The Two Oh Three Gives Back — On 2/03

Tory Brown grew up in Westport. But the 2009 Staples grad never appreciated her hometown until she headed to Ohio for college. She loved it there — but she longed for the water, and the flexibility of “living in the 203.”

She missed snowboarding in Vermont and the beaches of Cape Cod. She missed New York City, Compo, bagel shops and eating seafood caught the same day.

Her brother Roscoe graduated from Staples last spring. Talking with Tory, he realized he too had taken a lot for granted: paddle-boarding after school, cliff-jumping at Devil’s Den, apple-picking at Silverman’s, and feeling comfortable anywhere in town.

“Everything I’m passionate about, I owe to being raised here,” he says.

Over a year ago, the siblings had an idea. They’d create a lifestyle brand to unite all the towns that make up “the 203.” (That’s our area code. Duh.)

With shirts and windbreakers, Two Oh Three apparel says there's no place like "home."

Two Oh Three’s shirts and windbreakers say there’s no place like “home.”

Together, they created a cool-looking line of clothes — quarter zips, short- and long-sleeve tees, windbreakers and shirts — all with the “203” logo.

But that’s not what this “06880” post is about.

Part of Tory and Roscoe’s mission is to make this entire area “an even better place than it already is.” They planned beach cleanups and town beautification days during the summer.

Now, The Two Oh Three is gearing up for 2/03. (That’s February 3. Duh.)

At 6:30 p.m. they’ll gather on Jesup Green. Together with volunteers (that’s you!), they’ll deliver hand-knitted gloves to folks who need them. Afterward, they’ll walk over to the Gillespie Center to distribute donated food.

Two Oh Three’s 2/03 Community Day caps off a month of giving. Throughout January, Tory and Roscoe encouraged the brand’s fans to tag them on social media. Anyone who tweeted about picking up trash got $1 off their next order. Anyone posting 10 different acts of kindness won a limited-edition “203 Community Day” t-shirt.

Clearly, 203 is batting 1.000.

(For more information — or to get involved — click on the “203 Community Day” website.)

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5 responses to “The Two Oh Three Gives Back — On 2/03

  1. Edward Gerber

    Seafood caught that day ? I guess you have to catch it yourself !

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  2. The Brown’s Rock. Great give back to 203 !!!

  3. Like parents, like kids! It’s in their blood to give back! Building a business and community! Great job Tory and Roscoe! See you on 2/03!

  4. Fills the heart.

  5. Jeff Wieser, President, Homes with Hope

    The Gillespie Center is filled, with all three couches and an extra floor mat in use during this worst part of the winter. Thank you to “The 203” for thinking of those who need to be thought of!