Pic Of The Day #887

Crossing Canal Street … (Photo/Larry Untermeyer)

… and heading to Assumption Church on Riverside Avenue (Photo/Les Dinkin)

9 responses to “Pic Of The Day #887


  2. This ended my day with a smile! Actually, two smiles.

  3. I haven’t seen on of those in the 14 years since I left town. I liked them even tho they were a problem in some areas. I don’t remember seeing a deer up here either. Do you still have deer? It’s probably hard for anyone there to realize that 50 years ago to see a deer in Westport was incredibly rare. Arthur D. Whiteside, a Westporter who was president of Dunn & Bradstreet on Wall St., was out for a walk one day and saw a deer in some nearby woods. He was so thrilled that he went home and bought the property.

  4. They are so predictable behavior wise when it comes to most crossings.

  5. The geese in the bottom photo are mimicking the famous Abbey Road crosswalk.

  6. Nice

  7. Those are my folks!

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