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Pic Of The Day #807

Compo Beach jetty (Photo/Nancy Lewis)

[UPDATE] Presented Without Comment: Compo Beach, 10 a.m.

(Photo/Laura Bryer)

And at 10:30:

(Photo/Patricia McMahon)

[UPDATE] Like Swallows To Capistrano

Compo Beach, 6:30 this morning:

Hurry! Don’t be late!


And, at 7 a.m.:



Pic Of The Day #806

Into the Cockenoe water! (Photo/Heidi List Murphy)

3rd Of July Photos Needed

Tomorrow is the 3rd of July. Cue the fireworks!

“06880” readers are great at crowd-sourcing Memorial Day photos. Dozens come in. It’s a great way to see the parade, through many different eyes.

Let’s do the same tomorrow. As you get ready for the fireworks — picnicking, painting faces red-white-and-blue, playing with sparklers, claiming huge swaths of sand and tables at 6:30 a.m. — send your photos (email: Deadline: 10 p.m. Please include brief identification if needed, and of course your own name.

I’ll post some (not all!) tomorrow.

Be creative! We want special photos, for our special day. Just one request: Go easy on the fireworks photos. No offense, but unless you’re a real pro they all look the same.

This is the kind of photo I’m looking for …

… or this …

… or this.

Read And Heed: Traffic Info For Fireworks Tomorrow

Headed to the fireworks tomorrow?

You and everyone else! Here are some things to know before you go. According to the Westport Police:

This well-attended event with heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic affects all roads south of Greens Farms Road, between Compo Road South and Hillspoint Road. Spectators should plan ahead, as traffic delays are inevitable.

The beach closes at 4 p.m. Fireworks ticket holders will be asked to report to their cars, to verify they can remain parked in the lot.

The beach should reopen to ticket holders by approximately 5 p.m. That’s the time vehicles will be allowed in. Drivers should display their ticket prominently on the dashboard.

If everyone cooperates, getting into the beach goes smoothly.

Vehicular access will be through South Compo Road only. Hillspoint Road south of Greens Farms Road will be open only to people who live south of that intersection.

Vehicles without a ticket cannot go closer to Compo Beach than the Minute Man statue. Shuttle buses will run from Longshore Park by the marina to Compo Beach, if the tickets for the beach sell out. So far, a few tickets remain unsold.

Uber, Lyft and taxis will be directed straight past the Minute Man on Compo Road South. People being dropped off can walk from the corner of Compo Road South and Soundview Drive to the beach.

NOTE: If you use this method of transportation, return service will not be available until after 11 p.m., due to 1-way traffic exiting the beach area.

At the end of the fireworks display, 2-way traffic will be suspended on Compo Beach Road and South Compo Road to the intersection of Greens Farms Road. There will be 2 lanes of northbound traffic on those streets until the beach is cleared.

Residents of this area will encounter delays getting home for approximately 1 hour, or until traffic has cleared from the Compo Beach area.

Hillspoint Road is also used for drivers leaving the beach.

Anyone planning to pick up family members in the beach area should also plan for delays.

“Saving” A Spot For Tomorrow’s Fireworks? Read This!

It’s inevitable.

Moments after the sun rises tomorrow, someone will send me a photo like this:

Or this:

Or this:

I’m not sure who these people are, who think that reserving massive swaths of sand — or long picnic tables, with “You Cannot Reserve Tables” plastered prominently on them — is cool.

Well, actually I do. They’re all named Dick.

Don’t be like Dick. If you want a prime spot, pick a little bit of it. And have someone stay there all day. You can even hire some kid — yours, or someone else’s — to do it.

If the situation gets even more out of hand than it recently has — and it’s gotten grosser and greedier every year for the past few — we might want to consider the Shore & Country Club solution.

It’s private — but a prime viewing site for Norwalk’s fireworks (also July 3). Alert “06880” reader David Loffredo forwarded an email, from the club to members.

