Hail To The Victors!

Hearty, and heartfelt, congratulations to Westport’s new 1st selectman, Jim Marpe.

He and his running mate, Avi Kaner, are true Westporters. In everything they’ve done — politically, as well as through their many volunteer activities — they’ve put the best interests of this town first.

They’ve built up enormous reservoirs of good will and respect, among a broad swath of voters. The results prove that. This is a Democratic town — in terms of registration numbers — but their win shows that many voters crossed party lines because they liked what they’ve seen, and heard, from these 2 Republicans.

The new selectmen won by about 10 percentage points. They took all 9 districts — though, according to unofficial returns, they won District 9 by just 1 vote.

Westport's new 1st and 2nd selectmen: Jim Marpe (left) and Avi Kaner.

Westport’s new 1st and 2nd selectmen: Jim Marpe (left) and Avi Kaner.

Jim and Avi will work tirelessly for this town. They will do it by working with Democrats, with Save Westport Now members, with independents, and with anyone else who is willing to work with them.

Westport is not Washington, DC. The RTM, Board of Education, Board of Finance, and all our other town bodies are not the US Congress. The selectmen are not the White House and West Wing.

That’s the beauty of local government.

Let’s all congratulate the winners. Let’s thank Helen Garten and Melissa Kane for stepping up for the Democrats, and running a very strong race.

Now let’s all get to work — led by our new selectmen — to make this the best Westport it can be.

7 responses to “Hail To The Victors!

  1. Well said, Dan. Lots to be done.

  2. Congrats to all the victors! Hey Dan who’s gonna pick up all the signs?

  3. Thank you Dan for your comments and encouragement. Avi and I are humbled by the honor of being chosen to be Westport’s next First and Second Selectmen and grateful that the voters of Westport have seen fit to grant us this awesome responsibility. I am mindful of the extraordinary responsibilities and expectations of a Selectman in a special place like Westport, and will do my best to meet and exceed those expectations.
    As I said last night, I view the Selectmen’s office as a team. Avi Kaner and I have begun the process of creating that team during the past year, and I welcome Helen Garten to that team as well. I also look forward to enlisting Melissa Kane in our efforts to make Westport and even better place than it is. Our team is much bigger than the Selectmen’s office. We are fortunate to have so many dedicated, capable and experienced employees throughout all aspects of the Town’s operations. I look forward to collaborating with them, as well as our various elected and appointed boards and the RTM, to make sure that all our Town services are “citizen centric”.
    The readers of 06880 don’t have to be told that Westport is a very special place, but what really makes it special are the people — interesting, talented, creative, tolerant, smart and, yes, opinionated. I know that I will be successful by first listening to the people of Westport, learning from them and then leading them in making ideas into reality. Together, we will all make a great Town even greater.

  4. Congratulations Jim and Avi
    I’m confident Westport will thrive under your leadership

  5. I second this motion. Jim and Avi have proven that they are special citizens of Westport. Now comes the hard part, making it all happen. I am confident that Helen will continue with her contributions as well.

  6. Armelle Daniels

    Congrats Jim and Avi! I am truly confident in your leadership. Love your words of wisdom and team building attitude.