Friday Flashback #245

One of longtime Westporters’ favorite activities is trying to remember the names of all the restaurants that preceded a current one.

Take Hudson Malone. Most people knew the spot at the corner of Main and Canal Streets as 323; before that, Bogey’s, Oliver’s, Stone’s Throw, and a few others.

But it takes a special resident to recall Maud Chez Elle.

Even then, who remembers that the French-named restaurant looked like something straight out of the French Alps?

(Photo courtesy of Dick Stein)

Which, come to think of it, was a bit like another French restaurant: Le Chambord.

Popular a decade or so later, it is no longer a restaurant of any type.

Today, Le Chambord is the site of ASF Sports & Outdoors.

C’est la vie!

21 responses to “Friday Flashback #245

  1. Richard Marcus

    Maud Chez Elle was my first professional cooking job in 1970. When the Chef left their (Rudy Houser) he took me with him to Cobs Mill Inn.

  2. Richard Marcus

    …Chef left there…

  3. Torrey Brooks

    Dan, I think you may be wrong about LeChambord being ASF. We bought it (with table cloths, pots/pans and silverware still in place) and converted it into Goodwill (who previously had been in 1687 PRE, now Tina Dragone) who backed up cars down the Post Rd, much to the displeasure of the Fire Marshall. Goodwill then bought it, but it is now the Kidville store, 1572 PRE.

    Torrey Brooks

    • Thanks, Torrey. So what was between Le Chambord and Charpentier’s (now Border Grille)?

    • Bobbie Herman

      Wasn’t Goodwill on the corner of the Post Road West and Riverside? And I believe a mattress store was in 1687 PRE. Feel free to correct me if I’m mistaken.

      • Russell Gontar

        Yes, the Goodwill store was located at that corner.

        By the way, when did everybody start saying and writing “PRE”? What is that, a real estate thing?

  4. Margot Kramer

    The Yankee Peddler owned by Dorflinger (1958 ish). and at one time a piano store. Le Chambord was a fantastic French bistros.

    • Peggy Monsarrat

      Anyone remember La Normandy on the post rd. Or Warner’s or Clam box, or Alan’s clam house, or Valentes on 136?

      • Susan Lloyd

        The Normandy was my grandmother’s favorite place for lunch and Allen’s clam house was always for celebratory dinners

  5. Dick Seclow

    Maude Chez Elle was a satellite of the famed French restaurant in the East Fifties..

  6. Rosemary Milligan

    The Normandy 1965, one drink, soup, a burger and coffee – $2.50

  7. Mark Renshaw

    La Normandie Restaurant was my first job! World-famous busboy circa 1960. The owner, also the chef, was one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. His wife ran the register and his mentally-challenged son helped in the kitchen. Though I was only 15, he always spoke to me with courtesy and respect..

  8. Mark Renshaw

    I hope everyone remembers the Cafe de la Plage, my second job as a busboy, circa 1961. It was a great actor’s hangout for visiting casts from the Playhouse. The owners, Will Hare and Pat Clark, were both retired actors and half the waiters there were aspiring actors. Great atmosphere!

  9. Bobbi Essagof

    in September 1989 we closed on our 1st house and our realtor, Gladys Floch, took us to celebrate with lunch at Le Chambord. Harry Reasoner was sitting nearby. She said it was the best restaurant in town. 33 years later we are still thrilled with our choice of town.

    • A bit late on catching up on my 06680, but had to share that in late 1973 when we closed on our 1st house, our realtor also took us to dinner at La Chambord AND Harry Reasoner was at a nearby table, as well! What made it particularly special was that a few months earlier the idea of moving here was planted in my head when I watched Reasoner interview Bobby Riggs prior to his match with Billie Jean King and part of the interview was conducted while the two exchanged lobs on the court at Reasoner’s Westport home.

  10. And if I’m not mistaken, before the Chambers at that location, it was Werner’s.

  11. Chambord not Chambers. Damn you autocorrect!

  12. Yes you’re right Dan. Now that I look at the picture again I see that it’s on the Post Road. And I remember Werners was on Elm. But am I crazy or was Le Chambord in that space BEFORE they went in the post road locale? I could have sworn the Chambord moved, either to or from the post road, at some point. But I could be wrong.

  13. Jacque O’Brien

    Like some others, when we closed on our house we were taken to Le Chambord to celebrate. The year was 1978 and I will never forget the wonderful atmosphere and the delicious dinner…especially the Gran Marnier Soufflé.