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Photo Challenge #355

If you’ve been to Hudson Malone, you knew the answer to last Sunday’s Photo Challenge.

If you haven’t, you didn’t. (Which leads to: Why not?)

Doug Quinn’s popular restaurant at the corner of Main and Canal Streets has plenty of artwork. Much of it relates to Westport (including Paul Newman, who would have loved the place).

Then there’s a woman reclining on a wine bottle, underneath a cow’s head. (Click here to see.)

Jacqui Bidgood, James Weisz, Rachel Halperin-Zibelman, Robert Mitchell, Andrew Colabella, Phil Kann and Deirdre O’Farrelly all knew that both could be found on Hudson Malone’s outdoor patio.

This week’s Photo Challenge is semi-artistic — and semi-grungy. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Molly Alger)

Photo Challenge #345

Last Sunday was perfect for a lazy, no-pressure, 1st day of August Photo Challenge.

JC Martin’s image of a wood-sided blue building, with trees reflecting in the window, was calming and mellow. (Click here to see.)

It was also the Main Street side of Hudson Malone. Jeannie Pearl, Barbara Greenspan, Diane Bosch, Peggy O’Halloran, Ellen Wentworth, Bobbie Herman and Linda Vita Velez were the first readers — all women! — followed by Seth Braunstein, Barbara Mathias and Judy Katz, who recognized the popular spot. It’s the latest in a long line of restaurants. Let’s hope it’s here for so long that some day, everyone will recognize it instantly.

But enough with mellow. Let’s go for quirky this week. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

And if you’ve got the back story: Fire away!

(Photo/David Squires)


Friday Flashback #245

One of longtime Westporters’ favorite activities is trying to remember the names of all the restaurants that preceded a current one.

Take Hudson Malone. Most people knew the spot at the corner of Main and Canal Streets as 323; before that, Bogey’s, Oliver’s, Stone’s Throw, and a few others.

But it takes a special resident to recall Maud Chez Elle.

Even then, who remembers that the French-named restaurant looked like something straight out of the French Alps?

(Photo courtesy of Dick Stein)

Which, come to think of it, was a bit like another French restaurant: Le Chambord.

Popular a decade or so later, it is no longer a restaurant of any type.

Today, Le Chambord is the site of ASF Sports & Outdoors.

C’est la vie!

Friday Flashback #218

Opening a new restaurant in Westport is never easy.

Opening in the midst of a pandemic is especially tough.

But Hudson Malone did it. The steakhouse-and-more is drawing raves with its menu, Westport-themed decor, and comfortable, COVID-conscious ambience.

Hudson Malone took over the former 323 restaurant — named for its Main Street address, across Canal Street from Coffee An’.

That’s been the site of many restaurants. Before 323, it was Bogey’s. And before that, Oliver’s. And before that …

… well, that’s this Friday’s flashback. If you can name all of Hudson Malone’s predecessors — or even any of the others — click “Comments” below.

BONUS QUESTIONS: How about all of the restaurants that once occupied Shake Shack? Or the Sotheby’s real estate office at the Post Road East/Myrtle Road intersection, which for many years housed many eateries? Dig in!

(Hat tip: Steve Crowley)

More Outdoor Dining: Hudson Malone Opens Today

This morning’s lead story highlighted manyWestport restaurants with outdoor dining.

Now another joins the list.

Hudson Malone was packed last night, for a soft opening. The official debut is today.

The “old world culinary saloon” — on the corner of Main and Canal Streets, across from Coffee An’ — is owner Doug Quinn’s second venture. He a former, well-known bartender at P.J. Clarke’s.

Hudson Malone owner Doug Quinn.

Quinn’s first Hudson Malone (named after his 2 kids) is on New York’s 53rd Street. Both feature large bars, classic cocktails and “upscale pub grub.”

Hudson Malone’s well-stocked bar — and welcoming bartenders. They wore masks, but removed them very briefly for the photo. Hudson Malone is very COVID-conscious. Tables are far apart, and there are Plexiglas partitions. 

It takes guts to open a new restaurant during a pandemic. But even before COVID, Quinn planned for outdoor, all-weather dining.

Hudson Malone takes over from 323 restaurant. Before that, it was Bogey’s, Oliver’s, and perhaps half a dozen other spots now lost to history.

Here’s to many more years of memorable meals there.

Dig in! (Photos/Chip Stephens)