Proving Without A Doubt That Donald Trump Is Proud To Have Support From The Uneducated

Seen cruising slowly up and down the Whole Foods parking lot recently:


(Photo/Jane Sherman)

Whether you’re with her or him — and whether you agree with or oppose everything this driver believes — you have to admit:

That last line is a classic.

164 responses to “Proving Without A Doubt That Donald Trump Is Proud To Have Support From The Uneducated

  1. Melissa Ceriale

    Can’t agree that that last line is a classic. Just rude.

  2. Dan, I’m confused. Where does this say anything about supporting Trump?

    • Those are Trumpian talking points.

      • Not sure I quite agree with that Dan. They would be the talking points of any candidate against Hillary, and of anyone supporting that candidate. They have been adopted to some degree by Trump (I think: it’s hard to tell, really), but one can easily agree with these (or most of them) and still oppose Trump.

  3. A.David Wunsch

    The Brits like socialized medicine despite its imperfections.
    Mrs. Thatcher pledged to keep it. The UK life expectancy is longer than ours.
    ADW Staples 1956

  4. I cannot wait until Nov. 9.

  5. This person is a very good judge of character! Also, very good at summarizing his thoughts.

  6. Sandra Johnson

    Someone should at least correct the misspelled word!!!!! Just goes to show that the uneducated or non thinkers don’t know what they are doing!! I just wish the election was over as don’t know if I can stand several more weeks of this – – – -!!

  7. Sharon Paulsen


    You just can’t fix “stupid”.

  8. Apparently Sandra and Edward are the only people who understood that I was referring to the misspelled word in the final bullet point.

  9. Donald loves the uneducated and they love him back.

  10. Armelle Daniels

    Hahahaha… gotta love this masquerade! PEACE of shxxx? Too much, thx for the laugh as always Dan!

  11. Dan, Is this something wrong with people who weren’t fortunate enough to receive an education? Also, where does it state anything about Donald Trump? Maybe I missed something……..

    • These are all Trump talking points. And Trump has said he is proud to have the support of “the uneducated.”

      • Its unfortunate your blog has become political with a very liberal slant. It wasn’t always this bad.

        • It has not “become” very liberal, it has been very liberal from the start. Dan has made no effort to claim otherwise, and he need not. It is his blog; he can take whatever position he chooses. Dan knows his audience.

        • Peter Gambaccini

          You mean “liberal” as in “accurate.”

          • No, I think he meant “liberal” as in STUPID. Stunningly so.

            • Elizabeth Thibault

              We all have our own opinions on political topics, but at least Dan always used proper spelling and grammar. I would also encourage everyone here to keep it cordial, or at least civil. We don’t need to descend into a Hobbesian dystopia quite yet.

            • You got Bruce!

  12. I gotta agree with him but my thought is with 300+ million people on our country these two are the best we could find??!!!?

  13. Hopefully not a Staples grad….

  14. By no means do I support Trump, but some of the smartest, most educated people I know can’t spell 😉

  15. And, ACCURATE.

  16. Typical Liberals.. cherry pick something to prove a point. A person can make a dozen good points and then discredit them because of one typo. What about all the legitimate statements. I don’t give a darn about the typo. When Hillary declared she was going to raise taxes on the Middle Class, did anyone point it out. Or when Obama said he’s visited 53 states and has a few more to go. But let George Bush try to exit State Right and we’ll see him pulling on a locked door, to his right, for years to come.

  17. Yea.. I know it was supposed to say Stage Right… so by all means, discredit everything I said.

  18. Your site your views Dan, but if you’re pursuing that “Trump supporters are generally uneducated” line (albeit deftly), you are trafficking in low-grade swill applicable to either side

    • Jack, I agree with your observation. I thought the headline unfair & could have been more clever. I have a dislike of smut & prefer a balanced critique on either side in order to make qualified decisions.

  19. “Taxing”, indeed.

  20. Michael Calise

    I have been racking my brain all week about new ways to make money.
    Thanks Dan! I am going to design a magic marker with spellcheck!

  21. Bobbie Herman

    The driver has obviously been brainwashed by Limbaugh and Hannity. Fact-checking proved all of those statements wrong. Apparently, the driver doesn´t care about how many people Trump has cheated, stiffed and otherwise deceived over the years.

