Pics Of The Day #811

Elvira Mae’s opened officially today. The Old Mill deli owner, Betsy Kravitz, has thought of everything — including new umbrellas with this summer-y design inside.

Nearby resident John McGrath and his son were early customers on opening day …

… and so were these happy Westport girls. (Photos/Dan Woog)

3 responses to “Pics Of The Day #811

  1. Sharon Paulsen

    Dan, great photo/journalism here!

    I’ve been lurking/following all of your posts regarding the re-opening of this spot, the history of this spot, the possible demise of this spot, and then the re-awakening of this spot.

    The entire coverage has been interesting, and thought provoking.

    I remember my Dad taking me to that very spot, back in the 70’s, and there was always this “very old and grimy guy” sitting behind the counter … hey, I was really young, so that’s what my “memory” locked in at that age.

    The 70’s was a kind of a weird mix of grimy, come to think of it.

    Boy, we’ve all come a long way, baby.

    Or, maybe not so much? Anyone agree with me that the serious shit is really hitting the fan now, and nostalgia may not matter much anymore? Just asking. Because, scary!

    Anyway, thanks Dan. Wonderful topic to cover, in and of itself.

    • Thanks, Sharon. The importance of a neighborhood place like this far outweighs its size. It’s a bit of “old” Westport in an ever-changing town!

  2. Sharon Paulsen

    So true!

    I think it’s wonderful that these new owners kept this “mom ‘n pop” shop alive for another generation to enjoy.