Photo Challenge #330

The answer to last week’s Photo Challenge was easy.

Mark Mathias’ shot of a sign — “NOTICE No Skateboarding Etc.” — was taken in the rear parking of Compo Shopping Center. It hangs near CVS, and East Main Street. (Click here to see.)

Molly Alger, John McCarthy, Andrew Colabella and Michael Calise nailed it.

But do they — or anyone — know what “etc.” refers to? Usually it follows at least a few other items. This sign leaves a lot to the imagination.

This week’s Photo Challenge is, well, sad. If you know where in Westport you’d see this forlorn sight, click Comments below.

(Photo/Bob Weingarten)


8 responses to “Photo Challenge #330

  1. I think I just drove by this in the past couple of days. But, unfortunately, I don’t have Jerry Lucas’ photographic memory. Is this by the Holy Trinity Church?

    • Wendy Cusick

      If it’s the Myrtle, Church, Elm round about area you’re remembering, that actually has a small tree and flowers around it still. (Hopefully, I’ve notice some bad driving around town and surrounding community causing traffic islands with plantings and road signs to be run over….)
      I believe this one is in the back of Longhorns Golf by the Inn.

  2. Next to the first tee at longshore

  3. Andrew Colabella

    First tee at longshore. A decorative landscape to deter drivers from veering too far over into golfers…

  4. Brandon Malin

    Looks like the median at longshore by the first tee and the inn

  5. Correct – this is the sorry-looking median between the 1st tee/18th hole and the Inn at Longshore. Fore!

  6. Perennial grasses get cut in the spring to allow for summer growth. I think this is why is looks so sad. There was a tree there once . Without something there, cars might be more apt to hit the golfers waiting to tee off

  7. John Richers

    In the road near the first tee at Longshore.