    • Jerry MacDaid

      “Fact checking proved all,of these statements wrong.” Really? Which set of fact checkers did you check with? The Clinton campaign? Even the Washington Post has concluded that Hillary had lied and been dishonest. For example, her claim that the FBI cleared her. Uh, sorry, no.

      Perhaps she has a lower lie quotient than Trump but what is on the sign is, arguably, not incorrect. To believe otherwise means you’ve obviously been brainwashed by the vast Clinton cover-up machine. Deny, deny, deny then divert the discussion when the truth comes out.

      Tom Reed asked the right question – These two are the best we could find? Something is seriously wrong with the two major political parties and their nominating process.

      • “Find”? The People voted in Trump. Clinton must have “bought” herself in… strange that she faced only one contender.
        True. The process is illuminating.

      • Bart Shuldman

        Jerry-there has never been a better time for a ‘no-vote’ column. How can we start all over without Clinton or Trump?

        • We can’t. One of them will be our next president. That is reality. No “no vote” will make it not so.

          • Bart Shuldman

            Dan. No doubt as scary and disappointing as it seems.

          • Jerry MacDaid

            Unfortunately leaving us with a choice between a clown and a criminal. Which will do the least amount of damage over the next four years?

            Since she is a self proclaimed centrist with little regard for the left wing of her own party (at least when she doesn’t think she is being recorded), much like her husband, she seems more likely to throw campaign positions under the bus and compromise to get things done than the current President. Bizarrely, the clown probably would be more likely to drive more populist positions.

  22. Patrick Eastin

    Nothing new or original in these “talking points”. However, Benghazi murderer was omitted. They have become old and stale, a mantra if you will to loathe and hate by. Finally, after all the time, investigations, hearings and money spent, my hunch is (a facetious one at that) the only provable point or opinion carrying any substance may be the last one …

  23. Charles Halper

    Disgusting-Roe Halper

  24. Well, piece be with you

  25. For better or worse this placement on “06880” saved him a lot of gas and more “eyes on” however you want to classify the message. Better off ignored like most of the noise in the media these days.

  26. Mary Maynard

    The first time he went around the parking “circle” at Fresh Market, he was going against the arrows! And he was an angry dude. mmm

  27. Bart Shuldman

    Dan-what is the definition of uneducated? Is the person illiterate?

    Stats in the US show 1 in 7 adults are illiterate. I would guess every candidate would like to have that demographic support them as that is approximately 32 million adults in the US.

    “A person is functionally literate who can engage in all those activities in which literacy is required for effective functioning of his group and community and also for enabling him to continue to use reading, writing and calculation for his own and the community’s development.”

    The UNESCO definition implies that a functionally literate person possesses a literacy level that equips him or her to flourish in society. A functionally illiterate person, on the other hand, may be able to perform very basic reading and writing, but cannot do so at the level required for many societal activities and jobs.

  28. Susan Iseman

    I have seen this fellow driving around town in the last couple of weeks, in the vicinity of Stop & Shop, Home Goods and Shake Shack (quite close to Westport Democratic Headquarters.) I believe the vehicle has a NY License plate. I don’t know his level of education, but I’m all for the theme of “PEACE.” Even the most degreed folks mess up on spelling and correct grammar. It happens bigly.

    • Werner Liepolt

      Was the driver of this bullet pockmarked beater perhaps a carrot-blond haired 70 year old? Targeting the patrons of Fresh and (next door) Terrain seems more likely to be taunting than expecting to deliver an appealing message to an undecided demographic. No one could be stupid enough to misspell “piece”; this is truly sinister.

      • Wow. What are you talking or reading into? How is he taunting? He is carrying a message that he believes in. That is freedom of speech.

        Whatever happened to accepting differences of opinion? You don’t have to agree with the sign. How is a typo sinister?

        I do agree with Dan that the last line is classic.

        • Werner liepolt

          Classic stupidity

          • Nancy Hunter

            If only there was a more agreeable word than “stupid”.

          • Jerry MacDaid

            So you are calling large swaths of the population of the United Atates (both Democrat and Republican) stupid because they don’t speak or write English the way it is spoken or taught in Westport CT? Interesting.

