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Pic Of The Day #980

Thanks for shopping with us — in the back lot of Compo Shopping Center (Photo/Lynn Untermeyer Miller)

Good News! No More “Drive-Thrus” At Compo Shopping Center

One of Westport’s oddest traditions — drivers plowing through the storefronts of Compo Shopping Center’s bank, delicatessen and retail stores — is ending.

Last night, alert “06880” reader Jeff Gray spotted workers placing bollards up and down the sidewalk.

(Photo/Jeff Gray)

Here’s another view, shot this morning by Amy Schneider:

(Photo/Amy Schneider)

Now Westporters can enjoy a safe Labor Day weekend — and every other day too.

Our Long Wait For United Bank Is Over

Patriot Bank recently relocated, from the South Compo end of Compo Acres Shopping Center. It’s now across the street near Gold’s, giving new meaning to the words “drive-thru banking.”

But fear not! Westport’s motto — “A Bank in Every Strip Mall — is still true. United Bank opens soon next to Jersey Mike’s — just a few doors down from the old Patriot Bank site.

(Photo/Molly Alger)

Which raises 2 important questions:

  • What’s the difference between this “United Bank” and “People’s United Bank,” which (surprise!) is also across the street (corner of Post Road and North Compo)?
  • When did Compo Acres Shopping Center change its name — dating back to the 1950s — to the bland-as-United Bank-sounding “Regency Centers”?

Crashing The 4th

Sure, it’s a holiday.

But there’s seldom a day off from drivers plowing into a Compo Shopping Center storefront.

This was the scene earlier this morning:

(Photo/Amy Schneider)

Have a safe and happy 4th. Be careful out there!

Be Careful Out There

There’s something about the Compo Shopping Center parking lot.

With scary regularity, cars plow into storefronts there.

This afternoon, it was Little Kitchen.

Fortunately, no one yet has been seriously hurt.

(Photo/Nancy Eckl)

[UPDATE] Banking On Fitness

[UPDATE] Apparently — based on comments from readers below — this is not an actual Equinox gym. Rather, it’s a sales location, for people interested in signing up for the new Southport site. Thanks for setting us straight!

For years, Westporters have joked about the presence of banks on 3 of the 4 corners at the Post Road/Compo Road intersection. (The only reason it’s not 4 is Winslow Park.)

But Patriot Bank recently moved across the street, near Gold’s.

Moving into its old space — which before the bank was Sam Goody, and long before that, Franklin Simon — is Equinox.

This will be the 4th Connecticut location for the high-end, Manhattan-based gym. The others are in Southport, Darien and Greenwich.

So now that it’s just a few fast steps from SoulCycle, we can make jokes about how many fitness centers there are in Compo Acres Shopping Center.

The new Equinox, in the old Patriot Bank. (Photo and hat tip: Alex Sherman)

Best Worst Parking Job. Ever

I have no idea what went on here, earlier this afternoon:

But it goes without saying:

It happened in the Compo Shopping Center parking lot.

Unfortunate New “06880” Feature: Today’s Car Plowing Into A Storefront

This happened just moments ago.

And yes, once again, it’s Compo Shopping Center.


(Photo/Betsy Pollak)

Yesterday I said, “Be careful out there.”

Today I’ll add, “Be afraid. Be very afraid.”

Meanwhile, Right Across From Westport’s Greatest Parking Job…

… was this:

CVS parking lot

Referring to today’s earlier post about a cute little car at Trader Joe’s, alert “06880” photographer Steve Lunt calls this “Westport’s comical yin and yang parking.”

I call it “just another day in the CVS lot.”

Just When You Think You’ve Heard Every Parking Story Imaginable…

Alert “06880” reader Cindy Mindell-Wong writes:

Last week, I went back to my car in the notorious Compo Shopping Center parking lot. I found a note on my windshield:

I backed up leaving Little Kitchen, and may have grazed your car’s rear fender. I took a picture of your rear fender for my records. If you would like to discuss, please call me at [number]. Thank you.

This is the 1st new car I’ve owned since I started driving 36 years ago. My previous car, an old beater, was a magnet for parking lot hit-and-runs, not one of them accompanied by a note on the windshield. So I didn’t hold out much hope that I was dealing with an honest broker.

But boy, was I ever! This afternoon, I learned from the note-writer’s insurance company that a check for repairs was on its way.

The week-long process has been a welcome lesson in gratitude, trust, and the magic one person creates in the world with a simple act of integrity and honesty.

Ashley Gayanilo (Photo/Inklings)

Ashley Gayanilo (Photo/Inklings)

There’s a sweet footnote to the story: The woman who grazed Cindy’s car is Ashley Gayanilo, a social studies teacher at Staples High School — and she had Cindy’s daughter  in class last year. When Cindy sent a small gift of thanks — and asked if she could share this great story publicly on “06880” — Ashley replied:

I am humbled that you thought to acknowledge me. Character building is something we emphasize here at school, with Westport 2025. I’m happy to share this as an example. I’ve never been in print before!