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Saugatuck Bridge Replacement Begins

No, not that one. The Cribari Bridge (aka Bridge Street Bridge) project is still a long way from resolution, let alone beginning.

But over on Saugatuck Shores, the Saugatuck Island bridge is getting a much-needed replacement.

Neighborhood resident Gene Borio sends along a couple of photos.

The new bridge will look like the old one, he says. It will retain its arch — vital for boat owners.

(Photos/Gene Borio)

Power lines must come down while new pilings are put in. Meanwhile, Saugatuck Island residents will run off a giant generator.

The bridge is out until May (at least). Fortunately, there’s an alternate route onto the island: Canal Road.

Unless it’s flooded.

Wondrous Weekend

This weekend has been many things: scary, snowy, white, bright and beautiful.

It also brought out the best in “06880” photographers.

All around town, you’ve been capturing amazing images of this very lovely town.

Here are a few final shots. (Click on or hover over to enlarge.)

Light at the end of the storm. (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

Light at the end of the storm. (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

We think of John Kantor as the sailing school guy. But he loves Longshore in all kinds of weather., as this photo clearly shows. (Photo/John Kantor)

We think of John Kantor as the sailing school guy. But he loves Longshore in all kinds of weather, as this photo clearly shows. (Photo/John Kantor)

Not far from Longshore, Saugatuck Shores' Canal Beach looks equally lovely. (Photo/Gene Borio)

Not far from Longshore, Saugatuck Shores’ Canal Beach looked equally lovely. (Photo/Gene Borio)

There were ducks galore on Saugatuck Shores...

Enjoying the water of Saugatuck Shores…

...and one lone guy in the air. (Photos/Gene Borio)

…and one lone guy in the air. (Photos/Gene Borio)

The sun set colorfully over downtown. (Photo/Michael Baltierra)

Red sky at night: good news, right? (Photo/Michael Baltierra)

A special nighttime view of the Post Road, looking east. (Photo/Betsy P. Kahn)

A colorful nighttime view of the Post Road, looking east. (Photo/Betsy P. Kahn)

A Sherwood Island Weekend

Most summer weekends, Sherwood Island is packed. Chances are there’s not one Westporter among the thousands of out-of-towners (and out-of-staters) enjoying the vast, beautiful park.

Winters are different. Now it’s our turn.

As popular as Compo is, savvy Westporters know that Sherwood Island is a great place to walk, run, or just enjoy a wonderful view.

Alert “06880” reader Gene Borio was there this weekend. Here’s what he saw:

Sherwood Island - 1a - Gene Borio

Sherwood Island - 1 - Gene Borio

Sherwood Island - 2 - Gene Borio

Sherwood Island - 3 - Gene Borio

(Photos/Gene Borio)

(Photos/Gene Borio)

Happy New Year From Canal Beach

Canal is not as well known as Westport’s other beaches — Compo, Old Mill and Burying Hill.

But the view from Saugatuck Shores — captured here today by nearby resident Gene Borio — proves that it is just as beautiful as anywhere else in town.

(Photo/Gene Borio)

Click or hover over to enlarge. (Photo/Gene Borio)

And So It Goes

The post-Mario’s era begins:

(Photo/Gene Borio)

(Photo/Gene Borio)

Gene Borio: Our State Reps Really Listen

It was not the most glamorous event last week.

But Thursday’s “city hall” meeting with our state legislators at Town Hall drew about 30 Westporters.

Alert “06880” reader Gene Borio was there. And although the subject matter was dry — the budget, transportation, infrastructure — the 3 politicians were very impressive.

State senator Toni Boucher, and representatives Gail Lavielle and Jonathan Steinberg (Tony Hwang was working late in Hartford) addressed many tough issues with “equanimity, intelligence and perspicacity,” Gene says.

Also: bipartisanship.

There was no rancor or petty sniping between the 2 Republicans and 1 Democrat.

The setting was utilitarian, as Gail Lavielle, Jonathan Steinberg and Toni Boucher addressed important local issues with honesty and intelligence. (Photo/Gene Borio)

The setting was utilitarian, as Gail Lavielle, Jonathan Steinberg and Toni Boucher addressed important local issues with honesty and intelligence. (Photo/Gene Borio)

As the legislature balances Connecticut’s deficit, current and future needs, and the necessity for new funding sources, the intelligent discussion covered topics like our tax burden, loss of jobs and residents, Metro-North, and possible tolls.

