So Long, Signs

A very alert reader writes:

I was behind a yellow truck (public works?) just now. The workmen were removing all of the elect so-and-so signs around the train and exit 17. I can’t remember the  limitations on these signs, but I always remember them being there untouched for long periods of time. Sometimes, too long.

What’s up?

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34 responses to “So Long, Signs

  1. Dan If signs are on State property they will be removed. They are not slowed on highway entrances/exits. Railroads or any other property that is owned by the state. In Norwalk we also cannot place signs on City property. But I believe the rule in Westport is different. So those big yellow trucks are State workers removing sigs from state property.

  2. I vote based on the amount of signs I see, not issues.

    Joanne is correct. ANY singage is not permitted on state property. That includes easements and routes like routes 33, 57, 136 and 476 (the Sherwood Island connector). Every single political sign, paving, painting, hot tub, charity run/bike event/walk, farmer’s market, etc. are NOT permitted on state land. Ironic that the politicians who are supposed to up hold and make our laws are completely ignorant. The law is courtesy of the Connecticut Genreal Assembly. Now if the political campaigns would embrace the “do not call” list (I’m on it for a reason).

  3. Joanne is right. No signs allowed on state roads or property, okay in town on public spaces, not allowed on light poles. On town land they may be removed/relocated if they’re in the way of the guys cutting grass.

  4. Everyone is right. Furthermore, all lawn signs on town property are required to have approval from the First Selectman’s office before posting and there is a quantity maximum throughout town (20?)

  5. Like the lawn signs are going to be effective in getting anyone to change their minds, right? (“Gee, I couldn’t decide who to vote for, but then I saw really nice sign on the side of the road …”)

  6. Maybe if some of you invalids got out and voted there would be no need for phone calls. But some people feel they don’t need to vote. You get calls because none of you vote. It’s called mobilizing voters. If you complain about phone calls then you indeed have a very sad life.

    • Gosh, “Brody,” you may be the biggest jerk ever to comment here, and that’s saying quite a bit. You assume a lot, and then you insult based on those dubious assumptions. Plus you’re ignorant. I vote every year, and I get tons of calls anyway. Were you raised by wolves? Particularly nasty ones?

  7. I vote based on the amount of signs I see, not issues.

    Dear Brody:

    How dare you. I have voted in EVERY election since 1980 including non-Presidential-local elections. I received a phone call at 1:26 from one of the senate candidates’ campaigns. Are you that above the rest of us to infer that we don’t know that there is an election or what day to vote?

    Between the signs, the phone calls, candidates at the transfer station, we know there is an election. Please don’t insult our intelligence with that attitude.

    Lastly, I am on the “Do Not Call” (DNC) list. Yes I know it is legal for the campaigns to call (nice loop hole in that law), but I am on the DNC list for a reason. SO I DON’T GET UNWANTED PHONE CALLS. What’s more, the list can be downloaded from the FTC (get this) for FREE. It is an easily searchable database.

    Just so you know, I make an effort to contact any campaign who calls me to say remove me (and offer the resource of the DNC list). The candidate’s campaign who had called today I had asked several months ago to not be contacted or called. I was told I would be taken off their list. I wonder if the candidate cannot comply with a simple request like this, how will they handle a real issue?

    In the end “Brody,” you are the sad one.

  8. Dear Brody,

    I find your slur about invalids and voting tasteless and without empathy. Although I don’t consider myself a true invalid – at least not yet- I am impaired enough (cancer) to have a full time personal care assistant. I have lived in Westport for about 60 years and I can’t remember an election when I didn’t vote. No highway sign (I wish there were none) is going to influence my vote; nor am I swayed by blog postings (sorry, Dan). My vote will be influenced by my paying attention to the media, recognizing their biases – and they all have a bias – and by my political grounding (I have been active in local Republican politics for all of those years). You should hope they don’t post your reply at the Senior Center.

  9. Fair enough.

  10. Cathy (Smith) Barnett

    We receive robo calls all the time, and we vote. So the comment that only non voters get robo calls is entirely false.

  11. Stop ALL the signs, forever !

  12. Did anyone vote a candidate based on a sign or did seeing multiple signs make you say “hey I should vote for that guy? I vote based on informed decisions not signs!

  13. Can we get rid of the stupid signs advertising events around town and the “Join Now!” signs as well?

    Visual clutter at it’s finest…..especially when they are left up months on end after the event has passed!

  14. As I have said before, Signs don’t vote, people do…The signs are a reminder of who is running for what office and what support they have amongst their constituents and for this reason, Norwalk does not allow signs on city/public property and leaves it up to the homeowner as to whose sign they would like to display,

  15. Brody, last I checked, we all have the right to vote. Or not vote. That is our right. Now, I assume you mean to insult people into action, but it’s been my experience that that doesn’t really work. There are people who simply do not participate. And I’d guess, they are least likely to be on a site spouting about the rights or wrongs of political doings or non-doings. The home of the free. Remember and respect the rights of us all- not just you. Choice is a protected right.

