Candidates — and their supporters — were out in force early this morning. This crew assembled outside the District 9 polling place: the Westport Library.

Election Day 2013, Westport CT

Turnout was very light. Then again, it was only 6:30 a.m.

When I noted how quiet the voting area was, someone said, “Well, this is the library!”

The library replaced Saugatuck Elementary School as the District 9 polling place for a complex set of reasons, beginning with the inability of using Kings Highway Elementary for primaries because voters have to walk through the cafeteria. Don’t ask.

And why are ballots cast in the newspaper reading room, not the larger McManus meeting room downstairs?

Because different doors are required for entering and exiting.

Who knew?

Now stop reading, and go vote!

8 responses to “VOTE!

  1. John Hartwell

    Westport has over 80% turnout for Presidential elections but only half that for the people who run the town, set property taxes, and oversee the schools. VOTE!

  2. Bobbie Herman

    Voting is not a privilege, it is a duty. Many people have died all over the world and in this country for the right to vote. Don’t throw yours away. VOTE!!!

  3. Making one’s way to the voting booth and casting a vote is really the only thing this country of ours asks of us. I know it can be inconvenient, and it might feel like it won’t make a difference, but consider it your way of giving back. Some gave so much more. Of course, 06880 readers are a pretty vocal bunch, I’m sure they use their vote as another way to express their views!

    Please vote today

  4. Good, it’s election day. Maybe ALL the candidates will remove their signs after the polls close tonight so that the beauty that is Westport will be restored by first light. Do candidates and their teams actually think that voters will be swayed by the number of signs littering a highway?

    Now I’m off to vote.

    • Dear Ms. Wheeler, I spoke with Ms. Garten at the transfer station this past weekend about the signs and their efficacy (I never saw Mr. Marpe in a public space to ask the same. I assume we’d receive the same response.). She, like other candidates, *actually* believe they will sway voters.

      It’s kind of a sad statement that both parties are so delusional to waste the time and money for yard signs on every corner of an intersection and sneaking them on unused private land where permission is not acquired (example: on Greens Farms Road 200′ west of the Connector, across from Sherwood Farms Lane). Or someone running for a position on Finance buying the largest sign permissible (it costs more!). Now they’ll be handling the “cash.”

      Sadly it is the “monkey see, monkey do” mentality. FYI to the politicos, I read up on your positions and watched the debates to establish who I would/did cast a vote for, it was NOT by your very silly and ugly signs.

  5. Sharon Horowitz

    And thanks to all the candidates who have the courage to stand for election and a willingness to serve our town.

  6. No election fraud in Westport !

  7. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    It truly is disappointing that so few Westporters (40%) see the big picture.
    Those who don’t take a few minutes to vote in municipal elections are lazy and therefore ruined.
    Either vote, or stop complaining.
    I do realize that I’m “talking” to deaf ears. So be it.