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Pic Of The Day #724

Classic Compo (Photo/Lisa Lewin)

Pic Of The Day #720

Saugatuck Island bridge (Photo/Michael Tomashefsky)

Pic Of The Day #716

Nighttime at Compo Beach (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

The Seal: The Sequel

Sure, we posted a couple of images earlier today of a seal basking in the sunlight on the Compo Beach dock.

But that was before our maritime visitor realized it was being photographed.

That’s when he (or she) turned right to the camera.

And turned on the charm.

(Photo/Mike Giunta)

(Hat tip: Bill Kiedaisch)

Sealing The Deal

In the air and by the sea, Westport is becoming quite the nature center.

Earlier this week, an osprey captured our attention. Now it’s a seal.

Alert “06880” reader/Compo Beach resident Larry Hoy reports that yesterday he was walking his dog Dixie at the end of Roosevelt Road.

Suddenly she turned, walked to the seawall and started sniffing in the direction of the marina.

“She’s a natural hunter,” Larry says. “I knew she smelled something, but I didn’t think there would be by a deer or woodchuck over there.”

He looked closely, and saw a big brown lump on a dock.

Then it moved.

He was fascinated by the seal.

It’s still there today.

(Photos/Peter Armstrong)


Pic Of The Day #707

Early spring at Compo Beach (Photo/Teddy O’Kane)

Pic Of The Day #705

Compo Beach jetty (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

Pic Of The Day #702

Biking at the beach (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

Pic Of The Day #700

An almost-spring sunrise at Compo Beach (Photo/Amy Schneider)

Peace At Compo, For Christchurch

On the spur of the moment, Darcy Hicks organized a few dozen friends and strangers yesterday.

They gathered at Compo Beach, and formed a giant peace sign.

(Drone photo by Ryan Felner)

The group stood in solidarity with victims of Friday’s attack on 2 Muslim mosques halfway around the world.

Darcy says, “We stand with Christchurch, New Zealand against racism, intolerance and violence. We are all human. Let’s commit to finding common ground and healing this world.”