            • Werner Liepolt

              “Swaths”?! No I’m calling an idiot who drives around in a pick up truck with a public sign that includes “peace of shit” instead of “piece of shit” stupid.

        • I remember some years ago when there was a replica of a big black rat dragged into the Whole Foods parking lot, where this sign was seen. (union vs. non-union position for the food store) The Whole Foods owners/managers had posted signs stating such ‘speech’ wasn’t allowed on their property. I thought that might be the case again with this guy, but it was not to be. He probably just moved on to a different shopping area.

  29. Jerry MacDaid

    “Get A BRAIN, MORANS” was a real classic. This one pales in comparison. Or, for Werner, This one pals in comparison.

    • Werner Liepolt

      You’re the one who is generalizing. I am calling the specific driver and sign composer stupid because in attempting to display his views he displays his inadequacy and makes himself a butt of humor. You’re also inexplicably condescending. What’s up?

      • Jerry MacDaid

        I just want to make sure I understand you correctly. He is only stupid because he drove the sign around? If he had driven the sign around but spelled “piece” correctly, he is not stupid? If he had written the sign as is but left it in his garage and not driven it around, is he stupid or not? If it happens that he has a learning disability that occasionally results in difficulty with homonyms, is he stupid? If it were a pro-PETA or BLM sign with a mis-used word, is he stupid?

        • Werner Liepolt

          So many if’s, Jerry!
          If there is a wacko trolling parking lots with an illiterate sign in the bed of a pickup truck, then I think that’s stupid. What do you think?

          • Jerry MacDaid

            Actually, it’s pretty much exactly what I thought. You think those you disagree with you are stupid or wacko or idiots.

            To Bart’s earlier point, the word stupid coming from an educator is sad.

            • Jerry MacDaid

              Actuall, that may not have been Bart’s point but end conclusion is same.

              • Werner liepolt

                I don’t disagree with anything. I just think driving around parking lots with illiterate signs is stupid. You and Bart are just bullying teacher-baiters… Just so we get that clear. And that makes me think that you are stupid.

                • Jerry MacDaid

                  So just to be clear then, consistent with your response, the answers to my questions are 1) stupid only because he drove around, 2) not stupid if he had used piece instead of peace, 3) not stupid if he had left sign in garage, 4) learning disability – doesn’t matter, stupid if he drove around with sign, 5) person with pro-PETA/BLM sign with mis-used word, stupid (well, maybe only if driving in parking lot and not just standing around). Is that correct?

                  Given the tenor of your initial comments, you might want to rethink who the bully is. Unless you think the definition of bully is anyone that questions you. Which, I believe, would be an incorrect usage of the word. But, then again, I’m stupid so what would I know.

            • Nancy Hunter

              Cruel. Both of you, Jerry and Bart, tend to dismiss those who argue with you. I used to think that it was a joke. No more.
              Go away.

              • Bart Shuldman

                Nancy–go away. Leave.

                Just saying…:

              • Jerry MacDaid

                Seems to me the cruel comment here was Werner dismissing the author of the sign as an idiot and stupid because they happened to confuse piece and peace. The rest is all just trying to clarify if that’s what he really meant as well as give him a chance to withdraw his comment.

                I don’t dismiss him, I merely disagree with branding someone who may incorrectly use a word or two (who among us hasn’t both as students and adults) as an idiot or stupid.

                Thanks for your concern though.

                • No. You simply cannot stand to lose a game, which is what this is.
                  Maybe tomorrow will bring more important issues for you and Bart to ponder.

              • Werner Liepolt

                It’s not BOTH. It’s the same…

                • Bart Shuldman

                  Werner and Nancy

                  With all respect to the many who read 06880 I will refuse to get into a ‘shouting’ match with you. The election is noisy enough.

                  All my best.

                  PS-great Rider Cup this weekend.

            • Bart Shuldman

              Jerry–exactly. Westport schools and our children are better off without an educator who uses the word ‘stupid’.

  30. Dick Lowenstein

    When it comes to lying, Trump trumps it. More pants-on-fire lies than Clinton by an 8 to 1 margin. ( Of course, his biggest lies are probably hidden in his concealed tax returns. Can’t wait for him to be indicted, tried, and convicted.

