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Unsung Heroes #129

At 5:45 p.m. a few days before Christmas — with everyone rushing home or finishing errands — a Westport woman’s Volvo SUV broke down in the middle of Canal Street. It blocked traffic. She could not even put it in neutral.

But instead of getting mad, many Westporters helped.

One was a mechanic. Another was a woman, who parked on the side and showed “incredible kindness.”

The Westport Police were “amazing — as always.” she says. One officer even drove her home.

These seem like such little gestures. To her — stressed out and worried — they were huge.

“Thank you to all the kind-hearted people who stopped,” she says.

“Your smiles, kind words and willingness to help a stranger brightened a very cold night.”

Pic Of The Day #887

Crossing Canal Street … (Photo/Larry Untermeyer)

… and heading to Assumption Church on Riverside Avenue (Photo/Les Dinkin)

It Took A Tough Nor’easter To Knock This Tree Down

Yesterday’s mega-storm brought this monster tree down on Canal Street.

(Photo/Larry Untermeyer)

Westporters had to find an alternate route to two of the most important spots in town: Crossroads Ace Hardware, and Coffee An’.

This Old House #8

Once again, last week’s “This Old House” — the photo of a local home, taken in the 1930s for a WPA project, and soon to be shown at a Westport Historical Society exhibit on old houses — remains unidentified. At least, not positively.

Educated guesses ranged from Greens Farms/Wake Robin Road and Prospect Road, to Compo Beach, to Burritt’s Landing and Duck Pond Road. In other words, all over town. Click here to see the photo and comments.

This week’s house looks a bit different from the others in this series — and we see a bit more of the surroundings too.

This Old House #8

Plus, there’s solid information on the state website, where all these WPA photos are archived:

“Circa 1835, Ryan Estate. Location: Faces east on Canal Street; north end of the street and northwest of brook near Main Street.”

Still, WHS house historian Bob Weingarten is unsure exactly where on Canal Street this house is — or if it still stands. If you know, click “Comments.”

And if you’ve got any good stories about the history of Canal Street, add those too!