In late June, members who wanted a picnic table for fireworks day could click a link, to enter a drawing. They could request marina or beachhouse side, or covered or uncovered — but nothing was guaranteed.

Winners were selected randomly, and assigned a random table. Each table will be labeled with the member’s name.

One more, for good measure. (Photo/Amy Schneider)

What a great idea! We could auction off not only South Beach tables but prime spots of sand, from the cannons to the Soundview jetty.

It could even be a fundraiser for PAL (or Parks & Rec, for beach improvements): $5 to enter. If you don’t pay, you can’t play…

Better yet: a raffle! Tables and plots of sand could be clearly marked online; click on one, and bid. Just think how much that would raise 🙂

But here’s the best idea of all — and we can do it tomorrow.

Confiscate any unattended stuff, and charge Dick and his friends to get it back.

If it’s not claimed by, say, 6 p.m.: Sell it to whoever wants it.

Some of those tents, beach chairs, tables, coolers, portable grills — and the food in them — are pretty pricey. They could fund an entirely new bathroom!

Pic Of The Day #805

Yesterday marked the end of Gay Pride Month. At 2 pm, a violent storm tore through Westport. A couple of hours later, the weather cleared — and this rainbow umbrella was celebrating Compo. (Photo/Amy Schneider)

Summer’s Second Strong Storm

Just 18 hours after yesterday’s tree-downing, power-outing storm, a more brutal one — with even less warning — roared through town.

At the Westport Library, the Saugatuck River is nearly obscured by wind-driven rain. (Photo/Fred Cantor)

Packing winds of about 60 miles an hour, plus hail, this one followed by a few seconds an alert from the National Weather Service.

One umbrella hit this home’s window “like a torpedo.” (Photo/Marty Jaramillo)

In its wake, over 1,500 customers were without power. Trees blocked South Compo Road, Narrow Rocks, Jennie Lane, Mayflower Parkway and the Ned Dimes Marina at Compo Beach. Tents for the downtown Sidewalk Sale were uprooted on Main Street.

Hillandale Road, near West Parish. (Photo/Robin Gusick)

Just a couple of hours earlier, the forecast was for mostly sunny skies.

Mayflower Parkway (Photo/Andrew Colabella)

As of right now — 3:50 pm — the skies over Westport are clear and bright.

The deluge did not last long — but it was intense. (Photo/Jilda Manikas)

Tonight and tomorrow’s forecast calls for sunny and clear weather too.

Beachgoers fled Compo. (Photo/Bruce McFadden)

Westport’s marine police assisted a sailboat in distress. (Photo/Bruce McFadden)

Umbrellas were tossed into the water … (Photo/Bruce McFadden)

… and all around Joey’s. (Photo/Bruce McFadden)

The storm even toppled a tough-to-move lifeguard chair. (Photo/Bruce McFadden)

Amazingly, just moments before the storm hit, this advertising plane flew over Compo Beach. Its message: “Keep calm – Call Tom Atty.” (Photo/Beverly Bailey)

Summer’s First Strong Storm

A fast-moving storm — with hail, heavy rain and high winds — roared through parts of town yesterday evening, around 7:45. More than 500 Westporters lost power.

A tree fell on a house on Vani Court …(Photo/Westport Fire Department)

The Fire Department responded to 18 calls with 45 minutes. They included burning and downed power lines, carbon monoxide, and a tree resting on a house on Vani Court.

… and barely missed one at Edgewater Commons. (Photo/Kaye Leong)

Sherwood Island State Park will be closed today (Sunday), due to damage.

But the storm left as quickly as it came. Skies cleared before nightfall.

Sherwood Mill Pond, moments after the storm passed … (Photo/Matt Murray)

Today is forecast to be mostly sunny, with a high around 80.

… and Ned Dimes Marina at Compo Beach, a few minutes later. (Photo/Kristina Bory)