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Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #56

Last week’s photo challenge was especially interesting — for many reasons.

First, it was the Taylortown Salt Marsh. Located smack in the middle of town — the Saugatuck River, near Kings Highway North and Wilton Road — it’s hidden in plain sight. We’ve all driven past the Aspetuck Land Trust property (opposite the Willows medical complex, aka “Fort Apache”), and the sign is quite visible. But most of us never really see it.

Second, the salt marsh is now mired in controversy. A developer hopes to build a 5-story, 48-unit apartment building on 1.1 acres abutting it — and claims there will be no harm to the wetlands. “06880” reported on this a couple of days after the photo challenge. Stay tuned!

Guesses for the location of the Taylortown Salt Marsh ranged from the Glendinning property (Bridgewater headquarters) on Weston Road, all the way down to the Sound.

But Michael Calise, Amy Schneider, Seth Schachter, Arthur Schoeller, John McCarthy, Bobbie Herman, Wendy Cusick, Peter Blau and David Brant all knew where it is. Congrats to them — and thanks to all who provided background info on “Taylortown.” Click here for the photo, and comments.

This week’s photo challenge comes courtesy of Robert Eckman. If you think  you know where this handsome piece of property is, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Robert Eckman)

(Photo/Robert Eckman)



Sand, Surf And Spot…

…along with Fido, Fifi and all kind of other canines.

The weather wasn’t great — though it could be a lot worse in mid-January.

But that never stops Westporters and their dogs. For man and his best friend, today was just another day at the beach.

(Photo/Robert Eckman)

Click on or hover over to enlarge. (Photo/Robert Eckman)

Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #51

Last week’s photo challenge had everyone thinking one direction — downtown — but it was another place entirely.

The image of woods, framed in a window, reminded people of a view of Winslow Park, the Senior Center or library.

Nope. It was the Mahackeno campus, taken from the Westport YMCA stairs heading to the fitness center and pool. (So, in a way, it was connected to downtown — the Y used to be there.)

Elaine Marino was the only “06880” reader to correctly identify the shot. Click here to see the photo, and read all the comments.

Here is our Christmas weekend photo challenge — appropriately, a bell. But where is it? If you think you know, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Robert Eckman)

(Photo/Robert Eckman)


Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #43

It must have been last weekend’s beautiful weather.

Only 1 alert reader — Ann Marie Flynn — got our photo challenge: Molly Alger’s shot of the English-style letterbox on the Post Road, near the Steinway piano showroom. Click here to see that familiar-yet-often-unnoticed scene.

This week’s photo challenge comes courtesy of Robert Eckman. It’s a two-fer. Click “Comments” if you know where it is. And if you know what it symbolizes, let us know that too.

(Photo/Robert Eckman)

(Photo/Robert Eckman)

Surf’s Up!

As of Thursday, dogs were allowed back on Compo Beach.

But this morning’s weather kept all but this most intrepid Westporter — and his equally hardy pet — away from the water.

Compo Beach - Robert Eckman - October 1, 2015

Click to enlarge. (Photo/Robert Eckman)

Westport’s New Skyline

Westporters watch warily, as the Bedford Square crane towers over downtown.

But — as Robert Eckman’s photo shows — there is a certain beauty at the busy construction site, too.

Crane - Bedford Square