law Center & The Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee & The Arab American Museum & The NAACP &c.

            • *Of course I meant trolled on this blog for speaking out AGAINST the use of US drones against civilians — not “defending” the use of drones. The racism here & pro-war sentiment has been shocking to me.

            • Here is the fact; BHO murdered innocent women and
              children, and killed Americans without due process. Now, you are defending him.

        • How do you know he didn’t plan to do it?

          • Sounds like you are hoping to get top secret security clearance.
            Are you related to DJT?

  38. International Rescue Committee (IRC)

    Ahlan wa sahlan! (Welcome!) <3

  39. ‘And now these three remain: faith hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.’ — 1 Corinthians 13

  40. ‘So his fame spread throughout Syria and they brought him all the sick, those afflicted with various pains, those oppressed in spirit, with seizures and paralyzed and he healed them’ — Matthew 4:24

    UN Refugee Agency / UNHCR Syria Crisis Appeal:

    Welcome Syrian refugees! <3

  41. Dan, I wish Jim Croce was still alive.

    • Or, Leonard Cohen… Just so tired of the post-election vitriol.

      • The World is missing an interpreter now that Leonard Cohen has travelled on… One day after the results of this election — perhaps his soul knew this was the end of the fair… the rides dismantled & grilles & spun candy machines shut down…

  42. Lisa Marie Alter

    So the turmoil continues and our President-Elect, who is supposed to be “healing the divide” finally gets out onto his trusted Twitter account and what words of kindness and wisdom does he utter ?

    “Just had a very open and successful presidential election. Now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. Very unfair !” – Donald J Trump.

    Well, that sure goes a long way to make me feel better that he’s working towards “conciliation and understanding.” NOT !!!

    And allegations of “rigged media” continue. Not surprised. Dan Rather calls him out on that one, as “dangerous” and an “attempt to intimidate the press.”

    And just what EXACTLY are “professional protesters ?”

    If such a thing even could exist, perhaps Trump should try look at this as his first success at job creation.

    • Educate yourself. When someone is paid to protest or agitate…you can consider them professional…

      • Lisa Marie Alter

        This is “old” news — the link you show indicates a story that broke during the campaign. I could do a classic “DJTSupporter” pivot, but instead I will agree if that did happen, it was reprehensible, and counterproductive.

        But do you ACTUALLY mean to suggest the someone is paying some 100,000 people to show up in NYC to protest ? And 1,000’s and tens of thousands in cities around the country ?

        And why is DJT’s first comment about the situation a complaint (“Unfair !”) and yet another assertion that the “rigged media” is somehow in collusion ?

        How IS that showing leadership ??? And any possible ability to UNIFY ?

        Compare and Contrast demonstrating “grace under fire”:
        Trump advocates physical aggression at his rallies — go ahead, beat the crap out of him, I’ll pay the hospital bill (I’m paraphrasing)
        Obama telling the crowd at a HRC rally to respect the protester: he appears to be a vet and he has a right to express his opinion.

        As someone who would actually know, Obama stated
        (again I’m paraphrasing):
        if you can’t handle criticism, you’re not cut out for this job”…

        • I agree w/ you Lisa… Some people are threatened by sincere protests that evolve from people recognising that the systems created have not been healthy for us. Look at what is happening at Standing Rock now for example. To be silent is not an option. <3

        • Lisa, you asked….”And just what EXACTLY are “professional protesters ?”….you then stated….”If such a thing even could exist”.

          I explained what a professional protester is and then gave an example that they do exist,,,,at least in the DNC, There are many more examples where that came from.

          That fact that you state this is “old news”, would suggest you already knew the answer to your question and that your statement was feigned.

          Observation on my part.

          • Lisa Marie Alter

            Bob: Honestly, I expected your link to produce a current, “breaking story” that somehow exposed that 100,000’s of people around the country were being paid to take to the streets to protest DJT’s election — which is what his Tweet implies.
            Furthermore, I maintain that the man is truly incapable of “rehabilitation” and unifying behind him will be a fruitless effort; his effort at reconciliation is then followed by this Tweet:
            Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)
            11/11/16, 6:14 AM
            Love the fact that the small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country. We will all come together and be proud!

            Yet another distortion of reality – these are NOT small groups.

            A true attempt at leadership would involve stepping outside of his Ivory – I mean – Trump Tower – apologize and disavow the hateful and divisive rhetoric that he spewed, and build a coalition with local community leaders to encourage dialogue and foster trust — instead of trivializing the people that oppose his philosophies of hate.

            Instead, he continues to seek ways to massage his ego — and placate his supporters.

            Forget it — I don’t need to pretend that I know how DJT should be President — it’s apparent to more than just “small groups” that he doesn’t know either.

            Now, I’ve got to get out and walk my dog cuz she needs to get rid of some crap… literally.

            • Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views. WFB Jr.

            • No doubt all the people protesting the Democratic process are not paid, but it is a fact that the DNC has paid people to protest…and agitate. Remember, your statement was “If such a thing even could exist”.
              It is also a fact that some of the people protesting should pay for the damage they have caused by smashing the windows of businesses and cars etc…oh, and for things like defacing buildings with “Kill Trump” graffiti.

              Maybe this is what happens when people grow up expecting to receive participation trophy’s…

              • “Protesting the democratic process” is, sadly, funny.
                South Korea is protesting against the sitting President today, peacefully, not like drunken rioters unhappy that their team lost the championship game.

