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Time Runs Out For “Timeless” Sperry Store

Alert “06880” reader/downtown shopper Philip Delgado writes:

Although I don’t own a boat, I have always owned several pairs of timeless and casual Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes.

It’s no problem to shop online for them, but the Main Street store is a favorite destination for many Westport residents. Sometimes it helps to walk into a Sperry store to check out the size and colors of the all-weather favorites.

The recent announcement of the closing next month of the Westport store is just another example of a shift away from storefronts.

In desperation I bought 2 pairs of shoes yesterday — at 50 percent off — to help Santa. The manager helpfully offered to call the New York store for another shoe size availability — and they still honored the discount.

You won’t get that kind of top-notch service on the internet.

The Sperry store on Main Street.

The Sperry store on Main Street.

Unlike Brandy Melville, Sperry Is NOT F***ing Around

Yesterday’s “06880” story on the by-now-legendary checkout counter at Brandy Melville generated 127 comments in less than 24 hours — a record for this blog in the names-required era.

Which got photographer Lynn U. Miller thinking. Last Sunday, she was impressed by a sign she saw at Sperry — the Top-Sider-and-more store at 56 Main Street that (like Brandy Melville) has a strong toehold in towns like Westport.

Lynn loved its message, and thought it was a perfect antidote to the crass words — and vitriolic comments — from and about Brandy Melville.

Sperry store

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)


No matter what you think of Sperry’s message, one thing is certain:

It ain’t gonna cause 127 comments on “06880.”