Saying Goodbye To The Blizzard

New York City nearly set a record: 26.8 inches, the 2nd biggest snowfall since 1869.

We got substantially less — but still over a foot. The winds were not as strong as predicted, and the snow fell on a Saturday, disrupting far fewer commutes than a weekday.

As we get ready to dig (or pay the plow guys), here are 2 final images to remember the Blizzard of 2016:

The scene yesterday at Indian Green in Saugatuck. (Photo/Scott Singer)

The scene yesterday at Indian River Green in Saugatuck. (Photo/Scott Singer)

The patio in my own back yard. (Photo/Dan Woog)

The patio in my own back yard. (Photo/Dan Woog)

7 responses to “Saying Goodbye To The Blizzard

  1. Thanks for the photo tour through the blizzard, Dan. I know at least 5 of the photographers, and one of the photographs is near our house. Somehow this makes me happy; I belong here.

  2. Joyce Barnhart

    Dan, I think you need to fully date yesterday’s storm – there’s a good chance there will be more than one. Statistically, January is the coldest month, but February is the snowiest.

  3. Does anyone know where Westport’s snowfall measurements are done? The snowfall amounts at our home (just south of 95) are almost always several inches lower than what’s reported for Westport.

    I know Channel 12 reports about temperatures, etc above the Merritt as being different than below the Parkway. Are there possibly three separate microclimates in town? Thanks to anyone who might have some answers.

  4. Not too shabby, Dan; first photo I’ve noticed from you–

    Nicely done–you must exercise considerable restraint in not posting your own! I’m sure you’ve a wealth of material.

  5. When I see a photo of Dan Woog’s snow-laden patio furniture, I am reassured that all is well in the world.