Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #51

Last week’s photo challenge had everyone thinking one direction — downtown — but it was another place entirely.

The image of woods, framed in a window, reminded people of a view of Winslow Park, the Senior Center or library.

Nope. It was the Mahackeno campus, taken from the Westport YMCA stairs heading to the fitness center and pool. (So, in a way, it was connected to downtown — the Y used to be there.)

Elaine Marino was the only “06880” reader to correctly identify the shot. Click here to see the photo, and read all the comments.

Here is our Christmas weekend photo challenge — appropriately, a bell. But where is it? If you think you know, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Robert Eckman)

(Photo/Robert Eckman)


10 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #51

  1. In front of the Saugatuck Fire House

  2. Is this at the beach or related to the Minuteman statue in any way?

  3. Bridge square

  4. Bill Kiedaisch

    It’s at the entrance to Viva Zapata’s

  5. Viva Zapata Restaurant

  6. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Adams Academy!

  7. Maybe the Saugatuck Firehouse

  8. Bill Kiedaisch and Evan Barr either spend way too much time at Viva’s, or they are very observant when walking around Saugatuck. That’s where it is!

  9. It’s Viva Zapatas-I used to always look up to make sure it wasn’t going to fall on me after my shifts there!

  10. saugatuck fire station