More Signs Of Westport

Election Day is 6 weeks away.

But you know that already, because campaign signs have broken out like a teenager’s zits.

Political signs

Meanwhile, politicians are not the only ones trying to divert drivers’ eyes.

This was spotted at the Weston Road/Easton Road/Daybreak intersection. That’s tough enough to navigate without added — and illegal — notices:

business sign

This fall, I plan to vote for whichever candidates promise to bring order to the plague of signs.

Without putting one up to tell me about it.

29 responses to “More Signs Of Westport

  1. I dislike the illegal signs advertising services. I saw a man hammering a sign onto a beautiful, big tree. That was painful.

    But there’s something exciting about the political signs in town. I love it! The signs foster political discussions with my kids as we drive by. We talk about the right to vote and the privileges we have as Americans. They are engaged in the process.

    However, the day after Election Day the signs should vanish. Otherwise they start to look like litter too.

  2. I’ve certainly contributed my share to “sign pollution”, so perhaps I’m not the best person to comment on this, but it does seem that there are more signs this year in more places than ever before. Other Fairfield County towns put limits or ban them altogether on public property, which is going too far (private property is always okay).

    Perhaps we could designate strategic intersections around town where using public property would be allowed and where the signs won’t be taken down, like North Ave/Long Lots, or Riverside/Greens Farms Rd, or Post Rd/Parker Harding. It would let the candidates get their message out without littering every inch of roadway with signs.

  3. Threre are so many signs at the island where Sturges Highway meets Long Lots Road that a driver turning onto Long Lots cannot see oncoming traffic from the left. I’ve moved a few signs to create better visibility but the next day, there are more signs blocking the view again. This is very dangerous, and something should be done about it — regulations, police action, whatever — before there’s a serious accident. That being said, I’ve often wondered whether political signs have ever made anyone decide for whom to vote.

  4. If I remember correctly, it was during the recession that the Planning & Zoning Commission lifted the ban on business signs to help small businesses promote themselves. Perhaps they’ve never re-instituted the ban and need to do so?

    As for the political signs, it seems that certain Republican candidates have been pretty heavy-handed putting their signs up early and every few feet. (Few Democratic candidates even have their signs out yet.) This is an important election for the future of our town, and name recognition goes a long way at the polls – especially in an “off year” election, where we’re only voting for locals. So we’re just going to have to live with them for awhile longer. It is what it is.

  5. It’s the beginning of fall and the wonderful right we have to vote gets displayed on the lawns and streets of our town. It not only displays those willing to run and help lead our town (some who are true volunteers) but reminds me of what we have that most around the world wish they have.

  6. Westport is a beautiful town. No one would disagree that stake signs are a unsightly! There are many stake signs on public property are advertisements for people who want to get business by avoiding paying for local newspaper advertisements or paying local rents and avoiding town taxes.

    Westporters, lets keep our town beautiful we not longer throw trash out of car windows why are we are we permitting stake sign litter on public property?

  7. Perhaps I have been driving on the wrong streets, but I have only noticed signs for one of the parties in the Selectmen’s race….and I have seen tons of them. Got me thinking did the other Selectmen candidates give up, figure they do not need them, run out of money or perhaps this is their subtle way of showing their commitment to the environment?

    But, we do have way too many signs even outside of the election seasons. I find the “for sale” signs for houses particularly off-putting and question their value. I doubt if many serious home buyer ends up buying a house because of them particularly with the advent of the internet. Plus they really create graffic clutter since they lack any uniformity. If we must have them, I would prefer everyone use a standard sign with “For Sale” and just the telephone number. Could be used for both agencies as well as by owner.

    • The Republican candidates for Selectmen, as well as all the other offices, put their signs up very early. The Democratic candidates for Selectmen, Helen Garten and Melissa Kane, wanted to wait until it was closer to October, for the very reason that many people get upset by too many signs that go up too early. I installed some of their signs today, but almost all of them are on private property where people requested them.

      Also, it is perfectly lawful for political signs to be posted on public town property. People may think they’re an eyesore, but they are 100% legal. I do agree that they should not obstruct drivers’ sight lines though.

      • This not a Republican vs. Democrat issue. The signs are everywhere, including Tag Sale signs, Hot Tubs, School Plays, etc. Once ordinances are relaxed, people take advantage and overdo it. The town never should have allowed the “sandwich board” advertising for businesses, either. Time to repeal!!

  8. Jo Ann Davidson

    Several years ago, when the signs first began to appear, I asked the candidates at a LWV post-election coffee if they thought the signs had been good for their campaigns. They liked them for the name recognition factor and said they promoted discussion. They mostly agreed with me that they make the Town look junky, but “if everybody puts them up you have to do it.”

