Who You Gonna Call?

I’m pretty sure these kids have never been to a drive-in movie:

(Photo/Seth Schachter)

(Photo/Seth Schachter)

They probably didn’t even know what one was, before today.

But they — and many other Westporters, of all ages — were pumped for our town’s 1st-ever drive-in movie, tonight at Compo Beach.

Homes With Hope and the Westport Cinema Initiative partnered to present “Ghostbusters.”

It’s a fundraiser — and fun.

Something for the boys in the photo to tell their grandchildren about.

4 responses to “Who You Gonna Call?

  1. Deborah Hoft

    Nice, Where did they get the giant inflatable screen?

    Love drive ins. I pass an old deserted one on Route 20 in Massachusetts.. and always think it should be revived. Have fun. And a great movie to present GHOSTBUSTERS , Makes me want to see that one again.

    btw The last drive in I went to in CT was for the showing of Rosemary’s Baby.. in a VW Bug.

    Yep, they hopped in the back seat at the scary parts.

    Kind regards, Deb

  2. How did they set up the sound?
    Remember the speakers you had to put in the drivers window?

  3. The screen was rented. And the sound came through car radios.

  4. Well done WCI- great movie. great weather. great night. Thanks so much for putting this together.