    BTW, Dan, where is the driver’s license plate number? (Most of the other car creeps get their plate numbers in your blog.)

    • No, Dick, “most of the other car creeps” do NOT get their plate numbers posted. People ask me to do that all the time. These photos are taken by readers, and sent in to me. I can’t control whether their plates are included or not. For this one, it would not have been possible to show both the license plate and the sign.

    • Politifacts is owned by the Tampa Bay Times. The Tampa Bay Times is owned by Tampa Publishing. Tampa Publishing is owned by the Poynter Foundation for Media Studies. The Poynter Foundation is staffed almost exclusively by lefties. NOTHING Politifacts publishes should be believed; it is a servant of its masters.

      • Dick Lowenstein

        I think Westport residents can draw their own conclusions without help from Floridians.

      • Russell Gontar

        Politifacts is a servant of its masters. James Comey serves his master. Guess you have a theme going today.

        Here’s a report from politifacts. Please let us all know which part of this can’t be believed:

        Making the rounds on the Sunday shows, Rudy Giuliani defended Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in the wake of a New York Times story detailing how Trump reported a $916 million loss on his 1995 income tax returns and potentially avoided having to pay income tax for 18 years.

        “This is perfectly legal, and the Times makes that point about 26 paragraphs into the opinion.” Giuliani said on CNN’s State of the Union.

        On Meet the Press, Giuliani made the same point.

        “The New York Times writes this long story, and then somewhere around paragraph 18, they point out there was no wrongdoing.”

        So did the New York Times bury the news that what Trump did was legal?

        No. Here’s the first sentence of the story.

        “Donald J. Trump declared a $916 million loss on his 1995 income tax returns, a tax deduction so substantial it could have allowed him to legally avoid paying any federal income taxes for up to 18 years, records obtained by The New York Times show.”

        • Bart Shuldman

          People raising the argument about taking a loss and spreading it over years better be careful. While I am not standing up for Trump (in no way) the use of setting loses against gains is good for everyone.

          If you bought shares in a company and lost money after selling, you have the right to use that loss to overcome any gain in another stock, regarding your taxes. Everyone can use this in paying your taxes.

          Again, I am not supporting Trump. But I am concerned with the rhetoric regarding tax loss carry forward and how we could all be negatively effected by changing the rule.

          It would help if Trump released his taxes so the all could see how he managed his financial affairs. The press is having fun stretching this story as no facts are known.

          But be careful with what you might be wishing for. The tax law does benefit you as it should.

          • Nancy Hunter

            Clearly, the “Artful Dodger” has benefitted.

            • Jerry MacDaid

              You mean Bill and Hillary? Yes, their tax returns do show that they have taken advantage of this “loophole”. Though, I would also suggest that this is not a “loophole” but a reasonably appropriate provision to deal with valid timing issues.

              • Nancy Hunter

                A loophole is a loophole.
                Do loopholes build bridges?

                • Jerry MacDaid

                  Loophole, per Merriam-Webster dictionary (definition 2): “2: a means of escape; especially : an ambiguity or omission in the text through which the intent of a statute, contract, or obligation may be evaded.”


                  I would submit that the intent of the tax code is to tax someone’s (personal or business) net income rather than gross positive income. So if someone trading stocks makes $1,000 on one trade but loses $500 on a second trade, taxes are only paid on the net gain of $500 rather than solely on the $1000 gains with no offset from losses. Allowing losses to offset gains is deemed to be a societal good by encouraging rather than discouraging “risky” (by definition) investments in businesses (which create jobs, blah, blah, blah). Whether you agree with that or not, that is the intent of offsetting gains and losses. Therefore, by definition, no loophole.

                  Going one step further, the particular provision in question that allows the carryover of losses from one year to offset gains from other years (which is what both Clinton and Trump have done) is consistent with the societal good as noted above with the further perceived societal benefit of not forcing sub-optimal economic decisions to try to create/take gains in the same year as losses as well as recognizing that the timing of both gains and losses can, at times, be a bit serendipitous. To avoid abuse, there are further restrictions on use of certain carryovers to discourage (or minimize impact of) intentional creation of losses. I gather in the case of Trump, he can only use $50MM per year so if he had a $200MM gain the next year, he’d be paying taxes on $150MM of it. Again, intent of the law thus, by definition, not a loophole.

