Photo Challenge #345

Last Sunday was perfect for a lazy, no-pressure, 1st day of August Photo Challenge.

JC Martin’s image of a wood-sided blue building, with trees reflecting in the window, was calming and mellow. (Click here to see.)

It was also the Main Street side of Hudson Malone. Jeannie Pearl, Barbara Greenspan, Diane Bosch, Peggy O’Halloran, Ellen Wentworth, Bobbie Herman and Linda Vita Velez were the first readers — all women! — followed by Seth Braunstein, Barbara Mathias and Judy Katz, who recognized the popular spot. It’s the latest in a long line of restaurants. Let’s hope it’s here for so long that some day, everyone will recognize it instantly.

But enough with mellow. Let’s go for quirky this week. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

And if you’ve got the back story: Fire away!

(Photo/David Squires)


15 responses to “Photo Challenge #345

  1. Brandon Malin

    This is just inside the gate of a house on Ferry Lane East, by the train station. You can see it when going towards the river from route 136 (so going west). Must be an interesting back story!

  2. John Richers

    Ferry Lane, across from train station!

    • Can someone share the back story of the owner? I see it almost everyday along with a huge black horse and many other statues. I think the London phone booth is still there. Fascinating!

  3. Matthew Levine

    That’s exactly where it is. The man who lives there enjoys collecting life-sized statues as art.

  4. Jonathan McClure

    Ferry Lane. Across from the train station. Not sure it’s seen as much nowadays!

  5. Definitely right across street from
    Parking lot at train station on the new haven side.

  6. Ferry Lane. I stood across the tracks from it every morning for 25 years.

  7. Wasn’t there a red English phone booth there at one time as well?

  8. Linda Vita Velez

    Hello Dan – this is a home that is parallel to the Train Station Parking Lot – on the northbound side of the train. When to’ing & fro’ing from the parking lot, I’ve seen this Buckingham Palace guard as a sentinel at the front gates of this home.

  9. Clark Thiemann

    Across from the train on Ferry Lane near the inlet. I drove by there the other day and said “this yard would make a great photo challenge.” I guess I was right!

  10. Mary Ann Batsell

    It’s at E. Ferry LaneHome, across from the Saugatuck railroad station eastbound side.

  11. Claire Elliot

    House on Ferry Lane, across from Westport train station.

  12. Claire Elliot

    House on Ferry Lane across from Westport train station.

  13. FYI folks. Ferry Lane East is South Compo to the river. Ferry lane is river to Saugatuck Ave. (thus across from RR station).Ferry Ln. West is Saugatuck Ave. (where Gault’s is)…Andy C. you should know better lol.