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Pic Of The Day #571

Cormorant dries its wings at Schlaet’s Point (Photo/Sarah Hock)

Pic Of The Day #535

Rock sculpture at Schlaet’s Point (Photo/Gara Morse)

Pic Of The Day #497

Early this morning: Schlaet’s Point on Hillspoint Road (Photo/Mary Sikorski)

Photo Challenge #190

Westport is chock full of kayaks.

They’re stacked at Compo Beach, Longshore Sailing School, Downunder, and docks and driveways all around town.

But the kayaks in last week’s Photo Challenge were some of the most visible. They’re stored at Schlaet’s Point — specifically, in the little private park (supposedly) for Bluewater Hill residents only, next to the house at 259 Hillspoint Road with the massive stone wall and 3-flag pole.

We all pass by them often. But only Matt Murray, Rich Stein, Joelle Harris Malec and Sarah Hock knew exactly where they were. Kayak kudos to you! (Click here to see Amy Schneider’s shot.)

Here is this week’s Photo Challenge:

(Photo/Bob Mitchell)

If the location rings a bell, click “Comments” below. And if you’ve got the back story to it, let us know too.

Pics Of The Day #456

Fishing on Schlaet’s Point …

… and texting, a few feet away. (Photos/Lynn Untermeyer Miller)

Pic Of The Day #396

Schlaet’s Point, on Hillspoint Road (Photo/Nicola Sharian)

Pics Of The Day #317

Four water views, from Hillspoint Road:

(Photo/Patricia McMahon)

(Photo/Patricia McMahon)

(Photo/Patricia McMahon)

(Photo/Briana Walegir)

Pic Of The Day #279

Stating the obvious: Schlaet’s Point, on Hillspoint Road (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

Pic Of The Day #223

Sunset at Schlaet’s Point (Photo/Seth Goltzer)

Pic Of The Day #155

Schlaet’s Point this morning. Rough weather was predicted for later, but the remnants of Hurricane Jose moved far to the east. (Photo/Matt Murray)