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Lynn Miller’s Downtown

Downtown Westport is compact: Main Street and the Post Road, plus the Saugatuck River.

But there’s a lot to see. And there’s no one who captures it better than Lynn Untermeyer Miller.

The Westport native and 1971 Staples High School graduate sees it all: the natural beauty. The shops and shoppers. And the hidden sights the rest of us walk right past.

Here’s what Lynn sees:

Imperial Avenue footbridge

Riverwalk, east side of the Levitt Pavilion

Riverwalk, behind the Levitt

West bank of the Saugatuck River

Riverwalk lights, near the Library

Westport Library

Arezzo restaurant and National Hall

Pedestrian walkway and Gorham Island, off Parker Harding Plaza

Village Square

View from Anthropologie

Alley between Post Road and Church Lane

WEST boutique

Taylor Place

Cold Fusion

Brandy Melville

A relic from the Y’s downtown days. (All photos/Lynn Untermeyer Miller)

Photo Challenge #310

The eagle has landed.

Well, it landed a long time ago. The sculpture has been affixed for years to a building on the east side of Main Street, just north of Brooks Corner.

Some readers referred to it by its current tenant: Brandy Melville. Others recalled previous incarnations: Jewels by Jason, Great Stuff, Things. One remembered the view from Oscar’s, across the street.

Jill Turner Odice provided plenty of background:

This eagle is on the front of the building on Main Street. My late husband Louis Odice’s salon was on the 3rd floor. He took over from Martin Pinto. It was also the apartment of photographer Tom Head, and a vintage clothing store at various times.

Downstairs was an ice cream shop run by one of Stew Leonard’s kids, and New England Jewelry Repair by the Hampel brothers (Matt and Bob) in the back.

Chou Chou Raum’s dad Jason had a jewelry shop there, and they lived upstairs. There was a crystal shop on the 2nd floor, and a travel agency over the years. Also a fur shop at one time…

I’m not sure about Stew Leonard’s kids running an ice cream shop — but the building was also the first of 3 locations for the Ice Cream Parlor.

It’s a proud building, represented by a proud bird. Rich Stein, Fred Cantor, Diane Silfen, Elaine Marino, Michael Don Sullivan, Deej Webb, Ellen Aston and Jill Turner Odice all correctly identified Mary Gai’s image. Click here to see it.

Dave Wilson provides this week’s gorgeous Photo Challenge. If you know where you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Dave Wilson)

Unlike Brandy Melville, Sperry Is NOT F***ing Around

Yesterday’s “06880” story on the by-now-legendary checkout counter at Brandy Melville generated 127 comments in less than 24 hours — a record for this blog in the names-required era.

Which got photographer Lynn U. Miller thinking. Last Sunday, she was impressed by a sign she saw at Sperry — the Top-Sider-and-more store at 56 Main Street that (like Brandy Melville) has a strong toehold in towns like Westport.

Lynn loved its message, and thought it was a perfect antidote to the crass words — and vitriolic comments — from and about Brandy Melville.

Sperry store

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)


No matter what you think of Sperry’s message, one thing is certain:

It ain’t gonna cause 127 comments on “06880.”


Queen Of F***ing Everything

No, I didn’t write out the whole “f-bomb” in the headline.

But it’s there — uncensored — right on Main Street. Just check out the checkout counter at Brandy Melville.

Brandy Melville 1

Which prompted one irate mother to write “06880”:

As I walked through downtown yesterday on a glorious afternoon with my 11-year- old daughter, we talked about how nice the new sidewalk will be. It’s great to see.

But the afternoon was dampened for me when we stopped briefly at a popular clothing store. I was really bothered by the pile of stickers that Brandy Melville gives out.

I guess this national retailer considers it to be a “fashion-cool” statement. Yes, I get the message, but I don’t think it has any place in a store catering to elementary, middle school and high school-age girls.

As we strive to clean up our sidewalks and make our downtown shine, we should also strive to “clean up” the stores that peddle their wares to our kids.

Maybe a solution is to gets kids (through the support of their parents) to stop shopping at Brandy M until they clean up their act. The town and Downtown Merchants Association should take a stand.

What do you think? Is it a harmless marketing tool? Or very offensive? Is a boycott the right idea? Should the town and DMA get involved, or is it none of their business?

Click “Comments” below. We want your f***king opinion.

Brandy melville 2