The Final “Campaign Signs” Story Of 2013

Seen today — thankfully — at the dump:

Campaign signs 1

Campaign signs 2

(Photos by Keith Stein)

11 responses to “The Final “Campaign Signs” Story Of 2013

  1. I was elated to drive into my office this morning – and see that 95% of the election lawn signs were gone!!! Kudos to whomever made that happen. Beautifully done!!!!!

  2. Ann Marie Flynn

    Geez! And I was giving directions to here by telling people at what campaign signs they should make their right/left hand turns…..hope those folks don’t wind up at the dump…. LOL….:)

  3. Matthew Mandell

    Hopefully all the metal holders are grabbed up and saved for next year by each of the parties. Those things cost about $1 each now with shipping. They are completely reusable. Its cost effective and green to do it. So just a suggestion to the RTC and DTC.

  4. Somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but I was thinking this a.m. That if the signs had a deposit like soda cans, you would see how fast they would be snapped up the day after an election!!

  5. There are still plenty on State property (illegal in the first place) all over town. By exit 42 (north and south bound ramps) at the triangle of Rte. 57, 136, Main Street and Easton Road. On the Post Road (pick almost any intersection, but since the politicos have to have specifics: the intersection of Hillspoint and the Post Road). I do love how even those RTM candidates/positions with only four candidates “had” to put out signs even though they are guarantied a place on the RTM. Very classy kids.

  6. Dick Lowenstein

    The metal holders, if not saved for another campaign, should be recycled as metals, and, from the looks of the first picture, that appears to be what is happening. Both parties should grab all remaining signs and bring them to the dump, I mean, transfer station.

  7. Matthew Mandell

    Matt – Yep, I put out signs, all 10 of them I have left from prior years. Even though I was guaranteed, there is still a race. First place, gets on the Rules Committee, which is an important assignment which I have been on for 3 years and now will serve for 2 more. Also it is still about some name recognition of course.

    And yes Dick is right, the metals should be recycled at the dump, if not kept for next season.

  8. The removal of the signs is a month or two late. Granted the Republicans began posting their swill BEFORE Labor Day. The Democrats showed some decorum by waiting until mid-September.

    Message to both parties: If you could agree to a moratorium and wait until two weeks (ok a month, ask for a lot an negotiate to a reasonable amount) prior to an election, think how sophisticated we would look and how much prettier our streets would be. Com’n Mr. Ezzes and Ms. Soli, talk to each other. Work together (we know you can). The signs are a waste of money, resources and time. Do the RIGHT and agree for the next election cycle to do away with them or if you feel the need to have yard signs, place them on PRIVATE property only. In the end we all will benefit from this unity by Westporters caring about Westport.
    Here’s a valuable suggestion: Take the money you (Dems and Repubs) spend on signs and give it to a charity (American Cancer Society, ALS, Susan Fund, the Domestic Violence Crisis Center (Norwalk), and do some real good. Sure post on your websites, Facebook, other social media that you have done so. You would earn a lot more respect from us voters by doing so.
    I double-dare ya to do it.

  9. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Those who run for office will probably run again, and should keep their signs (and metal holders) in their offices/garages until the next run, rather than dumping them. Why print new signs? Recycle the materials if you’re out of the game.

  10. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Just wondering how election signs and flags compare?

  11. Not only are the metal stands reusable, but all the signs are RECYLABLE now that we have single stream recycling in Westport. If you’re not going to save them for your next campaign, then at least dump them in the right place!