Merry Christmas To All!

Christmas card - Nyala Farm 1971

Whether you remember this local scene from 1971 or not…

…and whether you celebrate today, or eat Chinese food and watch movies…

…have a warm, wonderful Westport day!

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  1. You, too, Dan! Thanks for all you do. xox

  2. Same to you & yours, Dan ~ and all the readers!

  3. I had a memory flash…i remember that building but where…..possbily Nyala Farms Meadow?
    I have a couple other guess too.
    Everyone enjoy the day.

  4. Thank you Dan! Same to you! Nyala Farms! I remember going there once back in the day and being able to walk through it and see all the cows in their stalls. It was a very huge barn and very beautiful farm. Love the picture!

  5. Happy Holidays Dan!

  6. Yes, it is Nyala Farm. Today’s that’s the land bordered by I-95 at Exit 18, the Sherwood Island Connector, and Greens Farms Road. It was the site of the first large corporate headquarters in Westport (Stauffer Chemical Company). Today the main tenant in Bridgewater Associates. But the office buildings are hidden well, so the land still looks like rolling meadows and open space. Before I-95, the land was once part of the much larger Bedford family estate. Now stop reading, and go open some presents…

  7. Remember it – we drove there with sleds and saucers in car for more thrilling sledding other than the old Saugatuck El field which was pretty good also. Merry Christmas, Dan. I still have coffee and read your blog even on Christmas morning before my dogs need walking– empty nesters here and loving the peace and quiet. Chinese food, netflix with the Christmas lights and looking forward to it. Thanks for being so faithful to 06880 — provides a lot of education, stimulation, nostalgia, laughs and cringes from time to time. I’ve loved this recent focus on Staples Candlelight Concert and Mr. Ohanion. He was a driving force in my young life in Westport.

  8. Wishing you and yours a wonderful day and fabulous Holiday Season Dan & all of 06880 readers! Xo

  9. Merry Christmas Dan!! And to all 06880ers that celebrate!!

  10. Barbara Sherburne '67

    Merry Christmas, Dan, and to all of your readers who celebrate. Thanks for all that you do. Have a great day!

  11. Nina Streitfeld

    Happy Holidays to you – and thank you so much for your wonderful blog. Today’s column and photos and the comments they inspired remind us of what Westport was and still is.
    Nina Streitfeld

  12. Loretta Santella Hallock.

    Happy Holidays to you Dan! I do remember going there with my Brownie troop. Thank you so much for your wonderful blog.

    • Loretta- and I remember going there on a tour with my Cub Scout den in the early 1960’s! They let us help milk the cows. Merry Christmas to Dan and all the rest of you from the OTHER Westport (Washington)!

  13. Same to you Dan From our house to yours Love your 06880

    Karen A. Kramer

    Senior Vice President Higgins Group Affiliate of Christie’s Great Estates 278 Post Road E Westport, Ct 06880 203-858-2049


  14. Nyala Farm…from 50s field trips to see the cows, to a terrific job with Stauffer Chemical in the 70s and 80s. (It doesn’t get much better than a mile and a quarter commute.) I made many fond memories in that place over the years. Happy Holidays Dan and all my good wishes for a healthy, happy new year.

  15. Right back at you. What a wonderful scene. I had never heard of this artist and just learned more about him by looking at his website. Thanks for opening a door to another piece of Westport’s past (as you so often do in “06880”).

  16. Merry Christmas. ….much love and peace in 2016

  17. Ingi A. Soliman, Ph.D.

    Merry Xmas Dan!

    I thought I’d share my husband’s funny Facebook post this morning as he’s on his way to work so his colleagues can have the day off. (Dressed as an elf no less!)

    Happy everything to everyone!

    Hope you are enjoying the day!

    Ingi A. Soliman, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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  18. Sally J. Deegan

    Merry Christmas, Dan. I do so enjoy your 06880. I read every one of them and enjoy the memories they bring back. I remember Nyala Farms and if I’m not mistaken, there’s a farmhouse in the vicinity where George Washington slept or had a drink of water out of the well in the front yard. (I wasn’t there.) Happy New Year!

    • Thanks, Sally. And wow — I did not know that!

    • There was a small house at the intersection of Center St and Lazy Brook Ln. with a sign outside stating that George Washington had slept there. I’ve been gone for over 40 years and I believe the house is gone as well. I used to live on Lazy Brook Ln. and have been in the house, I don’t remember the name of the owner but do remember the low ceilings and doors in the house.

  19. Hedi Lieberman

    Same to you Dan! Even though my new zip code is 10013 you are still the beginning of my day!

  20. Kathleen Stuart

    Nyala Farms where I used to take my three younger sisters to see the milk cows in the barn, ah simpler days
    And where my Staples High School yearbook picture was taken.

  21. Kathleen Stuart

    Oh and when Pequot Capital hedge fund was there my daughter Mercedes had her first job with them and introduced the friend she met there: Jen to my son Ernie and now as they say the rest is history cause Ernie and Jen got married and now have two children, Alex age 11 and Clara Lynn age 8.

  22. “God bless us, Everyone!”

  23. Ah yes. Nyala Farms. We lived on Turkey Hill Rd., right where I-95 is now. I used to ride my bike over there in the summer and walk through the barn as well. I would see employees sometimes, but they never said anything to me except “Hello”. The place was always very clean and the cows seemed happy. When I lived on Marc La. we would go over to Webb Rd. and go sledding on the STREET! It was a very steep hill and super dangerous ’cause at the bottom was cross traffic. We never worried about it. We figured we would deal with it if we actually made it to the bottom! Look forward to your posts every day Dan. Have a great holiday season.

    • Thanks, Bill. Those were definitely the days. Street sledding was only one of our thrills — there were so many more! Merry Christmas to all who remain…

  24. The artist/illustrator is Robert Vickrey who was a FAIRFIELD resident well known for all the covers he did for Time magazine in the ’50’s and ’60’s. His son Scott was a classmate of mine at Fairfield Country Day School as was Tony Dohanos, son of another artist/illustrator, Stevan Dohanos, who was well-known for all the covers he did for Look magazine.

  25. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Just taking a “smoke break” to wish Westporters around the world a Merry Christmas, even m.p. (and I don’t mean member of parliament!)