More Outdoor Dining: Hudson Malone Opens Today

This morning’s lead story highlighted manyWestport restaurants with outdoor dining.

Now another joins the list.

Hudson Malone was packed last night, for a soft opening. The official debut is today.

The “old world culinary saloon” — on the corner of Main and Canal Streets, across from Coffee An’ — is owner Doug Quinn’s second venture. He a former, well-known bartender at P.J. Clarke’s.

Hudson Malone owner Doug Quinn.

Quinn’s first Hudson Malone (named after his 2 kids) is on New York’s 53rd Street. Both feature large bars, classic cocktails and “upscale pub grub.”

Hudson Malone’s well-stocked bar — and welcoming bartenders. They wore masks, but removed them very briefly for the photo. Hudson Malone is very COVID-conscious. Tables are far apart, and there are Plexiglas partitions. 

It takes guts to open a new restaurant during a pandemic. But even before COVID, Quinn planned for outdoor, all-weather dining.

Hudson Malone takes over from 323 restaurant. Before that, it was Bogey’s, Oliver’s, and perhaps half a dozen other spots now lost to history.

Here’s to many more years of memorable meals there.

Dig in! (Photos/Chip Stephens)

19 responses to “More Outdoor Dining: Hudson Malone Opens Today

  1. Great to see a new place open……
    but shouldn’t the bartenders be masked up,
    especially for a photo-op?? 😷🧐😱

    • The staff was asked to briefly, away from customers, to reveal. Immediately redonned their mask and all staff wears masks. In addition the location has reduced seating and plexiglass partitions.
      Such a great new and promising location with a great outdoor patio for those who take that route. I will be going back, food and drinks excellent and COVID mandated measures SAFE

  2. Michelle Benner

    Wow, no masks? Ignoring covid doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I’d feel more comfortable patronizing this new establishment if I saw they were taking the indoor mask / distancing rules seriously. Good luck Hudson Malone, your new place looks cozy & fun. I hope to stop by when it’s safe again someday.

  3. I used to LOVE Cross Roads….

  4. Jennie Pickering

    partying like it’s 2019 🙂

  5. James Waldron

    Why do people feel the need to post that they WON’T be going to a new establishment/attending an event?

    Best of luck Doug.

  6. Michelle Benner

    Hi James. My name is Michelle, not “people”. This is a community-minded blog, or so it seems. Lots of diverse opinions here including mine. I hope that helps.

  7. I enjoyed too much of the delicious food there last night. The completely redone interior is open but warm and welcoming, well designed for COVID. And I didn’t see any staff without their masks. I’ll be back.

    • Thanks Ted, with so many businesses closing, have closes in Westport it’s great to see one opening up, it’s a positive for the community. Looking forward to a great meal and welcoming Hudson Malone to the community.

  8. Rooting for this new restaurant! After passing the construction for months happy they are finally able to open.

  9. Michelle Benner

    I’m rooting for them too and hope they outlast the pandemic. Looks like a sweet spot in town. I love restaurant/bars with warm atmospheres and lots of character like this. Thanks chip and others for the safety update. Hoping to try an outdoor seat when it’s not too crowded and before it gets cold.

  10. Arline Gertzoff

    It’s even earlier incarnations were Crossroads and growing up it was a fish market owned by Max Frankel/fish were displayed on ice in the front window Good luck to the new establishment
    Lovely to have a new neighborhood place to go to

  11. Dermot Meuchner

    Any music planned?

  12. Great to see this spot back open, and with a very inviting look and plan – looks like a great neighborhood spot. Best of luck to Doug Quinn and Hudson Malone – we’ll be in soon!

  13. A little sad I wasn’t even invited….! Welcome to the neighborhood!

  14. Mark Bachmann

    I’m extremely happy to see a new restaurant moving into this spot – maybe a good omen in these inauspicious times. This is a gutsy move and I hope that our community rewards it.

  15. Debra Strobel

    Was lucky to be invited to the soft opening of Hudson / Malone on Thursday nite
    It was amazing
    Food was incredible
    I had the branzino yummy
    My friend had the pork chop which was off the charts
    It was hug and not a piece of anything was left on the bone…cooked to perfection!
    It has both indoor and heated outdoor seating and the place is not only comfy but beautiful
    Go and experience it for yourself
    They have also take every precaution for these difficult covid times
    It was great to get out and feel a safe touch of a normal nite out

  16. CT. numbers are rising . Keep wearing masks, do this together as a community to help everyone stay safe..studies show high transmissions in bars and restaurants.. I want our restaurants to succeed, but it is a high risk.

  17. Loretta Hallock

    This is such a great location. Looking forward to having dinner there as soon as we feel comfortable. Hopefully that will be soon.