Photo Challenge #310

The eagle has landed.

Well, it landed a long time ago. The sculpture has been affixed for years to a building on the east side of Main Street, just north of Brooks Corner.

Some readers referred to it by its current tenant: Brandy Melville. Others recalled previous incarnations: Jewels by Jason, Great Stuff, Things. One remembered the view from Oscar’s, across the street.

Jill Turner Odice provided plenty of background:

This eagle is on the front of the building on Main Street. My late husband Louis Odice’s salon was on the 3rd floor. He took over from Martin Pinto. It was also the apartment of photographer Tom Head, and a vintage clothing store at various times.

Downstairs was an ice cream shop run by one of Stew Leonard’s kids, and New England Jewelry Repair by the Hampel brothers (Matt and Bob) in the back.

Chou Chou Raum’s dad Jason had a jewelry shop there, and they lived upstairs. There was a crystal shop on the 2nd floor, and a travel agency over the years. Also a fur shop at one time…

I’m not sure about Stew Leonard’s kids running an ice cream shop — but the building was also the first of 3 locations for the Ice Cream Parlor.

It’s a proud building, represented by a proud bird. Rich Stein, Fred Cantor, Diane Silfen, Elaine Marino, Michael Don Sullivan, Deej Webb, Ellen Aston and Jill Turner Odice all correctly identified Mary Gai’s image. Click here to see it.

Dave Wilson provides this week’s gorgeous Photo Challenge. If you know where you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Dave Wilson)

13 responses to “Photo Challenge #310

  1. Michael Calise

    Saugatuck river at Ford Road

  2. Haskins reserve?

  3. I want to say originally Bridgeport hydraulic Aquarian water saugatuck river but this is taken from an interesting angle of where Ford Road/ Lyons Plains Road area is… the house backdrop is on the corner where the traffic light is

  4. Andrew Colabella

    Saugatuck river behind canal park

  5. The dam just below the Y Camp

  6. Saugatuck River looking South

  7. Clark Thiemann

    Up the Saugatuck River from near Willows Medical. I remember taking a rowboat to that dam when I was a camper at Mahackeno in the early 90s.

  8. June Richardson

    The Ice Cream
    Parlor was run by Sonny Harrison and his nephew Steve Crowley no relation to Stew Leonard.

  9. Lynn Untermeyer Miller

    The Saugatuck River. View of the dam from Fort Apache. Looking towards the Merritt Parkway

  10. Correct – it is the Saugatuck River, looking north at the dam from the Willows Medical building, Kings Highway North and Wilton Road. A gorgeous sight!

  11. Eleanor Wilson

    Just north of the Willows-a small dam on the Saugatukc River

  12. Jill Turner Odice

    The ice cream shop I was referring to was not the Ice Cream Parlor. It was on the bottom floor next door in the building with the eagle on the front. It was around 1977-78. I was dating Matt Hampel from New England Jewelers at the time and they shared that space. They were in the back and the ice cream place was in the front. It didn’t last very long as I remember.

  13. Jill Turner Odice

    I asked Matt and he agreed with me about the ice cream shop run by Pat Cook or Teddy…