                  By the way, similar provisions exist with respect to carryover of “excess” charitable contribution deductions (which are, like investing in start-ups, deemed to be a “good” thing) which those paragons of “fairness” Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Mark Zuckerberg, among others, avail themselves of. Did you think that all of their contributions weren’t being deducted on their tax returns and were not reducing their ultimate estate tax liability? Again, intent of the law, not a loophole.

                  Sorry, Nancy.

                  • Well then, you have a big problem.

                  • That should read anyone who loses a billion dollars is not to be admired.
                    Sorry for any confusion.

                    • Jerry MacDaid

                      Thanks for the clarification. I was a bit confused by your comment.

                      With respect to your revised comment, it’s not clear who admires him in any of these comments. The man is a clown. But people with lots of money can lose it in big chunks and still have plenty left. Buffet, Gates, Zuck, et al have all lost that much at least on paper in a matter of days, they just chose not to crystallize those losses by selling. They’ve obviously also gained as much but chose not to crystallize the gains by selling either. Talk about a loophole 🙂.

                      By the way, should we admire people that start with a lot less that lose $700,000 at a crack which proportionally is probably about the same if not more?

                  • Bart Shuldman

                    George Soros a major donor to the Clintons lost $1,500,000,000 dollars in 6 months a few years back. That’s with a B. My guess he took the tax deduction until he made enough money to make up for that loss.

                    He is a smart man whose investment went bad. Respected by many, his tax returns probably show the same treatment.

      • Russell Gontar

        Please identify one fact cited by politifacts that is erroneous. One.

        • Bart Shuldman

          As a side note-President Clinton spoke the truth on Monday when he said Obamacare was the craziest thing and how it is killing small businesses and individuals. Way to go BUBBA!!

  31. Rob Bolandian


  32. Gil Ghitelman

    Clearly this chap has an negative opinion of HRC but is it not possible that he merely messed up a couple of pronouns and typos at the end, Maybe, just maybe, he meant “peace to shiites.”

  33. Hanne Jeppesen

    Americans are so scared of socialized medicine. I’m from Denmark and we have socialized medicine, and have had as far back as I remember, (I was born in the forties.) However, since the nineties private insurance companies offered health coverage, which meant you had a choice. To qualify you had to be healthy. Most of my friends and family are using the national health system, but some are not. The big difference between the US and Denmark, is in Denmark EVERYONE has coverage, being it through the state or private insurance, at premiums they can afford. Americans are very big on freedom, as am I, but when you tell Europeans that Americans often find it necessary to stay in jobs they don’t care for just for health insurance, they are appalled, and see that as lack of choice and freedom. I use to own a small business and it is a burden for many businesses to have to provide health coverage for their employees. I’m also a California Life and Health Insurance agent, so I’m not against insurance companies, but even with Obama care the state of health insurance in the US is extremely insufficient.

    • Russell Gontar

      Yes, they’re so scared of socialized medicine. Except for medicare, medicaid and the VA. They like those programs.

      • According to the Trustees for Medicare and Medicaid, they cannot meet their financial obligations.

        • Nancy Hunter

          Perhaps because someone isn’t paying taxes.

        • Russell Gontar

          The 2016 Trustees report says that medicare funds will be depleted in 2028.

          • Yes, and? The obligations extend far beyond 2028.

            • Russell Gontar

              You said they cannot meet their obligations. That is incorrect. According to the trustees report (your preferred source) they can meet their obligations through at least 2028.

              • My statement is correct. The obligations extend beyond 2028. Have you ever read an actuarial report?

                • Russell Gontar

                  First you said “they cannot meet their obligations”. They are meeting their obligations now and as the Trustees report said, they can meet them through 2028. Now you’re shifting “beyond” 2028, whatever that means.

                  • You have never read an actuarial report have you? As YOU pointed out, Medicare will run out of money in 2028. Its obligations do not end in 2028, 0r 2038, or 2048. The stream of obligations extends for more than 50 years.

