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Stop The Presses! Bikers Stop At Stop Sign!

“Drivers never give us any room!” Westport bicyclists complain.

“You never stop at stop signs!” motorists counter.

It’s not fair to paint either group with a broad brush.

Here’s proof — at least for one side.

This afternoon, a group of riders stopped at the Hillspoint Road sign by Elvira Mae’s.

And — just to show that’s how they roll — they sent a smiling selfie to “06880.”

(Photo/Gary Julien)

2 Questions

An alert “06880” reader sent along 2 questions. Though not related, both are interesting. She wants answers, so click “Comments” to reply. Let the games begin.

Westport is a “bicycle friendly town” (or something like that). But these cyclists are not so friendly. I got yelled at yesterday by an old geezer in bike regalia on Hillspoint who said, “why don’t you learn how to drive a car?” after I stopped at a stop sign before driving — very, very slowly — through a large break in the middle of a group of bikers.  It just struck me as funny.What are the actual rules for cyclists? Are they supposed to stop at stop signs?

Also, I wonder why Westport allows door-to-door solicitors. The magazine sellers arrive in the spring and, as a person who works from home, I find it alarming to have someone knock really hard at my door in the middle of the day. I believe that solicitors are not allowed in Norwalk (because a solicitor was cuffed by a police officer in front of my house 2 springs ago for violating the “no soliciting” law in Norwalk.)

Anyway, just 2 things I’ve been wondering about. Thank you!