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Elvira Mae’s, Anthropologie Have #Reason4Freezin

Elvira Mae’s opened last week. It took exactly that long for them to jump into their first great help-a-community-member fundraiser.

Lisa Laudico is a Westporter with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. She’s fighting the disease — and fighting to help others. With the Southport-based Cancer Couch Foundation, she co-founded the #Reason4FreezinMBC social media challenge.

It’s simple: Video yourself eating anything cold hands-free. Nominate 4 people, and donate to MBC research. 100% of all proceeds go to researchers at Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York, and Dana Farber in Boston.

Lisa Laudico

The campaign launched earlier this month on the “Today Show.” Al Roker — and Westport’s own Craig Melvin — challenged other celebrities. Among them: Westporter Jane Green, who nominated Elin Hildebrand and Robin Roberts.

That’s where Elvira Mae’s comes in.

Today (Saturday, July 13, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.), volunteers will sit outside the Old Mill deli. They’ll hand out flyers, and offer to video anyone doing the challenge. Elvira Mae’s is donating a portion of all ice cream sales to the campaign.

Anhtropologie is helping too. Volunteers will be outside the Church Lane store, doing the same. They’ll hand out popsicles too.

There’s no solicitation of money or checks. Donations can be texted (“freezembc”) to 44321.

Elvira Mae’s and Anthropologie picked a great day to help. This weekend, a challenge grant — in Lisa’s honor — means that every dollar raised becomes $4.

See you at Elvira Mae’s. Or Anthropologie.

Or both.

Pics Of The Day #811

Elvira Mae’s opened officially today. The Old Mill deli owner, Betsy Kravitz, has thought of everything — including new umbrellas with this summer-y design inside.

Nearby resident John McGrath and his son were early customers on opening day …

… and so were these happy Westport girls. (Photos/Dan Woog)

Elvira Mae’s Opens: The Sequel

Lost in all the excitement of yesterday’s fireworks was a celebration of a different kind: the return of a deli that doubles as a community center.

Elvira Mae’s — the new incarnation of the long-loved Elvira’s — had been all set to open. Owners Betsy and Hal Kravitz were shooting for before the fireworks.

Once the final piece was in place — a new grease trap (“not that we’ll have much grease,” Betsy notes) — the CO was issued.

At 3:05 yesterday afternoon, the first ice cream cone was handed through the new window.

And quickly devoured.

The ice cream window is an instant hit. (Photo/Robin Tauck)

Betsy proved her local love by giving free food to everyone working for the fireworks (plus Tootsie Rolls to the kids).

Elvira Mae’s will be closed tomorrow, for finishing touches on the interior. But it will open for real Saturday morning at 7. The breakfast menu includes coffee (with a full espresso machine), hot and cold drinks, bagels, pastries, eggs, smoothies and yogurt.

And yes: The egg sandwich will taste exactly the same as before. Elvira’s cook returns to Elvira Mae’s.

Owner Betsy Kravitz, with her gleaming new espresso machine.

House accounts return too. Someone just plunked down $100 for the first one.

The deli will be open till 4, serving sandwiches and other fresh food — all made to order, on the grill.

The ice cream window — already a favorite — is open until 9 p.m.

Betsy has not missed a trick. Just above the candy in the back, the wall sports all those kids’ photos that for years sat under the front counter glass. There are pictures too of Stacy, Niki and the rest of the original Elvira’s owners.

Candy and kids’ photos ..

Plus a (non-working) pay phone. It’s an homage to decades ago, when the market had the only phone around. When the phone rang the owner walked outside, yelled someone’s name, then waited for that person to walk over and take the call.

… and the original owners’ photos, alongside the (non-working) pay phone.

In the new Elvira Mae’s, Betsy and Hal’s relatives all pitch in. They believe in her mission: to make everyone feel welcome.

As anyone who’s been to Elvira Mae’s can attest: She already has.

A classic scene returns, updated. (Photo/Fred Cantor)