                    • Russell Gontar

                      Yes, and that obligation could have been met if GOP members in congress hadn’t spend the past 7 years doing everything possible to obstruct POTUS and everything he has accomplished. Fortunately, their days are numbered.

                    • Bruce J Kent

                      You mean POS don’t your rather than POTUS?

                    • Bart Shuldman

                      Russell. Hopefully we will one day have a Washington where people can get in a room and work towards compromise and start to fix our problems. Unfortunately President Obama was not the leader who could gather many together. Just look at his Obamacare to see how divisive it was and now look forward to see its Failings. He led from an extreme progressive position which would never get support from even the center right.

                      I understand he came in with many not willing to support him. But as a leader you deal with the environment you are in and work to bring different opinions together.

                      We have now had 16 years of divisive leadership. Bush was no better. He drove his presidency from a very conservative angle including brining forward the religious right. Not good.

      • Bart Shuldman

        Russell. I talk to some of my European customers and most, who can afford it, buy private health insurance to overcome the issues with their state supplied service. They talk openly about it and also talk about coming to the US if they have a really bad medical

        As for the VA–it is truly sad how we cannot serve our veterans. Government at its worst. Why is it that we do not let them use private doctors and hospitals to overcome the horrible issues and waiting times? Job protection?

        • Nancy Hunter

          Perhaps someone is not paying taxes.

          • The bottom 47% is not paying income taxes.

            • Nancy Hunter

              Which is why the top earners fill the bill… or do they?

            • Bruce J Kent

              Yeah, and the top 10% is only paying 90+% of all taxes…bout time they paid their “fair share!”

              • Bart Shuldman

                Bruce. Get ready for higher taxes in CT. The budget next year is projected to run over $1 BILLION deficit. And the remaining part of this year could run a deficit in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

                After instituting the two highest tax increases in the states history, the budget deficits continue. Get ready.

        • Russell Gontar

          Bart- I am responding to your comment from 10/7 at 12:33pm. The fact of the matter is that while BO was being sworn in, the GOP leadership was literally meeting to resolve to obstruct any and all objectives from the president. Yes, obamacare is impefect but so were social security and medicare when they were first rolled out. That said, 14 million americans now have access to healthcare they didn’t have before it was introduced. HRC wants to continue to amend and improve it, the “otherside” only wants to tear it all down. God help us all.

          • Bart Shuldman

            Russell. I don’t believe BO worked to build
            Relations. But that is my opinion. While I understand there was immediate discourse, a leader had to face it and work to get things done. I feel he wanted everything from a progressive standpoint and that would never work. In fact they were right about Obamacare-you could not keep your doctor-the young never bought into the program and the insurance companies are pulling out. Even Pres Clinton has commented.

            But I have to remain hopeful that Hillary moves to the center like her husband. He had good economic growth and support by the business community. When the economy is growing, it is much easier to get things done.

            Let’s remember BO will leave office without having one year with over 2% GDP growth. Unheard of. After a deep recession you should get a big spike up. Wrong. And the participation rate is till
            In the 60’s so many have still given up.

            But I remain hopeful she becomes something different than how she is running. Sanders got her to go further left but free college is impossible with $19 TRILLION in debt. Get the economy going and
            Job growth back, and she will have more
            Runway to do more.

            Of course JMHO.

          • Bart Shuldman

            Congrats. Hillary just won (follow the breaking news). I pray for 4 years of progress and work to improve our country and the lives of our citizens. I am an optimist and hope we see Washington deciding to put aside their differences and work towards compromise for the benefit of all.

            • Bruce J Kent

              That is a truly nauseating thought…………..

            • Nancy Hunter

              Don’t be so sure. Pollsters have yet to predetermine their results.
              Or, blame Russia. That’s their job.

              • Don’t be sure, wiki leaks just released HRC speechs to Wall Street, open borders, open trade no rules.

                If you don’t like that answer then you have the audio of trump talking on access Hollywood.

                • Bart Shuldman

                  While Hillary will now have to answer to her ‘Bernie’ supporters given the leaked speeches, I would find it hard they would turn their votes over to Trump. He has caused lots damage with woman voters and people like me-who have daughters.

                  This will turn into his defining moment. He is done.

