A Last Look Back At A Pretty Nice Day

Considering what could have been, today was not bad at all.

Like many families, the Shuldmans spent the morning quietly, at home. 15-year-old Avery saw this view outside, and captured it beautifully:

Deer - Avery Shuldman

When the roads were cleared — and how about a great hand for Westport’s Public Works Department! — Bart and Sue headed out to see how Compo fared.

It doesn’t get more Westport than this:

Compo Beach - Bart Shuldman

(Photos/Bart Shuldman)

(Photos/Bart Shuldman)

5 responses to “A Last Look Back At A Pretty Nice Day

  1. Sharon Paulsen

    Ah, perfect!!

  2. Nice.

  3. thanks for posting these nostalgic photos – I miss Westport, as I grew up there, so I have many good memories & these photos touched my heart.

  4. Wanda Tedesco


  5. yes, always yes for Public Works work. You should hear the comments from out-of-towners: “your roads are so much better than ours.”