Lynn Miller’s Downtown

Downtown Westport is compact: Main Street and the Post Road, plus the Saugatuck River.

But there’s a lot to see. And there’s no one who captures it better than Lynn Untermeyer Miller.

The Westport native and 1971 Staples High School graduate sees it all: the natural beauty. The shops and shoppers. And the hidden sights the rest of us walk right past.

Here’s what Lynn sees:

Imperial Avenue footbridge

Riverwalk, east side of the Levitt Pavilion

Riverwalk, behind the Levitt

West bank of the Saugatuck River

Riverwalk lights, near the Library

Westport Library

Arezzo restaurant and National Hall

Pedestrian walkway and Gorham Island, off Parker Harding Plaza

Village Square

View from Anthropologie

Alley between Post Road and Church Lane

WEST boutique

Taylor Place

Cold Fusion

Brandy Melville

A relic from the Y’s downtown days. (All photos/Lynn Untermeyer Miller)

20 responses to “Lynn Miller’s Downtown

  1. Lynn is a true Westport treasure 📷❗️
    Thank you 🤗

  2. It all comes to life with your lens, Lynn

  3. Kerstin Warner Rao

    Lynn’s work helps us see our home in fresh ways, and she herself is a pleasure to talk to. Bravo!

  4. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    What’s the deal with the YMCA badge being left behind? Are we supposed to genuflect at it in remembrance of those “days of yesteryear” when downtown Westport actually gave a rat’s ass about something other than spending/making money? What about Lyman? What’s Jen’s vision for “Westport’s Sister City” once Putin decides he’s killed enough civilians? A Starbuck’s on every corner? A Tesla double parked in every handicapped spot? Where does the UN stand and what are THEY doing about it? Just shut up and use Venmo.

  5. I was just thinking what Scott wrote. Lynn is a town treasure. Thank you, Lynn, for sharing your wonderful images. We are so blessed to live in this beautiful town and you remind us everyday.

  6. I’m with Laurie and Scott. Lynn Untermeyer Miller is an artist; she has an artist’s eye, and she captures the beauty and the feel of the town. I enjoyed every picture, and I am a little bit homesick at this moment. Thank You Lynn and Dan.

  7. We are so lucky to have Lynn. She constantly reminds us how lucky we are to live in such a special place.

  8. She is such a great artist. Thanks to her we see fabulous sites in our town in such an artistic way .

  9. Always wonderful, Lynn!
    A perfect town tableaux.

  10. Now living in NC the photos bring many fond memories! Thanks

  11. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    Lynn and I were Mahackeno counselors (she, being younger than I was a CIT) back when the YMCA knew the difference between a downtown YMCA, a Gold’s Gym for overweight commuters and a summer camp. She was a treasure then as a counselor no less than she is now as a chronicler of a town’s descent into materialism.

  12. Lynn- don’t stop…ever!

  13. Just stunnung, Lynn!

  14. Lynn is an amazing photographer!

  15. Sandy(Grunewald) Jones

    Your pictures of our home town makes me want to pay her a visit sometime soon…keep shooting and posting your wonderful views of our Westport

  16. Chip Stephens SHS 73

    Great pix of a great town !

  17. pat prenderville

    Dan, the only accolade you forgot to mention is that Lynn is also an exceptionally wonderful human being!

  18. Laurence A Grayhills

    Well done, Lynn!!!!!!!

  19. Lynn Untermeyer Miller

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!
    Many thanks to Dan for bestowing the honor of this highlight upon me.
    And MANY thanks to ALL of you, for your very kind words. Your comments were and are always So very much appreciated.

  20. Awesome pics from a Wonderful Person “”

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