  16. I vote based on the amount of signs I see, not issues.

    Dear Candidate Joanne,

    Please re-read the comments about the signs and how little impact they have on how people vote (or not vote). Many of us do not like them and more importantly do not pay attention to them. The signs are a waste of time, money and resources.

    I’d like to offer a suggestion, Joanne. Instead of spending money on ineffective yard signs, take that money and donate to a charity (Habitat for Humanity, the American Cancer Society, ALS, etc.). Then promote that you have indeed decided not to litter our beautiful town AND you are helping others by your charitable contribution. You’d get my vote (or at least I’d review the issues and your PoV on them, and I’d know you were a thoughtful and caring person). 🙂


    I vote ……

    PS: You represent a different district than mine

    • Joanne Romano

      I agree with you but if you knew me you would know that I volunteer for many organizations including fundraising for many more and organize supplies for our troops. I do care. That is why I have been a city council person for 3 terms and running for state rep at this time

  17. I vote based on the amount of signs I see, not issues.

    Dear Joanne,
    Does your volunteerism now justify the silly signs? I applaud that you are helping in charitable organizations, but it is separate from political campaigning.
    Please read everyone’s distaste of the signs. Why are you ignoring the comments? Signs do not convey positions on issues. All they are is clutter, wasteful clutter. But if you decide to ignore the opinions of your constituents then you are just like any other politician. 🙁

    • Joanne Romano

      Not ignoring. I was replying to your comment about donating the cost to charity. Nothing more And again I will say. I too believe signs are ugly. And over populate our landscapes. And for that reason you will only see my signs on private property of those who have requested one to show their support. Again. Signs don’t vote. People do.

  18. I vote based on the amount of signs I see, not issues.

    Dear Joanne,
    Thank you for your reply. Good luck to you. While I favor the other party you appear to have some character worthy of review.

    • Joanne Romano

      Thank you. And I respect your right to support whomever you choose. Have a great night!

  19. @Brody, I think your comment is invalid, that folks would get calls because we do not vote, I think you are incorrect and need to have your statement retracted!

    I have been a resident of CT for just over 11 years, and my huband and I both vote, we still get calls, we still get folks knocking on our doors and we also are on the do not call list, and currently have an unpublished phone number as well.

  20. Bad, Bad Brody

    Look. I think we all can agree that Brody is a nincompoop and deserves a town stoning. But, I doubt this fool will show up here again.

    If you do, Brody, go ahead and apologize. That would be nice. Since you’re a doofus and all.

  21. I vote based on the amount of signs I see, not issues.

    BTW, Joanne, as I was driving by Aitoro and Village Bagels (in Norwalk), I could not help notice two of your yard signs in the easement of State of Connecticut property on the Post Road/Route 1. I guess you are just like the others. 🙁

  22. Joanne Romano

    They are on Aitoro property Not State property or they weren’t there on Sunday anyway. But. I will definitely check on it and have them moved. However the State came through and removed all signs on State property so perhaps if they were. They are gone now. Thank you for the heads up.

    • I vote based on the amount of signs I see, not issues.

      State easements extend much further that what appears on the ground. I do not believe 18″ off the sidewalk is Aitoro’s. And I thought you said the City of Norwalk did not permit signs on public property.

      • Joanne Romano

        First, I did not put them there. Someone requested them. And I am not sure if they are aware they cannot be on public property.

  23. I vote based on the amount of signs I see, not issues.

    But it is your name on them. 🙁 Okay if the NPD gives you a ticket for them?

    • Joanne Romano

      I do have one question. Is it ok if NPD and WPD give all sign holders tickets and why on earth are you obsessed with me? I have been nothing but cordial and accommodating and have agreed to look into the situation I have seen state and federal candidate signs on every strip of roadway across Fairfield County and beyond. So why is it that mine raise red flags?

  24. I vote based on the amount of signs I see, not issues.

    Not obsessed with you. I AM obsessed with the political campaign signs that do ABSOLUTLEY no good in changing a voter’s mind/position nor inform anyone on candidates’ positions. They are an incredible waste of money. They are a waste of resources. Guess what the State and Federal campaign signs are also in violation of the law. It must stop. If it takes me and others speaking out against the dopey signs, then so be it. Politicians are NOT above the law (contrary to popular belief).

    It proves how off track the marketing of a political candidate has gotten. Sorry, it is 2012. It is time to update the method of getting the message out there.

    You have the courage to post here. But your own signs are posted in opposition of what you said you would not do. I’m sorry if you feel this “heat” is unfair.

    • Joanne Romano

      I don’t feel it’s unfair. I do feel tha instead of accusing me of something that a “hey. Did you know your signs are where they shouldn’t be ” would have been nicer. And I do get my message out via mailers. Attending functions and talking with people. Answering emails and fact finding when someone needs answers. Thank you for letting me know about my signs. I will enquirer as to wh who put them there and ask that they be moved.