Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #43

It must have been last weekend’s beautiful weather.

Only 1 alert reader — Ann Marie Flynn — got our photo challenge: Molly Alger’s shot of the English-style letterbox on the Post Road, near the Steinway piano showroom. Click here to see that familiar-yet-often-unnoticed scene.

This week’s photo challenge comes courtesy of Robert Eckman. It’s a two-fer. Click “Comments” if you know where it is. And if you know what it symbolizes, let us know that too.

(Photo/Robert Eckman)

(Photo/Robert Eckman)

9 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #43

  1. Westport Train station?

  2. It is sign at the back entrance to PPG Paints in the mall where CVS is located. I first thought that perhaps the sign had something to do with primary colors, but the sign is actually a symbol that helps the fire department understand what is inside the store before they enter. Red indicates fire hazard, blue indicates health hazard, yellow indicates “reactivity” and white indicates a specific hazard. The number 3 in the blue section means extremely hazardous and the 2 in yellow indicates a violent reaction. If the white section has a “W” with a bar through it, this indicates that water should not be used. The sign is called a National Fire Protection Panel.

  3. This is a standard placard from the National Fire Protection Association. White 0 means no special hazard info, but the rest is plenty scary! Blue 3 means “health hazard: can cause serious or permanent injury” Red 4 means: “flammability: will vaporize and readily burn at normal temperatures” Yellow 2 means: “instability hazard: violent chemical change at high temperatures or pressures” Hope this advances understanding of the puzzle!

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  4. A Hazardous Material Placard. Blue is Health Hazard, 3 is Extreme Hazard; Red is Fire Hazard, 4 is Flash Point below 73F; Yellow is Reactivity, 2 is Violent Chemical Reaction; White is Specific Hazard, O for Oxidizer (the sign is old and does not meet the NFPA standards! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NFPA_704).

    It is probably at a hardware store that sells pool/spa chemicals.

  5. Dave Feliciano

    Top Marks for all. If we did the same for our houses, it would really scare you. Look up the Material Data sheets on household cleaners and chemical commonly found in makeup, fertilizers, bug sprays etc. if you want to ruin your day.

  6. It’s also nest to the front door of the same store.

  7. Wow, who knew??