                  The big question will be her ability to build consensus. Get to the center and she will-of course-just my opinion n

                  • Jerry MacDaid

                    Well, the good news is that, like Bill, she appears more than willing to ignore her “public positions” to actually get something done.

                    • Bart Shuldman

                      Jerry. It appears she can get to the middle. If she does and actually starts to talk about it she could get the center right republicans who can no longer vote for Trump.

  34. I waited to take the photo of his sign until I was pretty far away from my own parked car, which has a Hillary bumper sticker, in case he might consider damaging any he didn’t agree with. He stopped to pose for the photo and said that most people agreed with his sign. I wasn’t going to get into a conversation with him, so said nothing. The pickup had a NY license plate.
    Jane Sherman

  35. Bruce J Kent

    Gosh Jane how awful! Someone defaced your car with a Hillary bumper sticker? How embarrassing! I hope you find the culprit (s) as that is an awful thing to do to you.
    There is a place on Post Road towards Fairfield that will remove for a nominal charge.

  36. Sorry Bruce – I love my Hillary bumper sticker.

  37. Just what we needed another forum for people to shout their political points of view without listening to the other side. No way possible for this subject to result in a meaningful dialogue.

    • Dialogue is always meaningful regardless of subject. If one analyzes the thread, a person will learn something. Shutting people up usually results in resentfulness. Perhaps this person’s sign has facilitated people to express themselves which is valuable in these turbulent times

  38. Bart Shuldman

    At 4 am our time tomorrow, news reports have Wikileaks releasing what they say could be a ‘game changer’ regarding our elections.

    Is it Hillary or Trump?

  39. Sharon Paulsen

    Hmmm, well, I’m glad Dan posted this bit about the sign-on-a-truck photo-op. I thought it was fun.

    Me thinks this thread may get a shut down soon? Getting sticky and weird?

    Gonna throw caution to the wind, with a response to M. Petrino (earlier above, in convo with Nancy Hunter):

    Petrino commented: “Comey works for Obama. He found exactly what he was told to find.”

    Me: Comey also worked for the Bush Admin, so perhaps he also found exactly what he was told to find (or NOT find) then … as well. Sauce for the Goose?

    I certainly won’t venture into the “all government/both sides are bad-bad-bad” meme”, because it’s inherently counter productive and based on inherent fears and lack of awareness.

    I will however, research global and domestic history, and any coherent details I can drum up. Open mindedness and research is essential (to me) right now.

    Look at ALL sources, even those you may feel a visceral negative reaction to. Glimpse all sides of the equation (even if you want to vomit while going there), and learn. To know thine “enemy” is to know thyself (or something along those lines). Perception = Projection?

    When humor no longer works in a blog/article such as this, we might question whether we’re all in a bit of psychological trouble.

    Here’s an interesting New Yorker article about Trump’s immigrant heritage (it’s so much fun to learn about how immigrants of all types came to the U.S. in search of a better or different life. Liberty available to everyone. Geez, what a good idea!!)

    And one more info-article from October 1st, which hasn’t been mentioned much on most MSM outlets, because – Hoboken Train Crash!!!!):

    Enjoy, and thanks again Dan for this platform.

    (Nancy, you are fun and funky, eclectic, intellectual and practical -all at once. A most unpredictable commenter here – in a good way).

    • Thank you for making my point. Comey works for his master, no matter who that master may be. I do not consider a New Yorker article to be valid source of information on any topic except the views of those who write for the New Yorker. And the Daily Kos? Really? I guess to each her own.

  40. Russell Gontar

    Last comment was intended for Michael.

  41. Susan Iseman

    AWM Journal?

  42. Have our local politicians running for State Senate and State House all said whether or not they are supporting their party’s Presidential candidates?

    • Bart Shuldman

      Chris. The bigger question is whether our local politicians are for or against the financial crisis in our state and what they propose to do about it. Will Steinberg vote to put the pension plan under the Spending Cap or let it destroy the state? How would Boucher vote? And Gail?

      Forget about national politics-let’s fix our state before more financial issue happen.

      Just heard another major company is leaving the state

  43. Dan
    I’m disappointed. Some of the smartest people I know cannot read
    Spell or write.

    You have some talent but can you rebuild an engine, build a house,
    Write a poem,paint a portrait?