Red Sky At Night…

On Sunday, “06880” heralded the arrival of the Blizzard of Even Before The Universe Was Created with a photo headlined: “Red Sky At Morning…

48 hours later we are pleased to post this shot, by alert reader Gene Borio. He took it at dusk, by Canal Beach on Saugatuck Shores.

Canal Park - Gene Borio - January 27, 2015

Looks like some nice weather ahead!

7 responses to “Red Sky At Night…

  1. Beautiful!

  2. Delightful!
    If a book of Westport photos (Betsy Kahn, Fred Cantor, and now Gene Borio) is ever published, please let me know.

    Signing off.

  3. So beautiful! Wow!

  4. January Stewart

    Great shot!

  5. I counted 10 “06880” posts in one day….must be a record?
    …and some great pics along the way!

  6. Good idea, Nancy! And let’s not forget Dan’s entry on Jimmy Izzo’s haunting, almost abstract “Red Sky At Morning…”