Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #55

Last week’s photo challenge was not much of one.

From the moment the image of a waterfall was posted, correct answers cascaded in.

Susan Shuldman, Diane Silfen, Rich Stein, Tom Ryan, Marcella Lozyniak, Hallie Stevens, Ann Moore, Gerald Romano, Bruce Kent, James Weisz, Virginia Clark, Robert Swift, Gary Singer, Jill Turner Odice, Eva Toft, Tor Sporre, Morley Boyd, LuAnn Giunta, Tom Wall, Claire Ford and Jill Nash (of course) von Schmidt all knew it was the dam at Nash’s Pond, visible from Kings Highway North.

Also, apparently, from the Great American Toy Company.

“Anyone ever shopping for a playground set there would know that,” sniffed Seth Schachter.

Well, I never have. So excuse me.

To see last week’s photo challenge (and comments), click here.

Now on to this week’s shot:

Oh my 06880 - January 17, 2016

It don’t take no Einstein to figure out this is the Taylortown Salt Marsh.

But where is it located? (No Googling!)

Bonus questions:

  • Who was Taylor?
  • And when was this section of Westport called Taylortown?

Click “Comments” below to show off your knowledge reply.

24 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #55

  1. Michael Calise

    canal road

  2. Michael Calise

    oops! canal st.

  3. Michael Calise

    at its intersection with kings highway north

  4. This is over by Glen denning on 57 near Lyons plains rd

  5. Intersection of Wilton Rd and Kings Highway North along the Saugatuck River.

  6. Named after LT John Tayor?

  7. Seth Schachter

    I do think this is on Canal Street near Kings Highway intersection. As for the name– Could the name ‘Taylor’ refer to Theodore Taylor — someone who was around during the early 1800’s and had a house on/around the west bank of the Saugatuck River close by ????.

  8. Virginia Tienken

    In the marsh across from The Willows on Kings hwy. Could be Taylor be a Gault relative?

  9. Jacques Voris

    I will admit I don’t know where this is located, but I will share this:
    At one time “Taylor” was the second most common surname in Westport. For the 1850 census there were 108 people named Taylor in town, which was 4.07% of the total population of 2651. The only larger family were the Allen family at 118/4.45%. Rounding out the top ten were: Jennings 72/2.72%, Sherwood 60/2.26%, Bennett 57/2.15%, Mills 55/2.07%, Smith 53/2.00%, Coley 50/1.89%, Nash 41/1.55%, and Meeker 39/1.47%

  10. Robert Mitchell

    The Taylors owned property and houses in Greens Farms on Morningside Drivee and Turkey Hill Road South. That could have been Taylortown. The Salt Marsh must be near the Sound.

  11. Canal Street, not far from the Willows.

    Note the battle for this preserve was an early project that led to the establishment of the Aspectuck Land Trust.


    Today this preserve is threatened yet again with a 48 unit affordable housing project on the adjoining property at the corner of Kings Highway North and Wilton Road.


    The Taylortown Salt Marsh battle was largely won on the basis of traffic and congestion, since wetland preservation statutes were not in place at the time. Has anyone noticed the traffic is now LESS at the corner of Wilton Road and Kings Highway North?? The affordable housing regulation is being used by developers to bust our zones and insert projects of unreasonable scale.

    Anyone concerned about the impact of this project please show up at the P&Z meeting this week.

    Art Schoeller
    Greens Farms Association

  12. Bobbie Herman

    The southeast corner of Kings Highway and Wilton Road, across from Fort Apache. There’s a Taylor Lane off Clapboard Hill Road between Maple Avenue South and Turkey Hill Road South. I wonder if it’s the same family.

  13. Across from Fort Apache/Willows corner of Kings Highway and RT 33.
    Taylortown may go back to the time of the huge sailing ships. Taylortown could be named after a ship captain. Captain Taylor.
    Fort Apache is a nickname for the complex I wonder what was there before it was built.

    (I think building a 6 story 48 unit apartment complex is not a wise idea for that corner- too much and to big. 6 stories is a mini skyscraper. Personally, I think it should left alone but if someone wishes to build. I can see a house or maybe a 2 family duplex)

  14. Sharon Paulsen

    Sherwood Island area? Greens Farms-ish? Or, closer to Burying Hill?

  15. It is indeed the wetlands area diagonally across from “Fort Apache” (is the medical complex still called that?), on Kings Highway North (no longer Canal Street), near the Wilton Road intersection.

    I am impressed that Jacques Voris did NOT know this. But, of course, I am indebted to him for his 1850 Westport census info. And thanks too to Art Schoeller for his back story on the Aspetuck Land Trust.

    • Jacques Voris

      “The eighteenth-century village encompassed by the district was first known as Taylortown for the many members of that family who settled there. One early site remains that is identified with this family: the 1730 house built by John Taylor in the center of the district at 1 Old Hill Road. Seth Taylor established the drill ground for the local militia near the end of the French and Indian War, which remained in use until after the Mexican War. Daniel Freelove Nash, a member of another family prominent in the district throughout its history, built his house about 1736 (41 Kings Highway North). It is said that it once served as a public house, or tavern. Another key family from the settlement period was the Wrights. Although extensively remodeled, part of the house at 40 Kings Highway North was built by Dennis Wright by the 1740s, and a later Colonial was constructed for his son, Obediah, which remained in the family until at least 1865 (78 Kings Highway North).”

  16. Canal St/33 intersection. Right opposite Fort Apache (Willows MD offices)

    • Sharon Paulsen

      Hmmm, I’m second guessing myself now. I thought it could be near the Sherwood Island area, but so many here are guessing the Kings Highway/Fort Apache intersection.
      I’m forgetting how the Aspectuck Valley waterways run.
      I lived off Old Hill Road for most of my life, and maybe I should know better, LOL!

  17. Joanne Koeller

    Wendy, before Fort Apache was built there was a private girls’ school on the site. I don’t remember the name of it or if it was a boarding school or just day students. Dan, do you remember? It was a rambling old building.

  18. The Taylortown Salt Marsh is located at the corner of Kings Hwy N and Wilton Rd. Aspetuck Land Trust has been restoring this property by removing invasive Phragmites which has taken over Taylortown and the surrounding marsh. Learn more: http://aspetucklandtrust.org/view/18263
    Taylortown Salt Marsh is next to 122 Wilton Rd which is under threat from development by a developer who proposes to develop the property using the provisions of Connecticut’s low income housing statute, 8-30g, which will allow it to override all local rules and regulations except those related to the environment or safety. Aspetuck Land Trust opposes this development and we ask all Westporters to attend the public hearing at 7 PM on Thursday Jan 21 in Westport’s Town Hall to speak out against it. Aspetuck Land Trust was born through a successful battle to save this same marsh from development in the 1960’s by our founder, Westporter Barlow Cutler Wotton and we will do everything we can to protect it from this ill conceived development.
    David Brant
    Executive Director, Aspetuck Land Trust

  19. There are many Aspetuck Land Trusts in Westport, however not many have water next to them.
    So, guessing this trust is along the northern banks of the Saugatuck River, in the area of Glendennig or for us older Westporters Dorr- Oliver