Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #56

Last week’s photo challenge was especially interesting — for many reasons.

First, it was the Taylortown Salt Marsh. Located smack in the middle of town — the Saugatuck River, near Kings Highway North and Wilton Road — it’s hidden in plain sight. We’ve all driven past the Aspetuck Land Trust property (opposite the Willows medical complex, aka “Fort Apache”), and the sign is quite visible. But most of us never really see it.

Second, the salt marsh is now mired in controversy. A developer hopes to build a 5-story, 48-unit apartment building on 1.1 acres abutting it — and claims there will be no harm to the wetlands. “06880” reported on this a couple of days after the photo challenge. Stay tuned!

Guesses for the location of the Taylortown Salt Marsh ranged from the Glendinning property (Bridgewater headquarters) on Weston Road, all the way down to the Sound.

But Michael Calise, Amy Schneider, Seth Schachter, Arthur Schoeller, John McCarthy, Bobbie Herman, Wendy Cusick, Peter Blau and David Brant all knew where it is. Congrats to them — and thanks to all who provided background info on “Taylortown.” Click here for the photo, and comments.

This week’s photo challenge comes courtesy of Robert Eckman. If you think  you know where this handsome piece of property is, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Robert Eckman)

(Photo/Robert Eckman)



26 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #56

  1. The former library on the Post Road now home to some designer store

  2. Barron’s property entrance

  3. Former Westport Bank and Trust entrance

  4. Former Westport Bank and Trust entrance.

  5. The pavilion at Compo Beach?

  6. The building on the southeast corner of the Post Road and Riverside Avenue?

  7. Compo beach pavillion

  8. Is it the site of the historic Westport Bank and Trust building ??

  9. I Hope someone got a picture of the proposed development site in this high tide/storm yesterday or today

  10. Good guesses, all of them. And all of them wrong so far!

  11. Above the entrance to the old ATT building, now Frontier, just onto Myrtle St. on the right, just past the little office building that has a barber.

  12. Sharon Paulsen

    Bedford Jr. High? (former, Riverside Ave).

  13. Jennifer Kobetitsch

    Police Station?

  14. Doorway over the police station entry

  15. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Saugatuck Hose Company!

  16. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Or, “Homeland Security”!

  17. William F. Dohme,Jr.

    The old Saugatuck P.O.?

  18. Bobbie Herman

    Westport Auction, near the train station.

  19. The Saugatuck Apartments that use to be Saugatuck Elementary school on Bridge Street.

  20. Beth Orlan Berkowitz

    SAUGATUCK area of train station the building across from morton’s parking I think the auction business is there now.

  21. Westport bank and trust building on the pointed corner.

  22. Michael Calise

    Rain Shine or Snow – I did see PO Trucks out in the blizzard
    Our letter carriers deserve a lot of credit!