It Took A Tough Nor’easter To Knock This Tree Down

Yesterday’s mega-storm brought this monster tree down on Canal Street.

(Photo/Larry Untermeyer)

Westporters had to find an alternate route to two of the most important spots in town: Crossroads Ace Hardware, and Coffee An’.

2 responses to “It Took A Tough Nor’easter To Knock This Tree Down

  1. Bob Stalling

    Big White Pine – the wind finished it off, but there were many other factors leading to this moment….species, age, location, time of year, rain, maintenance, surrounding plant material, soil conditions and more. Very lucky nobody was hurt…
    Sadly, there was a death on the Merritt Parkway in Stamford yesterday due to a falling tree.

  2. This tree came down on me while I was driving. I was like lucky enough to be looking up and saw it coming, so I slammed on my brakes. Luckily I was unharmed and my car only had minor damage. It was a miracle that I wasn’t crushed under this huge tree.
    I saw Larry appear to take his photo – and he was gone in a flash to the next photo op!