    How about if the signs were only allowed for 2 weeks before an election?”
    And then of course take them right down.

    Jo Ann Davidson

  9. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Lets be blunt and honest…. Sign Shit different day!!!….. these signs are everywhere and have proliferated to a point that all should be done away with except for private property.

  10. Matthew Mandell

    Many people adhere to the unofficial rule of not putting up signs until 1 month prior to the election. That way it is a controlled period of time. I think that is what all the parties should agree to moving forward. But I agree with Bart, signs are a wonderful celebration of our freedom, free speech and all the those running who are making the effort for our town.

  11. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Where I live, permanent security systems signs are the pet peeve. Not very stylish, and since every other house has one, the “security” has become moot.
    Election signs are exciting, though. As long as they disappear after the election.

  12. Re: my comment above about the island where Sturges Highway meets Long Lots Road. I just drove past there and every one of the signs is gone! That includes political signs as well as tag sales and those promoting sundry events. Someone must have been as disgusted as I was by them. The island looks much prettier now, and it’s much safer to turn onto Long Lots. Thank you, whoever you are!

  13. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    At least, your signs are not billboard size. Hopefully, Westport will have a good turnout at the polling stations. Child in tow.
    p.s. Do many Westporters volunteer on election days? Scrutineers?

  14. Ever notice — no party identification. Are they embarrassed?

    • Yes, for some reason, none of the Republican candidates included their party affiliation on their signs. Obviously a group RTC decision – but who do they think they’re fooling? It makes all their signs look rather suspect. A pretty dumb move in my book.

      • Nancy Hunter Wilson

        That’s one heck of a crazy system you’ve got.

      • There you go again, Amy, with your Republican vs. Democrat sign argument. Maybe it is the fact that people should vote for the candidate and what they stand for and not just blindly vote along party lines?? Ever think about THAT?

        • Yes, I do think about that Andy. Which is why I most often cast my votes for individual candidates from any party, including independents. I, in fact, NEVER vote strictly along party lines. For the record, since you’ve insinuated that I would “blindly vote.”

        • Given how the national Republican Party is governing (not) I would be embarrassed if I were a local Republican candidate. Actually, because of how the Republican National Party is governing (not) I cannot, and will not, vote for ANY Republican candidate.

  15. Amy – Barack Obama’s lawn signs simply stated Obama Biden 2012. There is no need to alienate members of another party. Westport is a wonderful town where decisions are made by consensus. Jim and I are asking voters to support us for our qualifications, proven experience in the business and municipal sector, and for our vision. We are not asking voters to support us “because” we’re republicans or democrats.

    • I can’t believe that you are comparing your party affiliation recognition with that of a presidential candidate. Being a Republican or Democrat as one can see by the party line votes in Congress as well as Republican tea party affiliation (and genuflection) is important and something to carefully consider when voting in any election.

      understand the issues? Two weeks before the election is sufficient if they must exist at all. Also Mr. Kaner mentions that Obama Biden signs did not disclose affit

  16. I’ve been a candidate and have participated in the sign thing, but we had them all down within 24 hours after the election, because we knew that was important and certainly part of the “deal.”

    To be honest, it seemed like we had to put them up because our opponent was certainly going to. But, I have to agree it did generate conversations with people who otherwise didn’t know I was running. I do think there might be some wisdom in the proposal to reach agreement on the “start time” for lawn signs.

    As for the snarky comments about some signs not proclaiming the party of the candidate, consider the possibility that folks are trying to rise about partisan politics in Town.

  17. A lot of people have simply commented to me on the lack of disclosure on the GOP signs. They’re seeing it as a gimmick, and not as an inclusionary, nonpartisan gesture. The fact is that all these candidates are running on the Republican ticket, so why not disclose it on your signs? That’s all that I and many others in town are saying. And it’s just an observation and an opinion. Hardly snarky.

  18. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Why not colour code the signs? Red, Blue, Grey?

  19. Amy. Thanks for making the discussion partisan. Amazing how we can watch what is going on in Washington and then have you make your comment.

    I guess you also must have missed as most signs show no party affiliation. On either side. But you now made it known one party did not.

    Sorry to see you do it but not surprised. Seems your goal was to point to one party in the negative to support another–maybe because you feel concerned with the potential coming outcome?

    Thanks for bringing the issues we are watching to our local level. Wow.

    • Cheers, Bart.

    • Oh boy, Bart. That is rich. Especially after you publicly excoriated John Izzo (a Republican) on Westport Patch for endorsing Helen Garten for First Selectman. That was so “nonpartisan” of you.