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The Final “Campaign Signs” Story Of 2013

Seen today — thankfully — at the dump:

Campaign signs 1

Campaign signs 2

(Photos by Keith Stein)

More Signs Of Westport

Election Day is 6 weeks away.

But you know that already, because campaign signs have broken out like a teenager’s zits.

Political signs

Meanwhile, politicians are not the only ones trying to divert drivers’ eyes.

This was spotted at the Weston Road/Easton Road/Daybreak intersection. That’s tough enough to navigate without added — and illegal — notices:

business sign

This fall, I plan to vote for whichever candidates promise to bring order to the plague of signs.

Without putting one up to tell me about it.

So Long, Signs

A very alert reader writes:

I was behind a yellow truck (public works?) just now. The workmen were removing all of the elect so-and-so signs around the train and exit 17. I can’t remember the  limitations on these signs, but I always remember them being there untouched for long periods of time. Sometimes, too long.

What’s up?

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