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Compo Christmas

(Photo/DIane Lowman)

(Photo/DIane Lowman)

Merry Christmas To All!

Christmas card - Nyala Farm 1971

Whether you remember this local scene from 1971 or not…

…and whether you celebrate today, or eat Chinese food and watch movies…

…have a warm, wonderful Westport day!

Worst. Thief. Ever.

Yeterday’s post about slimeballs stealing holiday packages delivered to Westport homes was pretty bad.

But this story is about a new low.

An alert “06880” reader writes: “Someone stole Mary from our manger on Christmas Eve.”

Westport manger without Mary -- 2015

She called the police — not that there’s much they can do.

But if you hear something, say something.

Let There Be Lights!

How depressing is it that the sun sets around 4:30 these days?*

Fortunately, we’ve got lights. And not just any lights — holiday Christmas lights!

But what good is sitting alone in your room, with your lights — or someone else’s — shining where you can’t see them?

Let’s share the best and the brightest (ho ho ho) Westport lights.

Ana Rogers sent this photo to "06880" in 2011.

Ana Rogers sent this photo to “06880” in 2011.

Send “06880” your favorite holiday light sights. They can be yours, a neighbor’s or friends. They can belong to a business, or be hung somewhere else in town.

(Just don’t send a shot of the Bridge Street Bridge. We know how cool it is!)

Holiday lights - Cribari Bridge

A warning: Taking photos of lights at night is not for the faint of heart. Please make sure they’re sharp and colorful — not just a big white blur.

Of course, identify where they are. The whole idea is to share your these lights with others.

So we all can enjoy them, during these long December nights.



Construction Crane Christmas

Suddenly, it seems, Westport has a magnificent new skyscraper.

(Photo/Wendy Cusick)

Wendy Cusick took this photo on the corner of Elm Street and Church Lane.

It’s almost like our own Trump Tower, though I hate to use the “T” word.

Of course, it’s just the ginormous construction crane that has captivated Westporters since it first rolled onto the Bedford Square construction site in September.

Now it’s decorated for the holidays. Strung with bright lights — and topped with a Rudolph-like red nose — it’s an unexpected, delightful sight. And you can see it from everywhere.

Enjoy it while you can. Years from now — when today’s kids are all grown up — they’ll scratch their heads and wonder: Was there really once this amazingly huge Christmas tree downtown? 

Nah, they’ll conclude. It must have just seemed that big ’cause we were so small, way back when.

First Snowflake Of The Season

(Photo/Mark Mathias)

(Photo/Mark Mathias)

And only 67 days until Christmas!