The panel strongly critiqued a proposed bill that would create an entity — the Connecticut Transit Corridor Development Authority — empowered to encourage business development within a 1/2-mile radius of rail or bus transit stations. Westport alert: It would have little local oversight — and even worse, would have the power of eminent domain.

On affordable housing, the representatives gave kudos to Westport for addressing the issue years ago.

blog - CT sealThe legislators emphasized their support for environmental groups, Sherwood Island and the Westport Library. They heard — and were moved by — heart-felt stories about what happens when people served by the Department of Developmental Services (and their caregivers) grow old.

Afterwards, there was a friendly meet-and-greet. Gene says that one rep noted how gratifying it is to come to Westport, with its intelligent, informed and engaged citizens.

Of course, Gene notes, “we elected them. We’re pretty fortune to have these no-nonsense politicians, who clearly and truly serve in a tough job.”

That’s Hartford. I’ve said the same thing before, about Westport’s public servants.

Washington: Are you listening?

The View From Canal Road

Sure, the weather has been cold and icy for weeks. But there’s a certain beauty in all that cold and ice — if you know where to look.

Gene Borio does. Here are 3 very cool views, from his perch on Saugatuck Shores.

The Saugatuck River, looking toward Westport.

The Saugatuck River, looking toward Westport.

Long Island Sound. In the distance: the ice-encrusted lighthouse, and Research Island.

Long Island Sound. In the distance: the ice-encrusted lighthouse.

"No Diving No Jumping." No kidding. (Photos/Gene Borio)

“No Diving No Jumping.” No kidding. (Photos/Gene Borio)

Red Sky At Night…

On Sunday, “06880” heralded the arrival of the Blizzard of Even Before The Universe Was Created with a photo headlined: “Red Sky At Morning…

48 hours later we are pleased to post this shot, by alert reader Gene Borio. He took it at dusk, by Canal Beach on Saugatuck Shores.

Canal Park - Gene Borio - January 27, 2015

Looks like some nice weather ahead!

Gretel Hartmann Is Back

The good news is: Gretel Hartmann’s bench is back on Canal Beach.

Alert “06880” reader Gene Borio reports that Saugatuck Shores residents thought Hurricane Sandy swept it away forever. But there it is, right where it was before the storm 2 years ago.

Gretel Hartmann bench 1

The interesting news is: Gene and his neighbors don’t know how it got there.
“Apparently someone salvaged it from the massive destruction, and now restored it,” he says. “It’s a little worse for wear, but it’s in its proper place on in the sand.”

The bad news is: He doesn’t know who Gretel Hartmann was. The bench was there for about 10 years before Sandy, Gene says.

Gretel Hartmann bench 2

If any “06880” readers have info on Gretel, let’s give her — and her bench — some due. Click “Comments” to share.

No Safe Harbor On Saugatuck Shores

Saugatuck Shores was on the agenda at a recent board of selectmen meeting. They considered 2 petitions: one for speed bumps on Harbor Road, the other against.

Alert “06880” reader Gene Borio doesn’t have a horse in that race. He lives on Canal Road, a 600-yard straightaway. That’s where he’d like to see speed bumps. Or at least a speed-activated sign (which residents have requested, to no avail).

But Gene has another issue with Harbor Road: the new sea wall. In his opinion, it’s waaaay too close to the road. Strolling, jogging, biking, dog-walking — all are now life-in-your-hands situations.

In just half an hour the other day, he saw:

Harbor Road 1

Harbor Road 3

Harbor Road 2

While Gene was taking these photos, a contractor asked what he was shooting.

“The beautiful view, of course,” Gene said.

“And the sea wall. I think it’s too close to the road.”

“Yeah!” the contractor replied. “Why couldn’t they have moved it back 3 feet?!”

Gene thinks that would be tough. But, he says, 1 1/2 to 2 feet could be doable.

As for the traffic photos: “There’s a lot worse than this going on every day,” he says.

Like this shot:

Harbor Road 4

There are no cars nearby — but there could be.

And that’s without speed bumps.