And In Today’s Starter Home News…

The stock market is headed for its worst December since 1931.

But in Westport, there’s a house on the market for $20 million.

At 5,206 square feet, with 4 bedrooms, 4 full and 3 partial baths and a 3-car garage on 1.48 acres, it doesn’t sound too different from many Westport homes worth about $18 million less.

Plus, this is right on a main road. There’s a ton of traffic — especially in summer.

Then again, that’s one of the attractions. This is the house everyone gawks at.

It’s the only one on the south side of Hillspoint Road between Soundview Drive and Old Mill Beach.

(Photo copyright SmartMLS)

In real estate-speak, 261 Hillspoint Road offers

total privacy – and the most stunning, varied and interesting water views one could ever hope to find….This important property is the most truly unique waterfront estate at coveted Compo Beach. This premier neighborhood is one of the most highly-desired coastal communities in the Northeast.

There are “mesmerizing views of the water…..all but two rooms open to vast waterside decks and balconies.” Plus a private beach, a pool, pool house and outdoor kitchen.

So the hell with the market. You only live once. Go for it!

(Hat tip: Rosemary Milligan)

21 responses to “And In Today’s Starter Home News…

  1. While the price seems far fetched — there are bigger houses on better properties in Beachside for much less money — the ownership of the house is more interesting. It belonged to the late Van Bernhard, son of Arnold Bernhard, builder of Value Line, Inc.

  2. Nothing against the very nice Bernhard family whatsoever. However, their Realtor should perhaps consider adjusting this phrase: “the most truly unique”. The term “unique” is, by definition, an absolute. Thus, there are no degrees of uniqueness.

    • You is correct, Morley. But maybe, in today’s world of fake news, etc., there might be degrees of unique……..almost unique; nearly unique; truly unique; indeed unique; better than unique; ain’t nothing as unique as this; and so on!
      Happy Next Year,
      Wally Woods

  3. I think this is the house that flies the Texas state flag.

  4. Jill Turner Odice

    I remember camping out on the slab of concrete that was there for years…Tons of mosquitoes!!! Who knew back then that it was worth that much!

  5. Fantastic opportunity for the Town to purchase this property and DOZE IT to return the view to all Westporters 😂

    • Tom – Like they should have done at the Cafe de La Plage/Positano property – for far less $$$!!

    • Will the next step be for the town to buy all of Norwalk, bulldoze it and then reconstruct it to Westport standards?

  6. Sheila Reardon

    Years ago this was the boathouse for Nancy Black’s house. In the background you can see the lawn or her ‘mansion’, It was quite a place!
    Chock full of Nuts coffee $$.

  7. Years ago this was known as the “4-million dollar house.” I believe it was built for someone else before Van Bernhard lived there. I knew Van.

  8. Peter, yes, this house was built by Sandy Rogers in the 1970s (which I just confirmed with my mom). She and Sandy were on the same bowling team. My mom remembers that it was a real labor of love for Sandy—she was very excited to live on that point.

  9. I was lucky enough to photograph the family a few times and was in total awe of the property and the views that they had. The Bernhard’s were really sweet people and to hear the Mrs call to her Van was very sweet……

  10. Bill Boyd... Staples 66

    There was an abandoned beach/boat house on the point in the early 60s…we would sail our boats there and hang out…beautiful memories of a simpler time.

  11. No, that was the servants’ quarters or guest house, I think. But it’s in the similar style as the original house, with the red-tiled roof.

  12. Nancie Rinaldi

    Is the original Schlaet house still there? If so, is it the salmon color stucco house with the tile roof across the street?