  43. I did not vote for HRC but somehow feel the pain of those that did. The HRC campaign fought hard for that in which they believed. I am not one to gloat or belittle the “losers” as some here did. I found the Infowars video to be repugnant and in the sports world it would be characterized as “piling on”. There is simply no need for that. Trump was elected, like it or not. Let’s see if he gets a chance or gets treated as Obama was in his beginning days. Maybe it’s my age but this experience is not news to me. My first Presidential vote was in 1960….I was in the service at the time and couldn’t believe that the country would elect a neophyte to the office. Many of us huddled around the B&W TV in the Officer’s Club were shocked, dismayed and crestfallen…but we got over it. Let’s move on please…let’s bury the vitriol on both sides. [As an aside I don’t think it’s very acurate or nice to be classified as “ignorant” by some on here….should I consider that bullying?]. We all have our reasons for thinking the way we do about politics…those reasons belong to us and should not be ridiculed. In the final analysis we cast our vote…that’s the way it is in America

    • I wouldn’t call JFK a “neophyte.” Although he wads young, he was a Senator and had been a Congressman. If he had lived, I have no doubt that he would have done great things.

      • I wish this site had a “correct” button. That should have been “was,” but I’m sure you all knew that.

        • Hahaha Bobbie — I loved the poetry of “wads” re. youth. As in gathering as much of something as possible to fit in a small space > attempting to experience as much as possible in the fleeting years of youth.

      • Hanne Jeppesen

        JFK was also an avid reader of history, his whole family was very politically oriented (his Grandfather was Mayor of Boston), he had also lived in England during the crucial war years, he had travelled widely and been in the Navy during the war, these experiences a unique perspective and a different world view. Trump experience is mostly in business and the building and TV industry. I’m neither a Trump hater or a Trump supporter, but I’m nervous about how he will handle an international crisis.
        It is well known that JFK’s knowledge of history, his wartime experience, and his intellect was instrumental in how he handled the Cuban Missile Crisis, with the help of his advisors, including his brother Robert. His general was much more gung ho and wanted a more military approach, fortunately cooler head prevailed. I’m afraid Trump is too much of hot head, and might not take a wait and see approach.

        • Lucky, you mean, with the Cuban Missile Crisis; not so lucky (or smart) about the Bay of Pigs.

    • Speaking of JFK: hiring RFK created an ethics problem.
      Will DJT hire any of his kids, or sons/daughter-in-laws? Not sure how far the nepotism policy reaches.

    • Lisa Marie Alter

      Hi Tom,
      It’s me, your neighbor, Lisa,

      First and foremost, I want to say “Thank you” for your service to our nation.
      We owe you and all of our country’s veterans a debt of gratitude.

      Furthermore, I want to say how much I appreciate your thoughtful Comment and sincere attempt to offer some reconciliation to me, and the greater than half of our nation who did NOT vote for Trump.

      I think what you and others might be missing however is that the outrage and horror does not derive from the fact that the Republicans “won” and the Democrats “lost.”

      It’s that President-Elect Trump is an individual who has proven himself again and again – and AGAIN — to be psychologically, emotionally and intellectually, spiritually, verbally, and most of all morally incapable of leading our nation. His constant message of hate, violence, misogyny and xenophobia has sent shockwaves throughout our nation, with deplorable racial attacks taking place since his election.

      And I, for one, do not believe that he is capable of rehabilitation (as evidenced by his childish tweet complaining that the Trump-Is-Not-My-President protests are “unfair,” and once again the “rigged media” is in collusion).

      He demonstrates his lifelong trait of hypocrisy, as he trawls the “swamp” that he swore to “drain,” assembling his transition team.


      And he has yet to release his TAX RETURNS, begging the question why Putin and Russia bathe in champagne, celebrating his victory.

      Tom, I acknowledge that obviously not everyone agrees with me, or he would not be in that position. So, I have no choice but to move on, because I have no choice for another 4 years – and life summons me.

      But will I “sit down and shut up,” as one Commenter insisted on this blog ?

      Not a chance in hell.

    • Patrick Eastin

      I wouldn’t call John Kennedy a neophyte either. He had military experience that was more desirable during that time. He had political experience as a senator. One of John Kennedy’s biggest hurdles was his Catholic background. It’s just a fact that during that period of our country’s history, Americans were concerned that his Roman Catholicism would affect his decision making.

  44. Apparently, Mr. Drumpf is already reneging on some of his campaign promises. The old Bait & Switch. I don’t think his followers will be too happy, but they should have expected it. He’s never been honest.

  45. The issue of the degradation of the Office of President of the United States — with this election of Trump — is really a frightening symptom of our present age. It is really *scary* that so called “conservative” people & so called fundamentalist “Christians” (who btw do NOT follow the teachings of Issa/Jesus) & others — think THIS is an appropriate person to represent the American Presidency. The horses are out of the stable now. Who then will be allowed to fill the office in future — when the bar has been set THIS low.

    • ‘To laugh, to simply shake ones head in wonderment, or to puke….that is the question/’
      You will be shocked to learn that there are a goodly number of US who cannot conceive of the presidency being degraded worse than it has been over the past 8 years.
      Yeah shocking i know, but there ARE other opinions and points of view out there.

      • Thank you Clark’s brother or cousin or son — fighting on the side of injustice. The depth of your agape love for people is astonishing!

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