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Pic Of The Day #2016

Schlaet’s Point (Photo/Karen Como)

Scenes From A Storm: Part 2

Our 10 a.m. report:

A coastal flood warning remains in effect until 1 p.m. today. Westport Fire and EMS say: “We expect flooding along the shoreline imminently. Please move vehicles now, if they are in vulnerable and low-lying areas.”

Areas to avoid include Morningside Avenue South near Clapboard Hill; Cross Highway between Bayberry Lane and Sturges Highway; Compo Road South near Rockland Place, due to downed trees and wires, and Turkey Hill Road South between Clapboard Hill and Arrowhead Road.

If anyone needs help of any kind, please click “Comments” below. Other readers will do their best to respond.

Saugatuck River, downtown (Photo/Jennifer Johnson)

Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Bridge (Photo/Amy Schneider)

Parker Harding Plaza (Photo/Jennifer Johnson)

Stores in Parker Harding Plaza (Photo/Jennifer Johnson)

Tree down on South Compo, near Ferry Lane East. (Photo/Fred Cantor)

Baker Avenue at Imperial Avenue (Photo/Jennifer Johnson)

Burying Hill Beach (Photo/John Karrel)

Compo Beach (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

Compo Beach (Photo/Matt Murray)

The scene near Soundview Drive. (Photo/Matt Murray)

Compo jetty (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

Schlaet’s Point, on Hillspoint Road (Photo/Jim Hood)

Another view of Schlaet’s Point. (Photo/Matt Murray)

Old Mill Beach near Compo Cove (Photo/Fred Cantor)

No one watched the waves this morning. (Photo/Matt Murray)

Pic Of The Day #1033

Schlaet’s Point (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

Pic Of The Day #2030

Walking at Schlaet’s Point (Hillspoint Road) (Photo/Tom Cook)

Friday Flashback #316

The other day, Eve Potts called.

The longtime Westporter and noted historian had some home movies, from the 1930s. They were taken by the Kelly family at Compo Beach, and had been converted to DVD. Was I interested?

The 17-minute show was intriguing — though like any home movie of any time, it would be of far more interest if I actually knew who was in it. (It would have been better with a tripod too, and not shot directly into the sun. But hey …)

Compo Beach and Soundview look very familiar. Except for fewer rocks, it’s the same scenery as today.

Except for this screenshot.

It shows Schlaet’s Point at the northern end of the beach, where Soundview meets Hillspoint/South Compo.

But what do you notice that’s different, nearly 100 years ago? (I’m not talking about bathing suit styles.)

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Pic Of The Day #1943

Fishing at Schlaet’s Point (Photo/Karen Como)


Pic Of The Day #1853

Schlaet’s Point, on Hillspoint Road (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

Unsung Heroes #237

Parking stickers are already required. Lifeguards arrive soon. Another great beach season is almost here.

But a great beach season does not magically appear. It takes a ton of work. (Literally — moving tons of sand, for example.)

Tammy Barry was at Compo the other day. She saw several crews hard at work, making sure everything was ship-shape for summer.

Tammy thought they were doing unsung work. She’s right. Our Public Works and Parks & Recreation employees do so much, for all of us in Westport.

Unlike Tammy, most of us don’t see the work you do. But we absolutely appreciate it.

(Photos/Tammy Barry)

Do you know an Unsung Hero? Email 06880blog@gmail.com.


Pics Of The Day #1785

New benches have been installed at Schlaet’s Point, between Compo and Old Mill Beaches on Hillspoint Road. They have composite boards for the seat and back, and new cement stanchions. (Photo/Matt Murray)

Another view (Photo/Karen Como)

Pic Of The Day #1741

The view from Schlaet’s Point (Photo/Ivy Gosseen)