A Sherwood Island Weekend

Most summer weekends, Sherwood Island is packed. Chances are there’s not one Westporter among the thousands of out-of-towners (and out-of-staters) enjoying the vast, beautiful park.

Winters are different. Now it’s our turn.

As popular as Compo is, savvy Westporters know that Sherwood Island is a great place to walk, run, or just enjoy a wonderful view.

Alert “06880” reader Gene Borio was there this weekend. Here’s what he saw:

Sherwood Island - 1a - Gene Borio

Sherwood Island - 1 - Gene Borio

Sherwood Island - 2 - Gene Borio

Sherwood Island - 3 - Gene Borio

(Photos/Gene Borio)

(Photos/Gene Borio)

7 responses to “A Sherwood Island Weekend

  1. We just put an 18 hole disc golf course at Sherwood. It’s a beautiful park. Free in the off season!

  2. and I believe Sherwood Island is still free all year round for anyone over 60. I’ve been carrying a “Charter Oak Pass” in my wallet for years – I got it at Sherwood Island.

  3. Love the third photo in particular and I wholeheartedly agree that Sherwood Island is a beautiful spot that is absolutely worth visiting in the off-season.

  4. I now live in Trumbull and athough I grew up in Westport I am unable to enjoy Westport beaches until late into the Fall…BTW LONG after ALL other towns have relaxed beach access! I cant even fish at Compo beach at 3 a.m. when the beach is empty…. Westport is the STINGIEST local town when it comes to sharing this natural resource.

  5. Greenwich beats Westport in stingy access – mid-April to mid-November are off limits. Sherwood Island is a birders’ mecca, and an invigorating place to get a 45 minute brisk walk year-round. I also use a Charter Oak pass, thank you, Connecticut! I lived in Westport 15 years, and visited Sherwood Island only once or twice a year with my four children. Now that I live in Norwalk, I appreciate the park once or twice a month.

  6. Dan, thank you for the reminder. Sherwood is there all year and I forget about it. Will walk there TODAY!!! mmm

  7. Except it was too cold. mmm