Not Cool

There’s a noticeable lack of presidential political lawn signs in Westport this fall.

This might be one reason why:


The alert “06880” who sent in this photo — taken this morning on Roseville Road — said: “I keep myself from defacing Trump signs. They need to control themselves too! ;-)”

November 8 can’t come soon enough.

18 responses to “Not Cool

  1. I think we all know the real question here…will that house be sold and torn down in the next month?

  2. A woman in Georgia was having the same problem, so she added a note to her “Hillary” lawn sign saying:
    ” when they go low, we go high…if/when my sign gets stolen or destroyed I will donate $50 to Planned Parenthood”

  3. Chip Stephens

    Why assume a Trump supporter did this?. It is Halloween and mischievous night time of the year.
    Really need add gas to the political fire.? Both candidates seem to be doing it quite well on their own

    • Elizabeth Thibault

      Occam’s razor; just as we’d assume the same of a defacing of a Trump sign…

    • Joyce Barnhart

      It’s interesting that the culprit had a can of spray paint handy. That does raise questions, but Chris, Mischief Night is not until the 30th and there seems to be another, untouched, political sign down the road. Whether that sign is for Trump or somebody else, with only the pro-Hillary sign defaced, it’s natural to assume the politics of painter.

  4. As my best friend Michelle Obama always says “when they go low we go high”

  5. Cape Breton Island is still an option!

  6. Not sure sign destruction is limited to Trump supporters. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed Trump signs near exit 17 one day only to be gone the next day. Maybe state workers were suddenly inspired to enforce the law and picking up the signs at the exits but seemed a bit odd.

  7. I watched a Trump supporter stomp on a Hilary sign and then place the Trump sign right in front of it. I was sitting at the light at North Bulkley and Post Road E. I rolled down my window to tell him he shouldn’t step on any signs. He said he “tripped”. He did not trip. He was driving a pick up truck with a large sign in the back of it that started with “Corrupt Hillary Clinton”. He was very mad. I rolled up my window and moved on. It’s scary how angry people are.

  8. This is quite disturbing . I put up this sign and it was fine for a while .
    Then someone on our road (Northgate) removed it & it was found & replaced !!!! The following day or two I happened to be looking at Dan’s page & see this sign defaced. I didn’t realize it was the same sign & thought ” who would do this childish stunt” . I realized that I had not seen another sign on Roseville . Well it is the same sign that had been taken down & rediscovered ,replaced and now defaced.
    And there it stay to someone’s disgrace !!!

  9. As someone who experienced a few elections in Westport on an up close and personal basis, I am amused by the current hand wringing and sanctimony. During elections, signs are defaced, destroyed and stolen on a regular basis; this is nothing new. What is new is Dan’s choice to highlight the issue in the manner he chose. Usually we get on 06880 a long lament about how the many signs are cluttering up the landscape and how we all hope they will soon be gone. This time, Dan went in a different direction. Curious.

  10. The character driving around town in the white truck with the Hillary sign and the typos (photo in 10/1/2016 post) was spotted in town today. We were having a quiet lunch at an open air/patio restaurant, when he showed up, screaming at us about Bernie Madoff/Hillary/ etc, etc. from the inside of his truck. Kind of annoying but also comical, given the all that’s happening. Does the 1st amendment allow protesters to ruin one’s lunch with such tirades?

  11. Michael Brennecke

    The spray painted sign is right around the corner from me. It really kind of says it all, doesn’t it?

  12. Well the Sneaky, Shameless, won’t show it’s face “Spray Paint” fool did it again to our sign. So I went and got a new list to make more phone calls.
    thank You “Sneaky” for giving me that extra push to do more !!!